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  1. rogart63

    6139 Mainspring Replacement

    U can use a mainspring for a 6309 if that is easier to find. Seiko number 401615 . 6139 have 401616. But Stefan at schillachi61have NOS mainspring for 6139 and 6138 at ebay have them . Send me a PM and i can send you his mailadress. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Seiko-6138-6139-Mainspring-Genuine-Seiko-Nos/372328296603?hash=item56b07ef09b%3Ag%3AzE4AAOSwdjNZGrKi&_sacat=0&_nkw=seiko+6139+mainspring+&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l1313
  2. rogart63

    Movement holder

    Bergeon 4040 is the best if you don't have a specific holder.
  3. rogart63

    watch hands

    Think you should look for 2,00x 1,40 hands and 1,90x 1,10 . Or 200x140 and 190x110. Not sure what you are looking for. cousisnuk have this. https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/luminous-horotec-swiss-singles1
  4. rogart63

    The main spring is lossing it moment

    Could it be that it snap at the barrel arbor? 6,5 turns sound to little. An new mainspring should do the trick.
  5. Like this but for the 31-1 . Must be around somewhere? http://www.urdelar.se/tissot/Tissot 28-1, Oscillating weight bearing, no: 28117
  6. Not sure that is an option for the owner. Isn't there anything one can do? Don't have the movement or the watch here just yet. But i have seen it before when working on bumper movement like the Tissot 31-1 . If i buy a donor i can't be sure that the bumper weight is okay? Think the watch works okay but he says it annoying to hear the sound of the bumper is hitting the caseback or the movement plate.
  7. Have a question about the oscillating weight on a hammer automatic . The weight rattle and making noise . If the bearings worn i can replace them. But if the pivots on the arm that sit on the weight worn. Can i replaceable them or the axle? Haven't seen any such parts as spare parts. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&0&2uswk&Tissot_31_1
  8. Wonder if it's a Vacheron constantin crystal . Found that they use a trident logo. http://en.worldtempus.com/article/watches/trends-and-style/watch-brand-logos-the-hidden-stories-of-breguet-eterna-longines-21706.html
  9. Welcome to the forum Niall. Does look like a Bulova but still don't . Maybe it's the three-foot that Posedion has or an E . Sorry can't help out more?
  10. rogart63

    Timegrapher microphone

    There is a thread in the forum about that. Can't remember the name of the thread right now. Homemade timegrapher or something like that.
  11. If i remember correct that 8335 spring is pretty thick. I don't think that any of the cousisnuk spring is in that diameter. Maybe easier to make one from music wire? But you probably need the old one to replicate. Doing one from scratch should be hard?
  12. That should probably be okay. Where you from @dieale2 ? Bought my tools from a nice guy i Germany . He had lots of jewel tools for good prices. Send me an PM and i can share his address.
  13. Check first what kind of jewels you have on your pocket watch? I haven't done any pocket watch work before i started with repairing my grandpas Hampden pocket watch. It has rubbed in jewels. So i needed to buy some tools to open and close the jewel holes.
  14. rogart63

    Good bye

    Don't leave anvil . Don't know what has happen but can't see that it can't be solved somehow. Take some time of and please come back when you feel ready.
  15. Please read my post properly @vinn3 How said i have problems? But if you read on different forums you see that others use lighter fluid or naptha or whatever it's called to clean the movements. But this an everlasting question on many forums.