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  1. Here is a good article on the Seiko 5106 movement taken from " Adventures in Amateur Watch Fettlikg " , Written by Martin in another great article by him. An interesting read ..... https://adventuresinamateurwatchfettling.com/2016/11/12/a-technical-tour-de-force-seikomatic-p/
  2. I honestly think you would be doing yourself and especially this watch a disservice if you altered it or tried to work on it if you are not inclined to work on this watch . It is a vintage Hi-Beat and has some worth . It sounds as if you want to try to dabble in doing modifications to a watch . If so why not sell this watch and get what you want with the proceeds . You should get a good price . Good Luck .... FYI , I just found my Presmatic last night . I had it stored and forgot I had it . These movements are said to be nearly in the same realm as the vintage Grand and King Seikos . Here's what mine looks like , photos courtesy of the Internet :
  3. Thanks for the photo,...the back is also looking good . Nice one . Glad I asked for the pic .
  4. That is a true beauty . Wear it in good health .
  5. Nice , Clean , Classic....Interesting lug design . How about a pic of the back so I can take a gander at the band attachment . Thanks , Louis
  6. Kinda reminds me of a Tissot I had . I think the movement was also called PRC 200 or similar .
  7. O K , but I still don't understand why you said that ro63rto's Seiko Chrono wasn't made to be worn on the right hand .
  8. I asked on a post once either here or another forum about which wrist members wore their watch on , and the consensus , if I remember correctly was that right handers wore their watch on their left wrist and visa versa for the left handers . This was not a scientific study so you don't have to nominate me for the Nobel Peace Prize ,...if you don't want to .
  9. I'm sure you're right , but why not wear it on the right wrist ?
  10. Hi again Johnnie , ...Do Look at the youtube videos first.... I can't tell if your watch has a removable bezel as that would be a small clue . Some crystals are held in by the bezel . Some are pressed into a rubber or nylon crystal gasket . Some are held in by a tension ring [armored crystal ] , that is either silver or gold colored ,...Etc . Having said that and trying not to confuse things , you don't have to get a crystal that is a branded original . The tension ring type is an example . Measure your old crystal and case seat with a micrometer and order the size and ring color you need . In the United States I use Esslinger.com , or Jules Borel . In Europe , Cousins is the go to place but there are many more resources so you have to do good searches .
  11. Hi Johnnie , are you going to do the crystal change yourself ? If so do you have the tools and skills for this procedure which may include measuring the old crystal and case among other things to purchase the correct size you will need to order and install your new crystal . I would look at a few good youtube tutorials to help . Good Luck .
  12. Thank You . I just grabbed these off of a shelf of my everyday watches . I have 2 of the Aqualands , and 2 of the Americas Cup watches that I am going to send to my Buddy Longbiker in Hawaii for a service . He's a wizard with these types of Citizens .. I have a few generations and types of Citizen watches . The Watch in the center of my pic is an Eco-Drive Sattelite controlled F-100 . Very comfortable in Titanium .
  13. Hi Nucejoe , of course Citizens are allowed . Nice one you have there ........
  14. Good ol' George Clarkson in Berlin and his great work on those Seiko Chronos... Jus' like good ol' Longbike [Louis] of Hawaii on the Citizen Aquzlanda and Eco-drives.. both Great Guys.....
  15. For what it's worth , I just had the same problem with a date disk not lining up with the date window . I could at first swivel the disk on the gear , but it eventually they did separate . I used a few punches from my staking set and joined the two parts together successfully .
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