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  1. I don't know of a resource that gives good details of the standard Sternkreuz crystal dimensions. Even their own catalogue is pretty thin on information for standard crystals G22.pdf As above, ATC looks like it should be fine. Your new crystal will come with a ring, but you may find reusing the old one helpful if the new one doesn't look or fit right. Some crystals come with a split ring so you can file a little away at the join if it won't quite fit in the case. You should choose a crystal 0.1mm bigger than the hole in the case. The old one is unlikely to have shrunk due to the tension ring, so this should be a good guide.
  2. If you can work out the calibre number, you might even be able to buy the correct part
  3. I'm with wls on this one. Probably best to make a new staff... good practice on your lathe and jacot tool. If it's a push fit staff then you will be best served with a jewelling press to remove and replace.
  4. Haha! The teeth on my Chinese one were really sharp and I had to deburr them, but it works fine
  5. It definitely comes out the front, it looks like it *might* have a rension ring inside, but can't see that clearly from the picture. Give it a good push from the inside with your thumb and it will pop out.
  6. More than twice - it's got £20 postage!!
  7. Where would you like me to start? 1. Painted hands made from thick steel rather than thin blued steel 2. Brass screw to retain minute hand rather than washer and pin 3. What does "Trade Mark" mean on the dial? Wouldn't get that on a French clock 4. Pan head brass screws instead of machined blued screws or pins 5. Gong made from an old coat hanger I'll let others continue...
  8. If you pull the crown out, that disconnects the pawl jewels from the index wheel but leaves the electrical circuit connected. Like this you can fit a battery without worrying about the train. If it doesn't hum with a fresh battery, tap gently on the side of the case at 3 or 9 to start it. If all of this is good then you can blow the index wheel with a blower to make sure it turns freely before pushing the crown back in
  9. If it is a plain domed acrylic crystal then you should be able to push it out from the inside with your thumb with minimal pressure, but will need the above tool to replace. You can usually spot the tension ring type as the ring is quite visible, these need a little more effort to push out, and best replaced with a press. Post some pictures if you need more help.
  10. If the platform escapement is original it is likely to be quite worn, but as you say, the fact you can't see the regulator lever suggests it has been replaced. From my perspective with a clock like that, if it's running as it says then there shouldn't be anything you can't make or acquire for the movement. It will be difficult to find the right pair of hands, but will look great when finished. It would be worth confirming that the minute hand arbour to attach the hand to is present along with the hour wheel. My guess is that it would have had Fleur de lys style hands which you can buy new, but they look, well, new!
  11. I just knew you'd be a fan!
  12. As far as I know, Maurice Lacroix only sell spares to accredited service centres, so if it needs parts you will need one of those.
  13. Ah, just stopped by to let Oldhippy pass comment on this one too...
  14. From Jules Borel[^[DXF[I you will see that the balance is the same for the base caliber 8800, so searching for this gives new balance complete available here or here or here You may find US sources if you hunt further
  15. D'oh! Try this item 152589294960