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  1. I finally got around to getting the NH36 movement and changed out the day wheel. When I put on the dial and was turning the crown to establish the 12 o'clock position to install the hands, I noticed that no matter how much I turned the crown, it would not change over. Did I screw up something? I was turning clockwise like my other 7S26 Seiko.
  2. Dont know the longevity of watch straps as I have many watches and wear them at infrequent intervals but I can tell you about leather as I'm into leather as well as watches and I've made belts, wallets, bags, watch straps, purses etc. There are many different kinds of leather with the most durable and hardest to cut being stingray which also is the most expensive. I dulled a blade cutting 1 watch strap then there is alligator, croco, caiman, buffalo, cow, pig etc. and there are many different ways of tanning the leather. Tanneries can tan the same leather and produce soft or hard leather, leather with a grain etc. Full grain leather is the whole thickness of the leather and is the best. Top grain is the top layer of the leather after it has been split to make it thinner and produces the top grain and suede then there are the various fakes starting with PU leather which utilizes the suede left over from making top grain leather. They basically coat the suede with polyurethane to make it look like leather. If you ever bought a cheap belt and after a month it cracked on the top layer this is what you have. The suede part will hold up but the PU part cracked. then there is leatherette and another form of leather where they take the scraps, grind them up and combine with a glue and I think they call this genuine leather. A leather watch strap that is sewn together would be made from top grain leather on top or alligator or whatever and on the bottom a softer, more comfortable leather such as pigskin. Pigskin can last many years, I have a shoe lined with pigskin that I have for about 20 yrs. I put 5-7km on it daily and its lasted.
  3. Yeah, that is one cool looking watch.
  4. Wow, you guys have eyes like hawks. All I saw was the barrel teeth and the door issue.
  5. Now that this project has been completed, I hope that some of you might be inspired to pick up a scroll saw and try out this craft. Its not hard, just tedious and repetitive but you can make some beautiful pieces of art and there are all kinds of patterns out there for everything one could imagine. This clock is not difficult at all, there are clocks that take guys months or even years to make. Cherry tree toys has the most awesome patterns I've come across and Berry basket has some simple yet beautiful stuff, in fact this clock is from a pattern by Cherry tree toys. https://cherrytreetoys.com/scroll-saw-patterns/ https://www.berrybasket.com/
  6. Nice job. The next one will be even better ;-)
  7. Fully completed with pendulum. I had actually forgotten to put in the support brackets in the last pic.
  8. GregC

    Pass Time

    Very nice work. I can only dream of working on those watches.
  9. I have to re do another pendulum I love it too. It is the most beautiful clock I have ever seen and I made it, lol.
  10. Well guys, after almost 1 month of work I have a working clock.
  11. I think that we are all in agreement.
  12. I thought so too but I just realized how the color is like that. I didnt read the directions for the stain and didnt wipe the excess off thats why its so dark. I hope these old messed up brains can remember to put XII at the top, lol ;-)
  13. I stained and varnished enough parts to make a complete clock but I cant make up my mind which looks better. Should I make it dark overlays or medium?
  14. Did most of the staining. Its still wet so I'll have to wait till tomorrow to put the lacquer on but this is what they look like.Not sure if I like how it will look but I have spares in case.
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