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  1. ricardopalamino

    Location of this click?

    Thanks for the update . I can sleep now...Yuk Yuk.... All kidding aside , I am working on a vintage Gruen Precision that is Click City . There is a click for what would normally be the ratchet wheel , but in this case there are 2 geared barrels resembling the mainspring barrels stacked on top of each other where the ratchet wheel would go on the barrel bridge . Besides the click in the normal position for the ratchet wheel , each barrel has an internal gear with it's own click and spring , and as the pic shows , there is also a click and spring for the gear on the train wheel . One of the stacked barrels is for hand wind and the other is for the auto-wing with the arbor for the mainspring barrel being common to both winding barrels . Also , you cannot readily remove the balance cock without removing the bridge on top . The movement is a caliber 480 SS .
  2. ricardopalamino

    Help needed with a watch

    It does seem to be a pry off case back and frenchie's advice about using a razor blade should work . I use an inexpensive utility knife for this for safety in handling the razor . Also I have seen case backs that gave no clue to removing them so I use a hand removing tool to see if the watch has a split stem . If it does have a split stem then of course you have to remove any bezel and the crystal to gain access to the movement . Good Luck .
  3. ricardopalamino

    Watch of Today

    "Hope you enjoy the pics! Anilv ',.... Thanks for sharing the Rado Info and Pics . I did enjoy your presentation enhanced with your commentary . Interesting info about the dial and crown Anchor . And Yes , the movement does look well preserved . In All , a very classic , clean looking watch . Thanks , Louis
  4. ricardopalamino

    Weekly Auto Orient AAA 3 Star Swimmer....

    Hi , Sorry ,...I wish I could provide more info . A handsome watch though .
  5. ricardopalamino

    Watch of Today

    Starting the day with this Titus........
  6. ricardopalamino

    Watch of Today

    I just got this Bulova Oceanographer Snorkel out of my storage . I sure like this one . Handsome looks to it in my opinion . I'm not quite sure how the bezel is constructed . It seems to have a clear glass / crystal material over the Pepsi numerals . It's nice to have it on again.....
  7. ricardopalamino

    Watch of Today

    Very Nice Joe . Do you know which movement is in your models ? I have one or two Snorkel models of these and maybe a Caravelle also boxed up in storage . I've taken the liberty to add a few more pics of the watch and the Donor movement I finally acquired.......
  8. ricardopalamino

    Watch of Today

    I got this Bulova Oceanographer for a good price several month ago only to find out that the movement was incomplete . Actually , I didn't even know what the proper movement for it was supposed to be . After some research and inquiries on the Bulova forum I decided that the Automatic movement 11ANACB was the likely contender , so after a few failed attempts to at securing the missing parts with great help from my buddy and fellow forum member , ramrod , I finally got this puppy running again . A nice looking watch in the flesh even if my pics don't do it justice .
  9. ricardopalamino

    Demagnetizer Recommendations

    I have one of the blue Chinese models and have used it with good results at 110V in the US . Works on my tools too .
  10. ricardopalamino

    Watch of Today

    Thanks Joe , Good to know you have my back on these parts . The Best , Louis
  11. ricardopalamino

    Watch of Today

    Hi Joe , I don't know much about these watches so I opened the caseback to take a peek and I did see the number 158 under the balance wheel ,...so I guess it is as you described .
  12. ricardopalamino

    Watch of Today

    I've been wearing this one for the last 2 days...
  13. ricardopalamino

    Watch of Today

    That's a nice one Tipsy...
  14. ricardopalamino

    Watch of Today

    Omega "Dirty Dozen ".......
  15. ricardopalamino

    Watch of Today

    Ohh , that's Funky . I like it...