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  1. That looks just like the POS I got here. I figured it was junk but wasnt sure about how Omegas from that age looked.
  2. Found this in a pile of junk I bought to practice on. What do you guys think? Is it real or a fake?
  3. I have a drill press with a mini chuck. That should do the trick but its outside in the garage and its -10C. What kind of drill bit should I use?
  4. Would probably be expensive to get such a setup.
  5. There are some people selling cases on ebay and aliexpress mostly for ETA 2824 and Unitas 6497.
  6. I had thought about drilling it but I figured I would need a right angle attachment for the Dremel and very short drill bits to get into that small space between lugs and wasnt sure that such a gizmo existed but hey, watches to me is a new world to explore. When I came across this thread it gave me new hope that I could get that pesky piece of springbar out easily. I'll just give up on it for now as I have other cases. Thanks for the help.
  7. Awesome stuff but way, way beyond my current capabilities.
  8. Took it out and the stem goes in and out so I guess its a candidate for a teardown. Crown doesnt screw down either with the movement out and the crown doesnt look like it has threads.
  9. Does the band have a different part number ?
  10. Its stainless steel so I guess that wont work.
  11. So the alum might dissolve the case as well?
  12. I recently acquired this Tag Heuer S89.206 watch. The rotor was detached which I managed to fix but it has 2 other problems. One is the bracelet clasp is broken and the end links are missing. The number on the clasp is 473/4. Is this the correct number to be searching for? The second problem is the stem goes in and doesnt move anything and comes out back easily. It also doesnt screw down and I dont see anything looking like threads on the outside of the tube. Do you guys think this is the original stem, crown and tube and any opinions of how to fix? Any leads as to where to find the clasp othe
  13. Thanks for sharing this tip. Have to go look for some alum now.
  14. As the screw had corrosion it broke the circuit so rotating the balance would do nothing. I'm thinking the balance is there to switch the circuit on and off.
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