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  1. Watch of Today

    That's a nice one Tipsy...
  2. Watch of Today

    Omega "Dirty Dozen ".......
  3. Watch of Today

    Ohh , that's Funky . I like it...
  4. Watch of Today

    Nice watch Tipsy , I like that one . Very Clean looking ,....Nice case back .
  5. Hamilton Electric 14K Nautilus 200

    While asking if paying out $350 to get this watch repaired is practical , is something you would have to decide for yourself . It is probably the first Nautilus electric , being of the 200 series , and it is 14K solid gold , [a Big Plus ] , and it is in great looking shape . The Solid gold Hamilton Electrics Do hold their value . Having said that , I have a few Hamilton electrics in my collection and I have made repairs and serviced both the 500 and 505 movements . The later 505 movement is by far easier to repair and service , and most Nautilus watches had that movement . The 500 is tricky to repair because of the proper and delicate alignment of the 2 contact fingers . I would suggest that you get as much Information on the type of movement in your watch and contact members of the Hamilton Forum with questions as dadistic suggests . Also you may want to contact Ebay seller adamtime with any questions . He always has all things Hamilton Electric for sale . adamtime (758) 100% positive feedback In the past I have emailed Hamilton Electric Guru , Rene Rondeau through his website with questions , and he is a gracious Gentleman that will answer your questions . Good Luck Wetbird , and let us know what your outcome is .
  6. Watch of Today

    Nice looking watch and nice looking stinky leather watchband
  7. Watch of Today

    Hi ro63rto , I have a couple of 6 , 8 , etc. sided casebacks to open but don't have the proper wrenches , so when I saw your comment on the JB weld method my ears perked up with curiosity . I know I need to eventually get the right wrenches for this purpose ,...BUT , would elaborate on your method and possibly show one of your creations ? Thanks , Louis
  8. Alum

    I have used Alum with not so good results . It ended dissolving more then the broken screws and made the plate unusable . I put some grease or vaseline around the screwhole and mixed a bit of warm water and even vinegar with the alum and applied the paste on the screw . Then as it was drying out I added drops of warm water and had the plate under a light bulb for the warmth it needs to activate . I googled how to use alum for this purpose and also searched other forums . I have had better luck using penetrating fluid for a while alternating using my ultra-sonic cleaner to vibrate the part loose , and then either using the broken screw head to turn the screw out , but have had the best luck using some inexpensive jagged tipped screw extractors I found on Ebay . They look like screwdrivers and come in about 3 or 4 sizes .
  9. I have used the dial foot machine with good results , but it takes practice and cleanliness to get the best results . To be honest ,...although I love tools , I don't think that the number of times I have actually used the machine merits the cost .
  10. 1967 Vietnam Era Military Watch DTU-2A/P

    I have used a bicycle pump and the needle from a turkey injector , [used to inject juice into a roasting turkey ] after putting a watch into a zip loc baggie and cutting a small hole at the stem tube to pop out the crystal .
  11. I've recently become obbsesed with watches

    Hi and welcome to the forum . Here you will find professional and retired watchmakers , collectors , hobbyists and watch addicts like my self . Marks videos were and still are the the base of my instruction , but you will find that the more you get into this hobby and field of interest , you will have more informed questions and develop a knack to get those questions answered . There are of course other forums that you can join whose members are just as willing to provide help and answers , techniques , and sources . One of the most important tools you will need is patience . As long as you are having fun and enjoying this hobby , the rewards and satisfaction will find you .
  12. Ohh , That's a challenge ,...but I will keep an eye peeled . I know that Mark just put out a video on making your own watch and he featured generic cases .
  13. Thank You Thinksam , Joe , and wis1971 for your inputs . Also , Thanks Thinksam for sharing your style preferences . You seem to recognize what floats your boat in style and appeal . As Joe stated , " If you like it, then buy it. Collecting watches has to do with intrinsic value, condition and also evocation of emotions . " Not all collectors are purists as can be seen in the pleasure they get in modding watches . While there are watches in my collection that I want to be purely original , I also have some that I have replaced the dials , hands and crystals in to give them a newer aesthetic look when I wear them . Some Seiko divers for example .
  14. Thank You Thinksam for your input and contribution on this subject . That is an interesting looking watch you have chosen . What are the movement specs ? Did you find most of there watch dials to be decorated with their name brand ? Thanks , Louis
  15. Watch of Today

    Very Nice Looking watch indeed . Addicted to watches…Imagine that !! Keep us posted on your progress with the service .