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  1. A few years ago, I bought from auction site one of those cheapo Seiko 5 watches from India, a A6319. (as far as I can tell, the India made Allwyn equivalent of 6309) I remember trying it out finding it had no winding apart from Auto and bunged it in the 'junk' drawer... Today I pulled it out and stripped it partially. Its quite impossible to manually wind the thing I dunno--Even the cheapest cruddiest Chinesium 2813 can be manually wound,-Why is this? Why no winding by--winder! .....
  2. Accutron use these weirdos, let me find what size they are.....
  3. Hi--The fact you mention that the wheels are not interchangeable ddoesnt really surprise me. Nothing much does seem to be exactly the same. I dunno why they did that--Make a not exact clone, Ithought it would have been easier to make accurate copy.... Would you fancy repivoting this 3rd wheel I have? Beer tokens offered.....
  4. Well,--I had a lathe many years ago, Not a watchmakers one, but as you say it takes a lot of time and lots of bad language till you get it.... --Even then you never stop learning...
  5. I have a problem. Ive got this Slava Transistor watch--the one the Russians ripped off in the 60's of the American Bulova Accutron 214.... Its a fairly close match,-- visually they look identical, quite an achievement IMO... My issue is this. Its third wheel has a rusted off pivot, fairly common on the Accutron version due to moisture or batt leaks and there's fair evidence of a leak in this one.. The Accutron 3rd wheel wont fit--2nd Moscow Watch Co (Slava, Seconda, Vostock etc) in their infinite wisdom made their staff smaller in diameter than the Americans, no idea why... My o
  6. I'm looking for a reliable and reasonable Co/individual who can make and fit mineral crystals for three Omega cases I have. Two round, one square. My go-to guy unfortunately isnt doing it at the moment, Any ideas? Who do you use?
  7. According to how tight it is, sometimes the use of a stout tweezers grabbing whats left of the head will work.... Use the tweezers like a pair of pliers, grabbing the remains vertically and twisting....
  8. For the Alum thing, I use a trick.... Bung it all in an old glass Thermos flask overnight. Works a treat as it stays reasonably hot for hours.
  9. Good simple ideas like this appeal to my simple mind!
  10. Well I finally did it. Dug out the old Hamilton with its demised 500 movement and modified it--just a bit! but not with a 667 Hamilton to make 'Pacermatic' oh no, much more fun with a tuning-fork movement, still 'electric' and still a revolutionary movement, with that graceful seconds hand flow motion. Go Quartz?--You Must be joking! The original 500 movement had broken trip/contact wires, and try as I did, cant find any anywhere. Looks like they went unobtainium sometime last century! I recently got hold of a mens Accutron, I had thought was a 2180, but turned out to be the smaller
  11. Stardrops Floor-Cleaner.... Providing its just brass/steel, gilt, nickel etc, this works well, contains a small amount of ammonia and various ionic and non-ionic serfactants, with a little pine-oil. Has sometimes the tendancy to 'blue' steel components or those coated with lacquer. Use in ultrasonic, a good squirt and at 50-80 degrees for 10 minutes. Rinse well (4-5 times) then into Alc. and back in ultrasonic to de-water and dry.
  12. Ive a few Chinese tools, Oilers for instance, Ive cleaned up a bit, shaped for specific tasks, they are fine. Oil-pots, again- cheapo Chinese doing the job, cant really go wrong, can they, Cheapo oil-pots, but with Moebius synthetic oils in 'em! Crystal-press, again a cheapo thing, might even be Indian, works well enough, I haven't broken it yet. I did have bad experience with Chinese watch screwdrivers, Those were utter garbage, seen harder copper wire... A*F screwdriver handles with Bergeon bits work out the most reasonable compromise rather than a full Bergeon set-up...
  13. Personally I always oil both ends of the centre seconds pinion/wheel.... This part is most/more prone to corrosion if for some reason moisture gets in the case. This pinion/shaft is holding the seconds hand--which acts as a heatsink, therefore that shaft will be fractionally cooler than the rest of the bulk of the movement, the result is condensation usually at the pivots, it then rusts/seizes solid--Or in the case of Accutron 214 gets twisted right off on the chaton jewel side, but strangely the watch keeps on running quite often......
  14. Typical cheap cruddy poorly made fashion-watch with a 15 quid Myota movement, and a silly price-tag to boot!
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