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  1. Yeah, that is one cool looking watch.
  2. Wow, you guys have eyes like hawks. All I saw was the barrel teeth and the door issue.
  3. Now that this project has been completed, I hope that some of you might be inspired to pick up a scroll saw and try out this craft. Its not hard, just tedious and repetitive but you can make some beautiful pieces of art and there are all kinds of patterns out there for everything one could imagine. This clock is not difficult at all, there are clocks that take guys months or even years to make. Cherry tree toys has the most awesome patterns I've come across and Berry basket has some simple yet beautiful stuff, in fact this clock is from a pattern by Cherry tree toys. https://cherrytreetoys.com/scroll-saw-patterns/ https://www.berrybasket.com/
  4. Nice job. The next one will be even better ;-)
  5. Fully completed with pendulum. I had actually forgotten to put in the support brackets in the last pic.
  6. GregC

    Pass Time

    Very nice work. I can only dream of working on those watches.
  7. I have to re do another pendulum I love it too. It is the most beautiful clock I have ever seen and I made it, lol.
  8. Well guys, after almost 1 month of work I have a working clock.
  9. I think that we are all in agreement.
  10. I thought so too but I just realized how the color is like that. I didnt read the directions for the stain and didnt wipe the excess off thats why its so dark. I hope these old messed up brains can remember to put XII at the top, lol ;-)
  11. I stained and varnished enough parts to make a complete clock but I cant make up my mind which looks better. Should I make it dark overlays or medium?
  12. Did most of the staining. Its still wet so I'll have to wait till tomorrow to put the lacquer on but this is what they look like.Not sure if I like how it will look but I have spares in case.
  13. If you guys are interested in making watch straps and looking for tools, there are kits on Amazon and ebay that have most of the tools needed plus thread for around $50-$75. These tools if bought individually would cost near $500 at Tandy or other leather shops. Tandy sells thread for $10 alone. When I started that was what I bought and I still use them. You can also get them on aliexpress along with templates for straps but you would have to wait a long time. Making a watch strap is not hard but it calls for a lot of tools and a very sharp knife.
  14. I have all the leatherwork tools I need. I bought the buckle for this strap from esslinger in a kit of mixed buckles, however, I prefer to support my local watch supply store which I recently found not too long ago.
  15. I dont have much more pertaining to watches and clocks, just this last leather band. I was to make a raised centre band but I got caught up in the scrollsaw cuckoo clock. I made other leather things like bracelets, wallets, belts and even art but those are not pertinent to this forum. This is another el cheapo watch and the first I came across with this type of band. The pin for some reason didnt want to come out so I actually sewed this band together on the watch and it came out pretty good. I've seen bands that guys made for pocket watches and I was gonna make one for a Bulova I have but I managed to fix the band it came with it.
  16. I'm thinking american walnut, gunstock and the hare at the front in red oak.
  17. Most of the cutting is done and here's the mockup. I cant decide on the stains to use but she's almost done! Hope I dont f**k it up.
  18. First one is going to be quartz. I just measured the darn thing and forgot the dimensions. I think its 4" wide by 6" high. Original plan has it 2" deep but I can alter it to make it deeper.
  19. Its my pleasure to share what little knowledge I have. I know next to nothing about watches and clocks and even the simplest things give me lots of problems.
  20. The first will be battery as 10 yrs ago when I was all gung ho for scrolling I bought everything for 3 clocks. Now that I'm closer to completion I'm thinking I could make the cavity deeper to fit a real cuckoo mvmt. I just need to know if they are a standard height
  21. I finished cutting the body, the roof, the sides and the pieces for the pendulum. Whats left are the 2 support blocks, bottom plate and the back. I started sanding and filing the pieces so maybe I could be staining the pieces soon and then assembling it. When I get to the staining part is when I get excited as I know its almost done and I'm in the final straights. Wondering now what is the size of a normal cuckoo clock movement and how many rods it would have. Anyone have info for that?
  22. I use mostly Eco Flo products from Tandy Leather but there are others like Fiebings. The accompanying picture has some of the things used in making a watch strap and also in the pic are some of the earlier straps I made which are quite simple. You start with a fairly thin piece of leather and cut it to shape, make sure the edge is straight then you skive the edge down so it will bend to fit over the pin. You would then use an edge beveler (the thing with the mahogany colored handle in the pic) to bevel the edge so as to make it rounded on both sides, top and bottom. Then you would slick the edges with an edge slicker (the 3 wood things in the pic). You would use the groove that best fits the leather you're slicking. Just dip your finger in some water or gum tragacanth and run it along the edge and rub the slicker vigorously back and forth until the edge is slicked and smooth. Let it dry and then apply stain with a damp sponge. Let dry then fold over the ends you're going to sew, apply some glue, then mark your stitching line with wing dividers then use the stitching chisels to make the holes. There are 4 stitching chisels in the pic, the one with the most prongs is used for long straight lines and the 2 prong for curves. You would then get needle and thread and sew her up using a saddle stitch, backstitch 1 hole, cut your thread and burn the ends to melt it. When stitching along the length of the strap, it is helpful to get a stitching pony, that is the gizmo on the right of the pic. You sit on it and place the work in the jaws and clamp it down in such a way that the row of holes are about 1/2" above the jaw and then to make sure the hole is clear, you would use a sewing awl. It is the awl with the short tip and you push it through the first hole you made then you start stitching. This was probably the hardest part of leatherwork for me to master.
  23. Making watch straps led me to fixing watches. I in the past would replace my own watch batteries and I was doing leatherwork after my accident to keep me occupied. I made all sorts of things with leather and eventually came to start making watch straps. The one you see here is made from alligator embossed leather. I could have made it with real alligator skin but alligator skin is very expensive, in the range of $400+ and I dont have a ready market for the stuff I make. But anyway, the strap is made of 2 pieces of leather glued back to back and stitched together. The edge is slicked and finished with leather dye.
  24. The one I have here has the stem at 4 and date at 3. Any idea where I could get a ring to fit?
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