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  1. StuartBaker104

    Anyone custom made an acrylic crystal?

    I have no idea what they’re for. They were no use for what I bought them for. When I get a chance to dig them out I’ll post some photos and we can have a “what are these for?” competition
  2. StuartBaker104

    Anyone custom made an acrylic crystal?

    I have a box full of flat round acrylic crystals in different sizes somewhere. If you want to have a go at cutting one out of one of those then PM me with the diameter you’d need and I can send you a couple.
  3. StuartBaker104

    Bulova 6CF Movement

    It can be very difficult to observe the effects of wear in the barrel arbor bushes. This can cause the barrel to cant over and significantly increase the friction in driving the next wheel in the train. This will not happen without tension in the spring, but you can see how much play there is when the spring is unwound. Wear could be in the barrel or the movement plate/barrel bridge. In the latter case you sometimes have to look at the plates from the inside as the wear can be below the edge of the oil sink.
  4. Looking for the 5y20 as replacement on page 79 of this was the killer link https://www.jewelerssupplies.com/media/pdfs/CaskerMovements48w.pdf
  5. Google is your friend I searched Cousins to find the current Miyota of that size, then I googled for where that had been suggested as an alternative for obsolete movements, then hit the images button. You just have to ask the same question a few different ways. Actually, I found it quite quickly, but didn’t realise I had because the first picture I saw was pretty poor, so I kept on looking. Took me about half an hour which I should have spent starting the next project in my toy box!!
  6. It’s a Miyota 3n20. Not easy to find a new alternate for. 5y20 is listed as the current replacement but has different dial feet positions, hand sizes and stem tap size!!! There is a watch on eBay with a 3n20 in Spain, but my Spanish isn’t good enough to see if its working. Best alternate may be to find a Citizen 3220. There’s a new 3220 on eBay.com, but doesn’t look like they ship to uk https://www.ebay.com/itm/Citizen-Watch-Corp-3220-Original-Quartz-Watch-Movement-Japan-Made-1-Jewel-/273598188626. Alternatively, there are many Citizen 3220 series watches on eBay. Or you could google for other sources of both
  7. StuartBaker104

    Need informations about my Omega pocket watch

    These pictures may help you (and the site is in French which may also be a bonus for you). Bon chance! https://sites.google.com/site/hourconquest/oomega
  8. StuartBaker104

    seiko 66 lift angle?

    Always up for a challenge and my collection of tables drew a blank too, so... Whilst you can follow this post to work out the lift angle https://mb.nawcc.org/threads/how-to-find-lift-angle.132025/ I found myself figuring that any other movement with the same pallet fork would have the same lift angle, so going by Jules Borel http://cgi.julesborel.com/cgi-bin/matcgi2?ref=T_ZF]JS we see Seiko 4006 for which the lift angle is published as 58.4 which is quite high so you should be able to check if you think you are in this ball-park. Let me know when you find out as I have a Seikosha 957 which is in the same family
  9. StuartBaker104

    Michel Hembelin watch

    Hmm, I know I’ve been round this question before. Is it one of these... https://basic-groupe.com/produit/technotime-fe-6120/ If not then photos might help
  10. StuartBaker104

    Elliott 8 day platform escapement

    You might find this a good read as an intro to the topic of platform escapements. http://www.nawcc-index.net/Articles/LaBounty-ServicingAPlatform.pdf Not sure I’m a fan of craytex to clean pivots. Ideally if they need that, then a jacot tool is the right answer, but otherwise this is all good stuff.
  11. Andy - I bought a brush olating kit from these guys, which takes a lot of the guesswork out. https://www.classic-plating.co.uk/. Starting point was rose gold plating some watch hands and it worked perfectly first time out. bjd - those plates and bridges are going to be brass not aluminium. They are likely already plated with rhodium or similar which is why they aren’t brass coloured.
  12. StuartBaker104

    quartz movement ID

    By the same process of analysis and detailed investigation, I would guess that the battery is an Energizer 377/376
  13. Excellent - the dividers was one of my suggestions above, but pleased to see it works in practice :-). I'm sure I have some of those somewhere, so I know where I'll be keeping them when I track them down.
  14. StuartBaker104

    Need some Help, Spanner head screwdriver.

    You will see another thread on this question here https://www.watchrepairtalk.com/topic/6499-pig-nose-or-snake-eyes-or-spanner-driver-help/#comment-96309 If this is your first cylinder movement, then one word of warning: make sure you have definitely let down all the power from the mainspring before removing the balance, otherwise the train will spin away and you may cause bad things to happen Enjoy!
  15. StuartBaker104

    Bulova parts interchangability

    I’m always wary of signing up for free downloads, but you can get the tech sheet from Cousins which is another source of the info above https://www.cousinsuk.com/PDF/categories/2175_Bulova 11BLA etc.pdf They also have the escape wheel in stock