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  1. Today I pulled out a seldom worn Crepas L'ocean.... Here's the link to their site.... http://www.crepaswatches.com/styled/photos-4/index.html There are quite a few features on this watch and although it does have a presence , I find it very comfortable to wear . It comes with the Stainless Steel Bracelet , and also a silicone bright Blue strap with the link to clear he crown .
  2. How about some 70's Funky Chunky ?? Heres a Lucian Piccard 17 J , automatic in Fab original condition . Time for some Funky-Town ...........Sorry for the bad pics...
  3. Ohh , nice dial and hands . Quite handsome for sure .
  4. Hi balaton, Welcome to a fun , and very helpful forum . To your point of unloved brands or watches housing the same movements as other brands . I have a vintage Seiko Laurel that needed a new balance staff or replacement balance assembly but I could not even figure out what the movement caliber is because it pre-dates current methods that Seiko now uses to ID their watches . Believe me , I had this repair on a back burner for a long time because I needed the parts I couldn't even ID . I am not quite sure which year the Timex 400 was produced for a short window , [ I know that member JerseyMo would know the production years ] , But the Timex 400 used a Seiko Japan made movement that is the same one as the one in the Laurel . I found this out by accident when I saw a pic of the Japanese movement in the 400 as I was scrolling through different offerings on ebay . The Ranfft movement website is invaluable in helping ID movements and their interchangeable series parts that I use often for these purposes .
  5. Hi WDC , I just came across your post as I was looking for Info to service a Citizen 8110A Bullhead I just acquired . I too had mostly worked Seiko 6138 & 9's , and a few Swiss Chrono's . And as I'm sure everyone agrees , you can never take too many pics on strip down for reassembly . Sometimes on a complicated or busy movement that I am not used to , I will take pics before disassembly . then practice the reassembly right then just to reinforce my memory . I also draw pics with my own hieroglyphics and use ice cube trays to hold my parts with their respective screws . This also helps to reverse engineer , or re-assemble the parts in the order you removed them . Thank You and the rest of the members for making this project fun and informative .
  6. I dunno , If getting a sweet watch like that one for that price is being young and stupid ,..then count me in....figuratively speaking . In any case , I really like your watch and went to dig mine out because I thought they were the same . I can honestly say that I am just starting to learn the numbers and nuances of Omega watches , and the speedmasters in particular all look the same to me but I am slowly starting to see and learn the subtle differences . Here is a pic I found on the internet of what mine looks like . One big difference in mine compared to most I have seen is the numerals under the indices ,....among other things .
  7. Really clean example of this watch ,...Nice work Johnnie . They say , "like minds think alike" , ........That may be true .
  8. Hi , does your watch have a black dial ? Is 2500D the Omega Model number ? I am not up to speed on the Omega numbering system . I have the blue wavy dial 300 . Also a Pre-bond 200m . Oh , say hello to your model . She looks like a newer model .
  9. That's very Nice . What is written on the dial ?
  10. The dial says Japan . Do you know who made the movement ?
  11. You're Welcome Yankeedog . To expound on what you just said about the parts or raw material . I think you understand what fellow members are saying based on experience . The value is there for raw parts . In my experience , the glue I mentioned before is mainly to hold the dial , and in many instances , also a dial spacer that came from anybodys guess . The glue is used to hold a dial because usually the dial feet are gone . I have used the cases and associated parts with some success
  12. noirrac1j is correct . You get plenty of glue and possibly a surprise movement in a lot of those watches . .... Although the exception to the rule is that if you need a part , you can get a whole watch for close to the same price as the part . If the correct movement is in the watch . One more thing , the caseback may not necessarily go with the case it is installed on . Having said that , I have been lucky more then half the time with the correct part .
  13. I agree , I see engraving on the back and it sets my imagination into motion . I didn't used to feel that way , and either tried to remove the inscription , or looked for another case back . But after seeing so many now that say "Love Always" , or "On your Graduation 1960 " , or "Congratulations" . I now start to see a side road off of the usual business of watch Collecting . This great Hobby has also helped teach me patience , given me Pure Pleasure after a completed project , and lets me escape for a while into a world of quiet , beautiful parts and pieces , and the satisfaction of having a Nice timepiece on my wrist .
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