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  1. StuartBaker104

    What kind of tool is this?

    Can’t see how you'd use that to remove a split stem and I can’t get the JHPurdy catalogue to download, but that looks more like a clock hand puller to me.
  2. StuartBaker104

    Rotary skeleton wrist watch.

    Looks like a chinese 2189 movement. New movement = €80 so not worth paying someone to repair it - most likely you won’t find anyone willing to do more than a movement swap. http://www.watch-tools.de/movements-78/movements/automatic-watch-movement-2189-sc-skeleton-gold.php If you're doing it yourself it’s no more than a tenner on a new mainspring, assuming that’s all that’s wrong.
  3. Let’s start with (and I’m sure you’ll get the same advice from many others): Don’t touch that dial!!!! Anything you do will probably make it worse. Don’t get any fingerprints on it, handle ontly by the edges (preferably with finger cots), and keep it somewhere safe until you come to refit it. The chances of making it worse are generally much greater than making it better since the lacquer will be fragile and may well take off the markings if any comes off. In reality, you may be able to do some gentle cleaning, but until you’ve learnt some lessons by trashing some less precious dials then keep clear! You should be able to refit the seconds drive wheel with a hand fitting tool. Just make sure you note which way up it goes! Given the age of the watch and unknown service history, a new mainspring would be high on my list. You probably need a GR4254 - Cousinsuk and Jules Borel are good places to find parts lists... https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/filter/omega-movement-parts http://cgi.julesborel.com/cgi-bin/matcgi2?ref=OME_30T2SC Just beware here when looking for parts that there are several variants. You have a plain balance (so not the PC) and standard regulator (so not the RG). The ultimate confirmation is to measure the barrel i/d and compare with the variants from the GR catalogue https://watchguy.co.uk/cgi-bin/mainsprings A new mainspring comes ready wound and lubrictaed and you can push it straight into the barrel with an appropriate home made tool. Make sure you note which way in it goes! Practice rewinding old mainsprings by hand on some other watch! If you want to get an original Omega crystal, that would be a PN1021 https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/filter/omega-case-parts. You can fit and remove these with a claw type crystal lift.
  4. StuartBaker104

    Epilame / Fixodrop

    Does anyone know of a uk source for the Zenith epi kote? Seems by far the cheapest of all the options, but I can't find a way of getting it here for a reasonable cost
  5. StuartBaker104

    Watch Idenification

    One for sale on ebay. https://www.ebay.ie/itm/RARE-ANTIQUE-ELECTA-GALLET-SWISS-17J-MANUAL-WIND-WATCH-MOVT-FOR-PARTS-OR-REPAIR/142782688390?hash=item213e82ec86:g:JRoAAOSwMBRa7IRR
  6. StuartBaker104

    Watch Idenification

    Looks rather like a Gallet Electa... See here http://www.vintagewatchstraps.com/movements.php
  7. For any watch over 100 years old a cross reference is unlikely to be helpful as parts are generally not available to be bought by part number anyway. For younger watches, the best reference I have found online is at Jules Borel http://cgi.julesborel.com/ If you have a specific challenge then post it here with pictures
  8. StuartBaker104

    New Swiss? Pocket Watch

    I would say most likely around 1900 +/-15 years. It’s a cylinder escapement, so most likely Swiss. Very common for the case and movement to be brought together by a retailer, so you would have to look under the dial to see if there are any identifying marks regarding who made the movement
  9. StuartBaker104

    To days clock competition

    Always an education OH. Any good ideas why there are dial markings on the back of the chapter ring in the second picture?
  10. It was very common in that era for watches to be made from parts from a number of suppliers. I don’t know that Invicta have ever made their own movements, and it is likely that their logo whould have changed many times over the years. Ceratinly in the uk it would have been more common to see the retailer’s name on a dial much before this date. A quick search threw up this which is a very similar example... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Invicta-Pocket-Watch-movement-dial-44-mm-in-diameter-balance-broken-/222899356571
  11. I knew I’d seen that marking somewhere... Here you go http://oldswisswatches.com/Spares/complete_listing/AM_72.htm It’s known as the Ebauches Trust mark... and once you know that it’s easy to find, along with a great reference site for makers marks that I’ve not seen before https://www.thiemard.info/horlogerie/tools/poincons-listing.php?lang=en And if my German isn’t misleading me, this page would suggest that the combination of marks you have with the AM in a triangle and the Trust mark was only used between 1936 and 39 (hopefully living in Munich you have a better command of the German language than I do) https://watch-wiki.org/index.php?title=Ebauches_SA I don’t know how you have identified the correct mainspring from Flume, except by measuring the old one? Often old watches have an incorrect spring fitted, so unless you have a positive identification of the calibre number, you can use the “reverse engineering” calculator on this page to check http://www.vintagewatchstraps.com/mainsprings.php Good luck finding a way to remove that broken screw. If you have access to a lathe you may try to drill it out... it may just catch on the drill and unscrew if you’re lucky!
  12. StuartBaker104

    KIF elastor 3-2 vs 3-3 springs

    The second digit gives you the length of the spring... https://www.cousinsuk.com/PDF/categories/492_Kif.pdf Sorry - just realised this is an old thread... you've probably worked it out by now!
  13. The makers mark looks like A Michel, which was one of the first manufacturers to join Ebauches SA. I can’t find reference to a cal 151 anywhere though so that marking may be a red herring. I'm pretty sure I’ve read somewhere that the shield mark is some reference to that federation also. Ideally you need to find a copy of an old swiss watch movement catalogue and identify from the movement diameter in lignes and the shape of the keyless work parts. There used to be a scanned copy on Ernst Westphal’s site, but it seems to have gone now If you post pictures on here then maybe someone will look it up for you. Alternatively you may be better off buying a selection of LH crown wheel screws and finding one that fits!
  14. StuartBaker104

    Dial cleaning

    100% agree. Between the 12 and 1 you can see the minute markers gave come away with the lacquer. Anything else you do will make things worse.
  15. I saw those too wls1971, but it was the misspelling of Seamaster that really got me . I just wondered how someone could get into painting watch dials and not have enough of an interest in their work to spot that...