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  1. Omega 551 MS?

    According to the GR catalogue, both the 550 and 551 use the same MS, see page 10 of this link. Pages 141 - 150.pdf
  2. Waltham A11 8 Day aircraft clock

    That looks like a good deal... hope you dont get stung by customs Looking forward to the strip report!
  3. Navitimer Venus 178 Chrono not working

    Whilst this could be a parts problem, it could also be an adjustment problem, or possibly too much oil in the wrong place. Does the chrono keep going if you nudge the coupling clutch into place? The pictures are a bit fuzzy, but it looks like the coupling clutch spring is not in contact with the clutch? If that is the case then is it snagging somewhere, or is it cracked? If it is in contact the it sounds like something else is not moving freely. Have you seen this Page 9 describes the eccentric adjustments, the parts assembly pages describe oiling and the last pages cover troubleshooting.
  4. Can Venus 175 & 178 parts be interchanged

    According to Cousins parts database there are 2 alternative chrono runners for the 178. One with a height of 7.8mm from the Venus 150 (and 175) and one with a height of 9.2mm from the Venus 152. However the Venus 178 parts list 178.pdf says its the same part as the 175. If you have the old one you can measure it to check.
  5. Lathe info?

    I have the same make. There are a couple of books around on watchmakers lathes. Try searching for a second hand copy of The Watchmakers Lathe and how to use it by Donald de Carle. If anything doesn’t make sense, feel free to post pictures and ask questions
  6. Tools required for an Antique Long case?

    Oldhippy - not sure if you've seen the other threads on this clock, here You are bang on with the date for a provincial maker (Norfolk), and there are more pictures plus a link to a bit of info about the maker.
  7. Tools required for an Antique Long case?

    I’m thinking that money spent on a drill press will be better spent on a 2nd hand lathe... You don’t need the drill press for bushing. With a broach you can feel your way into the original hole, with a drill press the hole will go where you line things up to.
  8. Lathe Spindle Tapers

    Bit confused about this question. Peerless, G Boley and Boley & Leinen lathes are WW lathes and the spindle has a pair of opposing tapered journal bearings, but I assume you aren’t talking about that as they are match ground to the headstock. The only other taper is on the chuck seat in the spindle. The collet chucks of all WW lathes should have a 40degree included angle. If however you want to work out your best chances of interchangeability between WW manufacturers then this table should help Are you looking to find a Jacobs chuck to fit the tailstock or headstock? If the former, then these guys will sell you a Jacobs chuck with a taper fit onto a 7.5mm ground shaft which will fit your Reform lathe for about £35 They don’t list it on the website, but I bought one from them at a watch and clock fair. If the latter then I think you can plug these two together I’m pretty sure these arbours have a 40tpi thread so should be good for your reform lathe, but the seller will no doubt confirm. They also list other chuck options
  9. Sheared Screw on AS 1200

    The good news here is that when you’ve got the screw out, replacements are available...
  10. I'm back

    Welcome back - had been wondering why you hadn’t chimed in (!) on the long case questions... Roland will really benefit from your experience here, and I’m looking forward to the education - particularly your observations on what is and is not original on this piece.
  11. I saw a few on eBay, but they all sold for more than buying a new one. I really like the vintage look of it too, but sadly those blue hands are lacquered not blued steel...
  12. Wanted one of these for a while, and my wife bought me exactly the right thing. A Chinese homage to a Chinese copy of a Swiss watch...
  13. Long Case Clock identification ...

    Great picture on the seller’s own web page showing a side view of the movement which should allow you to do some comparison... S
  14. Tools required for an Antique Long case?

    Broaches and some friction fit bushes are very slightly tapered. There should be very little axial load on them when fitted, but fitting from the inside ensures they will not push out.
  15. Long Case Clock identification ...

    By the way - slightly envious of this clock. Need one of those one day!