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  1. Take a look at the old Sternkreuz catalogues here https://www.cousinsuk.com/document/category/watch-glasses You need the ones marked R19, not G33. They have a lot more information in them about selecting and fitting crystals than the current catalogues have.
  2. It’s GR2298 - Cousins has 42 in stock... https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/filter/universal-geneve-movement-parts
  3. You can find that screw at Cousins by searching for OME3403 in the search box. They usually aren’t listed under the individual movements. Now then, who’s up for the obvious quiz. Without further info, what is the movement from those pictures? I’m going for Omega 751 or 752...
  4. The lecturer in that cap jewel oiling video has super steady hands and great control. If I repaired watches all day every day then I might develop that dexterity. Meanwhile, I use one of these (the smallest size) to hold cap jewels while I oil them https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/jewel-picker-upper-with-silicone-tips I put the hole jewel in the movement plate then pop the oiled cap jewel on top and tease it off the picker with fine tweezers. Similar to Nucejoe with rodico, but I find it easier to control.
  5. Thanks HSL, this has all been very helpful and inspired me to promote this movement from “spares box” to “project box”! It will however never be a Longines watch so I don’t want to spend too much on it and just this week a similar complete Record watch sold for £50, so I will keep looking for cases. I’ve set up an eBay search to check for all of the equivalent Longines calibres and if I alter it to show completed listings then in the last month a suitable case sold for £20 and a stem for £2!
  6. HSL - I thought you’d found me something interesting there... but then I went to look at the movement I have. Mine has a flat dial and these cases both really need a curved dial. Turns out it’s a 6123 as well, which is the date version. I only bought mine to salvage the crown from it and it only cost £10, so I think I’ll put it back in the spares box!
  7. If you want to build your own watch then this might frustrate you. Try spending a while looking for a case and you might find that to be a lot harder than finding a stem. You might be better buying a more modern movement to fit the available cases.
  8. Record 6113 is the same basic movement, but runs at a lower frequency. John Senior (obsoletewatchandclockparts.com) has stems, so does eBay, but they aren’t cheap. Mitka has some for a better price here https://watchparts.org.uk/cgi-bin/watchparts I have a Record 6113 that needs a case - have you found something that it fits in?
  9. Like that cabinet, but disappointed the watches aren’t all wound up and set to the right time
  10. I wanted to use a pocket watch as a desk clock while I’m WFH. Fortunately I found this display stand hidden inside a small log from an ash tree in my wood pile . Interested to see what others do with theirs...
  11. Tried to bush it, but didn’t have a lathe back then to turn the step on the back of the plate. Ended up buying a replacement bridge from a breaker on eBay. They don’t come up very often though.
  12. Take a good look at the barrel bridge, this is made of brass and much more likely to wear than the arbour. I have a 215 which had very heavy wear there. It was hard to see at first because the arbour doesn’t protrude all the way through the depth of the plate, so the hole looked perfect from the oil sink side.
  13. The star time link is for the part you have with 3 positions. Both are listed on the Ofrei page - the one for a 2801-2 movement, 445/1327 is the 2 position version and the other, 445/1328 is the 3 position one. The pictures are from different angles but you can see the difference.
  14. A file won’t quite solve this as you will lose the jump between the 2 positions. You need to swap the set lever spring (445), for one from the list of movements here http://cgi.julesborel.com/cgi-bin/matcgi2?ref=X`_DXGUL ETA restricts the part, so Cousins won’t sell it, but it looks like Jukes Borel has it in stock, or you can get one from eBay. Swapping the movement complete would be an equally complex job, and more expensive.
  15. Well... nearly 24 hours and it’s kept perfect time. I’m going to declare success at this point
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