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  1. Well, I've completed cutting all the scrollsawn pieces. The rest should be a piece of cake.
  2. My bad photographic composition makes it look that way. If its not wide enough, then I'll have to do that piece over.
  3. There are multiple layers and in different stains. I'll be trying to emulate the original as best I can. You can see what it should look like here: https://cherrytreetoys.com/black-forest-clock-plan/
  4. GregC

    A toolbox

    Thats a nice machine you got there. So whats the first thing you're going to make?
  5. Making progress on the next piece. Hoping I can stay motivated until its complete ;=)
  6. GregC

    A toolbox

    That is one nice machine.
  7. I'm still young at heart ;=)
  8. I'm not working on it so long that I have eye problems. I would have more eye problems with watches which have such tiny screws that I can hardly see them. lol,
  9. Will have to get into it then. Thanks for advice. Appreciated.
  10. Finished cutting the next two pieces. I haven't done so much cutting in a long time.
  11. GregC

    A toolbox

    Your wife could also think her jewellery would be a better fit for it.
  12. I looked on ebay and theres some 2551 mvmts for $50 I can use for parts. I'll order one and have a go at it.
  13. I've been at it on and off for 3 days now.
  14. GregC

    A toolbox

    Nice, you could also put your watch collection in there
  15. Just started cutting this clock. I'm posting pics as I go to give me inspiration as well as motivation. Its not going as fast as other things I've done but it'll get there. For now it''ll have a quartz movement as I already have them sitting in a drawer soemwhere. When I see the dimensions of the finished product I'll see if I can squeeze a real cuckoo clock movement in the next generation if I'm still into watches and clocks by then.
  16. Hi guys, I have a problem setting the time with this watch. The first time around, the minute hand goes around ok, the second time it stops at around 10 to and wont go backwards or forwards. It just sticks there. If I push the crown back in the watch works fine and when the minute hand gets past this point, I can then pull out the crown and move the hands again. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  17. Thanks for all the responses guys. Appreciated.
  18. Sorry guys, I couldnt find the post and thought it got deleted for some reason. I looked under the balance wheel and its marked 2555. This watch was looked at by someone else who said that the part was not available anymore.It winds and winds but doesnt run. Does the 2555 hand wind? If it does, then its probably a broken mainspring?
  19. Thanks, and then I called it a day until now. I just the old scrollsaw out of the garage and started on the cuckoo clock. Honestly, when I saw a picture of the finished product on the website I got the plans from I was in awe. It was the most beautiful clock I ever saw, better looking than the fretwork clock I made which was from the same site. There were more complicated and intricate designs but this clock looked great.
  20. Its a Craftsman.
  21. Here's the last scrollsaw clock I made a while ago.
  22. GregC

    A toolbox

    The green mat your toolbox is sitting on is a self healing cutting mat. I have 2 of them and thats what I cut leather on.
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