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"Do not buy" scam on Amazon EU

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This well know and done always identically. He lists any possible desirable item by copying the listing with the lowest price, but with a 15% discount. As seller name he places "do not buy - contact info@mgu75.de", that changes often . He answers email swiftly telling that because of a bug Amazon will process the order manually and send an invoice for bank transfer payment. To add a bit of credibility he waits the following day to send the fake Amazon invoice with a reply address as amazon.it.259348523592638952348752892.023789465298359283685922632.com
and the beneficiary details

IOAN STELIAN MAILAT (a Romanian name)
IBAN ES4920855687250330432670
REF: 403-3508465-3272433

That's all I needed to flag domain name to the registrar, and provide the details to Spanish Police. Shame on you Ioan and your accomplices!



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2 minutes ago, vinn3 said:

amazon U.S.  is just as bad!  their dealings are no better than the "scamers". 

The fault is with a criminal individual, not the company. I've advised Amazon over chat, it took them less than a minute to remove the listing. 

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Be very careful when offered any "alternative" method of payment for any online transaction.

One other thing to be aware of, any domain that contains a subdomain.

For example.  "amazon.it.259348523592638952348752892.023789465298359283685922632.com"

The domain here is not Amazon, or indeed anything to do with Amazon. Domains read from right to left, and should match the primary company domain. In the case of Amazon, generally things should end in amazon.com (ebay is slightly different, and can be ebay.com or ebay.{country_suffix} for example ebay.co.uk or ebay.ca etc.)

Anything between the suffix and the company name is a red flag, so amazon.wibble.com is likely to be fraudulent.

Also be aware that *ALL* genuine e-comerce sites use an https: prefix rather than http:

If in doubt, some suggest the use of a link checker  - for example https://www.urlvoid.com/ however, these are not reliable.

Finally, for any online transaction, or in response to any email,  never, ever give out pin numbers or bank account details in response to any request. Banks will never ask for these, and nobody else should ever need them.

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8 minutes ago, jdm said:

The fault is with a criminal individual, not the company. I've advised Amazon over chat, it took them less than a minute to remove the listing. 

   the company is "under handed" !     vin

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I got scammed on the US Amazon site but Amazon refunded me 100%. Dont know what happened to the scammer as I think he did the same thing to other people. In hindsight I could have seen that was coming if I had paid attention to the seller's feedback as other victims tried to warn people through their feedback. 

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