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  1. Caravelle with 11 DP movement

    I bought a citizen 1803 watch with nice movement . The caravelle is running again with the pallet fork and balance from the 1803 ,
  2. ETA 2824-2 Stem Question

    Think cousinsuk have that. If not have.
  3. ETA 2824-2 Stem Question

    The stem for the 2824 is helicoil square. But i think you bought a 2824-2 stem? So you need a 2824 stem . My mistake there also. It's not a 2824-2 it's only 2824 .
  4. ETA 2824-2 Stem Question

    Sure it's a 2824-2 . Think 2836 has helicoidal stem? Otherwise i think 2763 has a helicoidal stem. But don't know if it has 0,51. Think i could have one so i could measure.
  5. Seiko Arnie H558 Movement Info

    Think the 556 and the 558 are pretty similar in construction. For the 556 there is a service manual. Use that as a guide. I have seen lots of youtube video on the Arnie 558.
  6. Can buy one of this fantastic tool . For a nice price . Any of you have one? Do you use it much. Need to think if it worth the price of about ,£85 or $113 plus shipping. What do you think.
  7. Quartz Tester?

    Have you check the horotec quartz tester out . Great little machine that can do lots of things. I was about to buy one when i worked on some quartz watches. But no i seldom do .
  8. Zodiac 70/72 clutch wheel

    Are you a member of zodiac forum . Not that this is a great forum. It is. But there you have a how to thread .
  9. Services

    Pin lever ? The wheels look a little dirty. But as long as it's clean and there is no dirt between the cogs it's should work . The mainspring is toast i think.
  10. DPW Z 1000 Parts

    Nice looking watch . Seen a few of those . A friend has a Candino 1000 m . Like them a lot.
  11. Seiko 7s26 parts needed

    He is a great guy this Mehima . Have some contact with him thru other channels . He tries to help if he can. Bought up Seiko stock so he has a lot of parts .
  12. Seiko 4110-9007

    Check with a guy that has VTA in Australia. If i understand correct you are from AU also? He is a great guy and could maybe help you out with parts.
  13. Viceroy Quartz - stuck button

    Put it in a plastic bag or put some plastic foil over when you put i back.
  14. Viceroy Quartz - stuck button

    You don't need any special tool . Put some Rodico in the bottom under the clips. then use 2 screwdrivers to press the clips of. That is the easy part. Clean the rod and maybe put a new gasket in. Harder to put back . i use a sturdy tweezer to press it back. But happens once in a while in flies away into space. i have seen special tools that looks like a screwdriver with a slot in the middle . Much like a springbar tool. To press the c- clip back into place.
  15. Think the number is on the plastic part.