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  1. Watch of Today

    My Pogue looks just like yours , not a speed timer , and has Water 70m Resist at the 9 position .
  2. Watch of Today

    Hi Anliv , I have a similar gold dial Pogue and agree about the feeling when wearing it . I remember wearing it on a job interview for good luck . Does yours have any water proof/resistance markings on the dial under the hands ?
  3. Rockford Electric

    Here you go Wesley , the Hamilton electrics and much more …. http://www.watchrepairinfo.com/techman.htm
  4. Rockford Electric

    There are free service manuals readily available for the Hamilton 500 and 505 . I would send you the manuals or info on where to get them but I am moving and my primary computer with all that info is in another state . I will look around and see if I can find them , and if I do I will post it .
  5. I do like the clean look of this watch . I searched for this model and have a couple on my ebay watch list . Thanks for sharing your Wife's Christmas gift to you .
  6. Seiko

    I can agree with these choices for starters although I like the 6309 - 7049 a bit more then the 6309 - 7040 . A little wider cushion . Both classic beauties . 6309 - 7040…. 6309 - 7049…..
  7. I'm partial to Hamiltons and Omegas although I do have workhorse Seiko's .
  8. I did ,…two of them . From me to me...….
  9. Rockford Electric

    Like 4:20,…wink wink ?
  10. Rockford Electric

    Nice watch Wesley . It is similar to the Hamilton 505 . The Hamilton 500 has 2 fingers that provide power to the coil on the balance . You can go to Electric Watches UK and see the Hamilton electric movements and also the different models . I didn't see Rockford listed as a maker/manufacturer on the list provided .
  11. I love vintage watches

    Nice looking watch Tiho . I am looking forward to seeing your other watches . Welcome to the forum BTW. Great information you have provided wis1971 . Interesting facts .
  12. Watch of Today

    Very nice watch you posted jdm . It is a classic beauty . I'll get one someday....... I started the Year with another classic that the Post Lady delivered on Sunday no less . It is a Tissot PR516 GL [Grand Luxe ] ...... Nice heft to it with the solid link integrated bracelet . My pictures don't do it justice .
  13. Watch of Today

    I got this new Casio Data Bank / Calculator on a whim . I have about 25 different watches I wear to work ,...watches that I'm not afraid to bump against something that may cause a scratch or ding . My Casio WR pictured above is an example . It seems that every time I wear it one of the younger guys at work comments that it looked like the first watch they ever had . Usually given as a birthday or Christmas present . So I was perusing watches on ebay and came across this Casio . It tells time in 2 time zones , has several alarms that can be set to go off daily or pre-set dates and times and with a snooze function on alarm 1 , a calculator , exchange rate function , stop watch and split time chronograph , data bank that can store 25 files and telephone numbers , and probably do my taxes . My favorite feature is that you can set it so the light goes on automatically when you turn your wrist to read the time . It also has a 10 year battery ,....it says so on the crystal . And last , but not least ,........$34 with free shipping . I forgot to say that it's multi-lingual.
  14. Omega Pre-Bond Seamaster

    I asked some questions on The Omega Forum about my Pre-Bond and got back some interesting replies from a few members as follows : ricardopalamino said: ↑ I recently acquired an Omega Seamaster Pre-Bond full size automatic so I was following this post with interest . Mine has the early Mercedes hour hand , the crown with just a few grooves in it ,[ not sure what it's called ] , and the cal. 1111 movement. Also the case back is stamped 366.1041 . Al replied , The 3661041 case is discontinued and replaced by case 3681061. Note sure if the parts are compatible between the two, and Padders said , the full size auto is certainly way less common than the mid size quartz which seems to have been the big seller. I believe there were 3 case variants in these: 1041,1051 and 1061, yours just happens to have been the first iteration and is likely an 80s rather than 90s example. Thanks to the members of that forum for their information . It helped clear up some of the questions I had about my watch .
  15. Aloha from Maui

    Aloha Cuz' , Welcome...