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  1. StuartBaker104

    Bulova parts interchangability

    I’m always wary of signing up for free downloads, but you can get the tech sheet from Cousins which is another source of the info above https://www.cousinsuk.com/PDF/categories/2175_Bulova 11BLA etc.pdf They also have the escape wheel in stock
  2. StuartBaker104

    Rolex case back opener

    I didn’t know how much I needed a rubber ball type case back remover until I got one. Just be careful where you buy it from if you’re in a hurry. I got one from Amazon as I was getting some other bits, but it shipped from China and took weeks to arrive!
  3. StuartBaker104

    Omega 1045 / Lemania 5100 Part

    You’re most welcome! I enjoy the challenge. There’s one here too http://www.oltenwatch.com/product.php?productid=18862 One day I will write a list of how to find watch parts!!
  4. StuartBaker104

    Omega 1045 / Lemania 5100 Part

    Watchguy has a parts movement... https://watchparts.org.uk/cgi-bin/watchparts
  5. StuartBaker104

    What makes a quartz watch "tick"

    I’m not really a quartz fan, but respect their place in horological history. A couple of years back I restored a 1980 ish Citizen / Bulova movement, which was wirth it because of the 9ct case it came in. The movement had a small potentiometer adjuste to tweak the calibration. Now I understand that any calibration errors are adjusted by changing data in an EEPROM - presumably those horrifically expensive Witchi machines have that capability built in. The clever bit though is that whilst the crystal oscillates at 32767 Hz, you would think that calibration could be achieved by stepping the motor after one more or one less count of the crystal, but assuming the watch steps once per second, multiplying up, this would mean the adjustment could only be done in steps of 2.6 seconds per day. So the calibration adjustment is typically set up to only affect one second in each minute - giving an adjustability of 1.3 seconds per month. More accurate watches use other tricks to give finer adjustment. I’m writing this from memory, so if I have any details wrong, please forgive, but the concept surpiised me when I first read about it, and it is for this reason that a seemingly very accurate quartz watch must be used with geat care and averaged over a long period if you want to use the tick from it to calibrate a timing machine.
  6. StuartBaker104

    Zeitner ZM1948

    To be honest, your best bet may be a watch repair shop or a battery replacement kiosk. They are likely to have selection boxes like these, or you could buy a whole box and maybe get lucky https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/screws-watch-case-back https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Screws-for-Vintage-Mechanical-and-Quartz-Watches-X250-Parts-Repairs-Watchmakers/1588293386
  7. That dial is perfectly aged. Anything you do to it is likely to make it worse
  8. StuartBaker104

    Venus 170 Watch Hands

    It works with eBay searches too. Whilst eBay does do translations now, it isn’t entirely accurate. My favourite is when you see “Jeu de fraises” translates into game of strawberries instead of set of fraises.
  9. StuartBaker104

    Venus 170 Watch Hands

    If you google “hands venus 170” and “aiguilles venus 170” and look at the images, you will see a few options - notably watchesulike and urdelar. You might like to try a few other languages too
  10. Sorry for the lack of translation Biro = cheap ball point pen with a plastic tube full of ink, like this And here is a description of how to use: http://bestwatchbrandshq.com/how-to-change-seiko-7s26-watch-hands-the-macgyver-way/ Cotton bud = q-tip, and yes, there are fewer with plastic tube type centres these days About 45 seconds into this video you will see hand levers in use https://www.watchrepairtalk.com/watch_repair_videos.html/watch-movement-servicing-stripdowns/breitling-valjoux-7750-chronograph-stripdown-r14/ Something like this won’t break the bank if you don’t want to make your own https://www.ebay.com/itm/Watchmakers-lever-type-Watch-hands-removers-replace-tool-repair-set-of-2/300723525342?epid=1188272030&hash=item460484d6de:g:6jgAAOSwZd1VcvnJ I bought a cheap chinese version of the ones in HSLs walkthrough once and they are useless for small watches and difficult to modify without drilling out the rivets to dismantle.
  11. Where to buy your tools and how much to spend is a very complex question! Really it all depends... do you see this job as a one off, or do you want to build a new hobby? How much can you afford, how quickly do you want to get what you need? How do you value time versus money? Do you have the facilities and abilities to make some of what you need? HSL did a great walkthrough, but you could almost do this job with no specialist tools. The only thing that is an absolute must is good magnification. I think you already have the movement out of the case. I have used a pair of penknife blades to remove hands. Mark (site admin) has a video of a 7750 repair on YouTube using hand levers which are pretty easy to make and a plastic bag as a dial protector. Case cushions and bech mats are nice. Offcuts of table protectors are functional. Movement holders make life easier, but not essential for this job Hand pressers make life easier, but you can use the open end of the plastic refill out of a cheap biro as a substitute (for larger hands the plastic tube from a cotton bud) If you have those borrowed tweezers, fix a small strip of latex rubber to the inside of the tips with double sided tape, or apply a small strip of electrical insulating tape to the tips to make sure they won’t scratch anything. So you see there are many options here, but improvising may take a little longer. If you want to play more and want to buy some tools, then Bergeon, Horotec and AF are all good brands. Start with #2 and #5 tweezers, a set of screwdrivers, a movement holder and 5x and 10 or 12x loupes, and work from there. If you can wait, then scour eBay. Buy a good book on the basics like the ones by DeCarle or Gazeley and they will show you how to make some more simple tools and tell you what the ones you will come across are used for.
  12. StuartBaker104

    HMT Watch Factory refuses to die.

    Yeh - what Andy said. And then some. The trouble is, the referendum asked people whether or not they wanted what they have today. It didn’t tell them what the alternative was. Keeping away from the actual politics as much as possible, what makes this all more interesting is that the majority of our elected politicians subscribe to idea 1 (as do I as it happens - but to find out all the reasons why will take most of a bottle of red wine). This makes it very difficult for those politicians to represent the voice of the people at all. Those elected politicians who subscribe to idea 2 all have a different version of what that looks like, so whilst they claim to represent the voice of the people, they don’t agree with one another. Hence, getting to a point where our elected politicians can reach a majority vote on a future state seems like a complete impossibility. Meanwhile, our erstwhile Prime Minister is dead set on delivering the mandate the referendum asked of her... even though she also subscribes to idea 1. Where this will all go really bad is when I want to buy parts on eBay from Europe and I end up getting stung for import duties like from the US. Oh, yeh, and it will be a nightmare at work when we can’t ship parts back and forth as we do today, but who cares about our manufacturing industry? (Whoops strayed across the political line there - topic closed!)
  13. Hi JhBd, I wasn’t really concerned about the tweezers going back to a surgery - we don’t take things too seriously here! I would hold the logo with a product called Rodico. Quite commonly used in watch repair for cleaning or tidying up a drop of oil that landed in the wrong spot, but also good for temporarily holding awkward shaped parts. If you have BluTack then that would be ok for this, but I don’t know if that’s really a common product in the US. Over here it’s what kids use to stick posters to their walls - in theory it comes off walls really easily, but if you leave it too long it really doesn’t and at best leaves oily marks behind. Tweezers would be probably fine for handling the logo and getting into place, as long as you are super careful not to touch the dial surface with them. Once it’s in place you should be able to push it into the holes and hold it there with a suitably covered finger.
  14. StuartBaker104

    Bestfit Catalogues

    Don’t worry about the messages - I’m sure your wife will understand!!
  15. StuartBaker104

    Bestfit Catalogues

    I went for the orange box that says “Download Now” and my iPad hasn’t exploded yet. If you click on any of the Russian pictures then bad things are likley to happen to you P.S. Thanks OH - are you sure these are free to distribute?