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  1. Hej Roger From Sweden to . And we share the same first name . Been here long but not much lately . Been a lot of work with watches. //Roger
  2. Can you line them up so you can slide the split stem on from the top when you put the movement back in the case .
  3. A very flexible one . Had a chronograph that had such a tight fit . A vintage strap in soft suede was the only one i manage to fit. A Nato or perlon would work.
  4. Should have some friction . So do not over oil. Just a tiny bit so it's not metal to metal . As that will destroy the friction in no time . That is instead of the cannon pinion . AS 1950 and zodiac 70 and a lot of other movement use the same construction . Haven't tried it without the pallet fork. But i think it can have that effect if you try to wind it up. Rotor only turn one direction when you put it back . And the other way it will freewheel . So put the movement back together and you should see that it works fine.
  5. Must be a ton of supply houses in USA. Jules borel and Twin city supply. Perrin if you are close to Canada. Startimesupply and Esslinger. Cousisnuk have them otherwise.
  6. Found this again the other day. The hour hand is standing still . The minute is moving since i serviced it. Why is that? The hour hand is turned by a magnet instead of a cannon pinion. There most be something with the hour magnet. Finding parts for this movement is almost impossible.
  7. They are great . Love mine. And so have for some years now . Those and some A&F screwdrivers. Both nice . But A&F use shit blades . Upgrade to Bergeon stainless steel.
  8. 1950 has that kind like the left . Sure it isn't from a 1950 . The 1950 is a no date. Therefore lower then the 1802. Or even a 1800/01
  9. A fellow Swede. Welcome to the forum . We are a few in here from Sweden. Need some work on that hairspring. Check Per Torphammar page out for translating from English to Swedish . If you haven't seen it already?
  10. Someone has done something with that incabloc. Probably lost the lyre spring and glued it instead . You probably need to replace the incabloc unit . Plate should be okay. Doesn't look to good but should work fine.
  11. Sure you can . Can be a number of things. Dirty balance jewels on one side. But if you clean it it should be okay. Can also be that hairspring touching the bridge or balance wheel . Or center wheel . Often see amp dropping a little after service. No big deal as once the oils have settled it usually picks up speed . Make sure you don't overoil. If it drops on one side i would check the balance jewels again. Make sure you have turned the endstone right and it's cleaned .
  12. Seiko has usually a low amplitude. So don't oil them. If you do the amplitude will be even lower.
  13. Last one looks like a Brac 90 or in that serie
  14. It's probably a ETA or ronda or some known brand in that watch. So a picture of the movement would help. It's almost impossible to find parts for the case . I have a nice watch which i need a crystal for . But haven't found any so far .
  15. I know the place they do this. Seen lots of watches coming from the same place or country . Glue and paper and all sorts of bodges and tricks to make a watch run just enough to make it sell .
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