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  1. Hands rotate one way but not the other

    I can't remember, but I may have had an issue like that on another ETA quartz movement (805.111). It ended up having a stripped winding gear on the stem itself. Maybe if one side has an angle of wear that the other side doesn't have, giving it an undesirable ratcheting effect? Just throwing it out there, as I've seen a stem get stripped at the integrated gear.
  2. Balance nomenclature

    I suspect those numbers indicate the size of the particular movement. Generally the smaller number is the width, in lignes. the larger, the length. That would make it for a fairly small ladies watch.
  3. It's a combination tool, used to clamp around roller-table to heat up and flow shellac around the roller jewel. The roller-table clamps on the short side while the long end (wing) is heated over a flame. Cheers.
  4. Here are the factory instructions for the Wittnauer 11 1/2 ligne 11K series. I hope people find it handy. I couldn't find anything about oiling the reversing wheels when I worked on my nephew's 11KAS, and here it was, just steps away from my bench. It's the only set of such instructions that I have, and was in a book I bought a few years back. Cheers.
  5. I'd like to add a set of factory instructions to the "Technical Data" information, but there is no way that I can see to add a company. Is that something a moderator can do? What I have is fold-out factory "Instructions" for the Wittnauer "11 1/2 lines, 11K series" that covers manual and automatics. It would seem like a nice thing to have in technical data. I just happened to find it in a book that I'd purchased a few years back. Thanks, moderator(s). Cheers.
  6. Wyler Vetta High dome crystal

    You're not alone in having issues with fitting crystals. I guess that's why jewelers/watchmakers generally have a good assortment to chose from. I've had good luck most of the time by measuring many times to be sure, but I did recently buy the wrong size and type for a forties Perregaux. Going trial-and-error can be costly with $30 crystals. You might consider sending it to a specialty crystal replacement service if you can't find the Wyler product. BTW: If you find the Wyler crystal, you might try to get two. :-) Oh, and vinn3, that's interesting about the lathe use for adjusting the edge thickness. Would you use a bezel-chuck? I ask because that happens to be one that I have. Thanks.
  7. I recently came across a factory instruction sheet for the Wittnauer 11K series/11.5 ligne. I think it might contain good information for people servicing this model, but since there is no heading for the Wittnauer Watch Co., I don't have anywhere to post it that would make sense. I'd be happy to send the scans to a moderator or I can keep my eye out for someone inserting a new company name on the technical data page, and will post them myself. But it does need to have a place for "Wittnauer" technical data to be posted. Cover page is below for evidence of suitability. Thanks.
  8. Recently I bought an AS1240 for parts for another I was repairing. Prior to receiving it, I took another look at the images and thought that the dial had been bent somehow while removing it from its case. It turns out it was a Curvex style dial. In and of itself, I thought that was pretty cool. It also had a rather strange regulator that I hadn't seen before. Then today I was looking at one of Jendrtizki's books and saw an image of this regulator, calling it an Incastar and explaining how it works. He said that movements using it were essentially "free-sprung". Hours later I do an internet search for Incastar, and what comes up at the very top? A thread by rogart63 on WRT. Very cool indeed, considering rogart63 helped me out with a few watch parts I needed last week. Thanks, rogart63! Another thing that is rather interesting about this movement is that it has 19 jewels. I spent a few minutes searching for other 19J AS1240's, but didn't turn up any. While rarity may not equate to value, it seems like it's a rather rare configuration for the model. I'd be interested to hear about others from others. It's rather sad that the case is no longer with the movement. It was probably gold and got melted, much like the one that rogart63 speculated about in his thread from a few years ago (below).
  9. Mark's youtube video on replacing a stem worked very well for me as I replaced a two-piece stem, with extension, on a Girard- Perregaux waterproof watch from the mid-forties (Ladies Sea Hawk style. Mermaid?). I ended up cutting it 3-4 times before getting it short enough to be passable, but it still sticks out a bit far from the case. Perhaps I should have used a deeper crown. I think it will pass. I'll post an image once I find a crystal to fit. I did use the bicycle-cable cutting tool, and it worked great, FWIW.
  10. OK, now that's a nice watch. I just wore one of my three Sea Hawks today (Two SS, one 14K). These are my favorite. They are classic looking, and fit a small wrist nicely. Very underrated watches, great timekeepers, with Peseux 200's in them. At least that's the movement in mine. Cheers. (Sorry about the bad focus. Eyes? Camera?)
  11. It is indeed an FHF/Std 96-4, branded Gruen. I'll try replacing the spring using a toothpick and/or narrowed/hollowed, pegwood. I hope it works, as the watch worked fine before I cleaned it. It just hadn't been serviced in many years, so I thought it a good idea. I lost the hole-jewel through an escape-hatch in my mechanical cleaner. I thought the Inca jewel might be a bit small to be save in there. Oh well...Thanks for your help, and the recommendation for Gimp. I'll check it out. Cheers.
  12. AS589

    I have been using L&R cleaner and rinse in my US that was really made for use in mechanical cleaners. A few weeks ago, I had something similar happen, causing me to re-clean in my mechanical cleaner. I cleaned the SS pots with denatured alcohol and started with fresh cleaner and rinse. It has been fine since. I suspect that it was a reaction from a movement that had WD40 or something sprayed on it, or some other bad oil. I am not sure though. But it the symptoms were similar to what you describe. What cleaner were you using?
  13. Thanks, Clockboy, I appreciate the heads up on the tools. I had seen them for sale over the years, but as I was into old pocket-watches, I didn't have a use for them. Now I do. And thanks for the pegwood idea as well. BTW, I was looking at a book I have by Jendritzki last. Aside from it coincidentally containing a Wittnauer factory technical sheet for the model I worked on for my nephew last month, it had a page on KIF. While it is a different configuration, it might work. I definitely need to have more downward force, as the jewel seems to tip, making one side rise and increasing tension on the spring at that point. I'm attaching that Kif blurb. Thanks again. Cheers. Oh, and if someone can instruct me on how to add to the technical data, I'm all eyes. I think the tech data I have for the Wittnauer 11K series could be of value. I already scanned it, but may have to do it again, as the files are too large, and my Paint program won't even open them. But I digress...Help here is appreciated.
  14. FWIW, that's the way I read the Bergeon instructions as well. The 4266 for round, the 6400 for various shapes. The 4266 looks like it has a main body that is shaped like a prefect cylinder, with parallel sides. The 6400 has a mouth that is wider than the top of the cylinder. My Vigor RM-365 is of the 4266 design. So no such luck with the fancier shapes. Good luck.