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  1. Ecodec

    Here’s a good example showing where this 5.67mm height Miyota is dimensioned from
  2. Adjusting Nut for Boley Leinen Lathe

    I’m not convinced that the arrangement you have is wrong. It may be that the locknut should run down a liitle tighter, but you may be able to deform it slightly to achieve that. You could try contacting this guy who has infinitely more knowlegde of the subject than I do...
  3. Cleaning Lathe using Lighter Fluid

    So that last picture shows the join between the bearing and the shaft, which should both rotate together in the headstock. They should seperate where I have marked below. It may help to apply some penetrating oil here if it still won’t move. This may be a long shot, but if this fails, you could try heating the whole assembly to say 100C in an oven and then using a freeze spray or pouring cold water down the inside of the shaft. There won’t be enough of a thermal shock to damage anything, but might be just enough to help free it up. Remember to dry thoroughly then oil afterwards. Note that where you have Allen key screws, you should have oil cups which provide a gradual feed of oil to the bearings. You may be able to buy a set of these from eBay or a tool supplier.
  4. Cleaning Lathe using Lighter Fluid

    Here you go. Start by removing the bearing dust caps - should twist and slide off. Then remove the split nut and loosen the pulley set screw. Then you can loosely fit the drawbar (no collet) and tap the end of it to loosen the bearing shaft. You could hit the shaft directly, but this will help protect it. Once removed, you will see the outer bearing cone has a pip which located in the slot in the shaft - important point for reassembly. Here are all the parts when disassembled. I remember reading that some lathes have a plain ring nut and a split nut. Mine doesn’t and I don’t think it should, but of course the shaft will only come out if there’s no threaded retainers in the way. Let me know if you have any other questions... oh, and don’t forget to refit your drive belt when you put it all back together like I just did.
  5. Cleaning Lathe using Lighter Fluid

    Definitely cone bearings. I can take mine apart this evening if you’re still struggling
  6. Cleaning Lathe using Lighter Fluid

    I have that lathe too. Whilst you could follow their guide, it rather depends on why it needs freeing up and how bad it is. If you don’t know the history, then my advice would be to do what I did with mine when I got it and remove the spindle so you can clean out any debis and polish off any light corrosion etc. At the same time you can thoroughly wash out the oil feeds. To remove the spindle you will need to remove the dustcovers, loosen the pulley set screw and remove the split nut from the spindle then most likely tap it with a mallet. There’s lots on the web about the adjustment process, e.g., and a thread elsewhere on this forum. I bought mobile velocite #6 repackaged into a small bottle from eBay as the spindle oil, and a small syringe to get it into the oil cups.
  7. Saw a trailer for that last night... but my beloved family talked all over it. Hopefully worth a watch...
  8. Refurbished watch from India

    Have you identified the movement? Could just be it needs a good clean, but you may find worse. If this is your first experience then be prepared for a bumpy ride... I have seen some interesting things in cheap watches that have been repaired in India (and elsewhere for that matter). You can buy selections of case tubes from Cousins, and if the crystal just fell out it is probably the wrong size so you may want to change that if all goes well.
  9. Elgin 546 Pallet Fork - OK?

    That info came from here ... I normally quote my sources but forgot to say here
  10. Help with OMEGA

    I use Jules Borel, Cousins and Boley to identify case parts. Usually in that order. In this case, Jules Borel gives you the most comprehensive list of case parts, but none of them list a wavy washer and pictures I see elsewhere suggest it doesn’t have one. Cousins has illustrated parts lists for almost every Omega calibre in their documents area. They also appear to have access to the Omega extranet, which is restricted, but enables them to look up the information you are seeking.
  11. Lucien Piccard Cal 37?

    Ok, so the stem listed above should sort you out. Unlikely you will get the broken stem out, but you should be able to find a generic equivalent
  12. Omega 484 crown issue

    Jules Borel lists the crown here^511.184, which is indeed a hermetic crown so the case tube is correct. They have the crown, as does Cousins Part number is 32001, so you may find elsewhere like ebay
  13. Elgin 546 Pallet Fork - OK?

    It shouldn’t look like that... see here The pallet is common between grades 546, 542 & 562 If it won’t straighten then Jules Borel has it in stock
  14. Lucien Piccard Cal 37?

    The movement is an LP37, see here Not sure how a crown gets broken? Do you mean the stem? Cousins has the stem listed under the FHF59.21 equivalent.
  15. Omega 484 crown issue

    In most cases you should be able to work out the correct crown from the case reference inside the caseback. In some countries, Omega used local case manufactureres to avoid import duties which can mean this won’t work, but its a good place to start.