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  1. Hello Warrior Is it possible to have a look at the workings of this watch and the back. It may be that this watch is actually Quartz and not an Accutron type which means we are into a different fix. It looks a tad like the 98B xxx series style. Either way you need to open it up as there are loads of different models of this sort of watch. If it is a tuning fork watch Georges fix may well work providing the right battery has been inserted. More info needed though. Cheers, Vic
  2. You are absolutely right, the oil may be thinned or completely dissolved by the spray (or so is my concern too). I'm just hoping that there is some oily component that prevents the complete loss of lubricant...again, just hoping. As far as the electronic components including coils, it should not harm them at all...otherwise, why advertise it as "quartz movement cleaner"! But again, who knows...My thoughts too, it is to send the watch to an accutron expert. In any case, I wish you much success whatever you decide to do! Cheers, Bob
  3. Thanks for your advice. I haven't seen the quartz quick clean before. It could be handy in some cases. Anyway, I think I'm too afraid to test it with accutron. It will probably flush away all oil from jewels (if there is any left...) and I'm very concerned about coils not to ruin them. I think too that disassembling would be the only right method to clean the movement, but probably its best not to do it myself. I don't have for example stereo microscope for adjusting indexing mechanism...
  4. Thanks both for your advice. I'm not concerned about the accuracy, I'm actually very pleased to it, I'm only concerned if it will make some harm to the movement that the fingers are that dirty. I think it looks like brass oxidation as it is green.... could it be that the watch has been sitting for a very long time, and the index wheel toothed surface has been oxidised? When the new battery has been put to the watch and it has started, the jewels have "brushed" the oxidation away, and it has remained to the jewels? I have cleaned mechanical watches, and I'm not afraid to disassemble the gear train of the Accutron, but I'm not sure if I'm capable to handle the indexing mechanism.... And here in Finland is just a few watchmakers who even knows what a tuning fork watch is and those watchmakers has started on 70's, younger ones haven't even heard about them :rolleyes: . If it is safe to just let it run, I will keep it as it has been until now. If the mechanism is stiff, it will drain the battery quicker, right ? It should run with AG10 battery for approximately 11 months, am I right ? Thanks for your opinions, very appreciated ! It is no use to trying to discuss about technical matters at Finnish FB-groups, people is just bragging about how expensive watches and cars they have .....
  5. Howzit Vic , I'm on a vacation right now , but when I get home I'll post some Accutron pics . I was amazed at a pic of the index mechanism with the teeth on the index wheel visible , the small misalignment of the pawl jewel , and the pile of debris at the end of the index jewels .
  6. Howzit Vic , I moved to a new post . Part 1 was turning into a Novel . You had said that you use altered [ filed , cut ] hypodermic needles to as a tool for the Accutron index /pawl finger collets . Can you please explain that more ? A couple of pics would help . Mahalo , Louis
  7. I can't seem to access the Accutron Page lately . I am trying to get the info on phasing for silver oxide batteries but can't connect . Does any one have this info or is anyone else also also having a problem connecting ? Thanks , Louis
  8. You might also have a look on the accutron site at rephrasing where they also cover the phenomenon called double and triple indexing, if it is not the battery the watch may need rephrasing to resolve issues Cheers, Vic
  9. Thanks I have the accutron post bender and the collet tool also I think if I can find them. Just like to try new ideas. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I don't know if Vic will be able to cope with this Accutron porn! It should have read "Booty" not "Bowtie" ;)
  11. Thanks George, I am thinking about stripping away or cutting off some parts of a scrapper to get some pics of the index wheel with jewels in place to try and demystify some of the accutron oddities, but unfortunately I have other stuff calling me so it will have to go on the back burner. I should have mentioned to folk not to use the tools straight away but give them a good clean before every use to get rid of any shavings, one of which would knack the index wheel action if it got into the teeth, blow air through the tubes and ultrasonic if necessary, demagnetise etc, I always have a quick look at mine under the scope. I have to emphasise to all that I am in no way to be considered an expert on Accutrons but muddle along quite happily because I like them. Cheers, Vic
  12. The index pawl should have a gap like the manuel shows but the jewel should touch the index wheel and be centered on the wheel. The crown pulled out the pawl finger should be 1/2 to 1 jewel away from the index wheel. To adjust bend the post that is next to the pawl finger. Once this is adjusted then the pawl plate has a cam shaped screw on the back of the plate, loosen the front screw just enough so you can move the plate with cam screw. This moves the pawl finger on the index wheel. to get watch running you have to adjust both the index and the pawl fingers. If the gap onm the index finger is set then most likely all you have to move is the pawl finger. I have a Accutron microscope but i hardly ever use it, I have a 10 power loupe that I use most of the time. Hope this helps hard to explain on paper. Let me know if you have more questions.
  13. I haven't checked the manual yet , but is adjusting the pawl bridge procedure in there . I know I read about tweeking the pawl finger post to adjust hacking ,...is that what you mean by adjust he index pawl gap ? 1/2 to 1 jewel width away from the index wheel with the crown pulled . I just bought some diabetic syringes and needles to do that . Also , do you use the accutron or a stereo microscope to do your adjustments ? How do I adjust the pawl bridge ? ...A lot of questions I know ,.... But Thanks , Louis
  14. Hello Louis, Pity about the Accutron but the Seiko seems to be a good find and with a new crystal it should be a vintage looker. Cheers, Vic
  15. Thank You , I can assure you that not all of my purchases are a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow . Just in the last week I received an Accutron that was advertised as a non runner . The outside looked good and I thought that maybe all it needed was a stem and crown and a battery .When I opened it , it was a pile of rust . But the Seiko in this post is a nice one and I am always on the lookout for a nice watch at a value .
  16. Hi , I picked up this Bulova Accutron 2182 Deep Sea 666 ft. at the swap meet today . It was not running and I discovered it did not have a battery . That's the good news . Both stems and crowns were frozen in position . The 2 hr stem has a gear that rotates the inner bezel and there is some rust preventing rotation . The 4 hr position stem was stuck in the setting lever and freed up for removal on loosening the setting lever screw . I want to take the crystal out but am not sure how to approach this . I don't know if it is acrylic or glass , and if I should press or knock it out using my nylon press dies , or if I should use a crystal lift for this . Any help is appreciated . This watch is the same as the models that say "Snorkel" on the dial . Mine says "Deep Sea ". The picture I'm attaching is from the internet , but mine is similar . Thanks , Louis
  17. Thanks lowcountry , I'm not sure which caliber it is right now , but there is a Seiko with an indentation on the date plate where you push the small day detent spring in after the plate is attached . Because of the design on this Accutron , the spring was ready to take off for the moon when I lifted the date plate . I did have my hand covering the watch anticipating this to happen , and I corralled the jailbreak of parts , but didn't have a chance to see how the puzzle went together . The light over my head went on when I fitted the spring to the plate .
  18. Thanks Vick , but that's not the same spring as the one in my post . I had come across that blog in my search , but that spring has a little hook that goes into a hole on the date plate . I've so far done a few of those . The one in my post does not have the hook , just straight ends . I'm sure it goes in the same place on the watch but I don't know how it's secured without the little hook . FYI , I received the Accutron 700 test meter and the movement holder with the jack in it...neat . The power supply you built that's connected to your meter is for what ? To supply power for testing instead of using a button cell ? I appreciate your help and Info Amigo ,....Laters , Louis
  19. Hello Louis, You may find this useful: http://watchguy.co.uk/teardown-bulova-accutron-218/ I think the pic you need is there. Cheers, Vic
  20. Aloha lowcountry and Vic ,...Help .... I removed the plate for the date mechanism on an Accutron 2180 and the date trip spring flew out . I never worked on this model and don't know how to fit it . I have been trying to get a pic off of the internet to see the placement in the movement including the service manual with no luck yet . Do either of you gentlemen have a pic or drawing ? Even a hand drawing would help ...........Thanks , Louis
  21. Thanks for the Info Marc...The Tissot has a presentation case back , but I haven't taken the time to look at it yet . I'm looking forward to doing that now . I have been gathering a few 218 Accutron movements with dials described as not running , humming , and parts or repair . I want to see if I can get some running or at least have spare parts .
  22. I think you will find that the Tissot uses an ETA 2824-2 movement which means that supply of spare parts could very soon dry up with the imminent Swatch group embargo. Bulova Accutron parts have not been made for decades though so your best bet there would be donor movements unless you can find someone who still has stocks.
  23. THE CITIZEN HISONIC TUNiNG FORK MOVEMENT... with a licensed Accutron movement...
  24. Hello Lawson, Afraid its on the back burner behind an Omega and an Accutron, the Caravelle has a chance to look pretty good with a bit of TLC and it seems quite old so I will get around to it. Luckily it works quite well so with a service I have a watch for my collection but I still I don't actually know what I have got or whether indeed it is a Mortima which would make it a lower end French watch. I scoured the internet to no avail and failed to find the same watch via search engines etc. Perhaps when I take the dial off there may be something to identify it on the movement. All the best, Vic
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