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  1. That would be easy to see on the timegrapher. Would be impossible to get a straight line and think the amp would be lower then 230-240 .
  2. Don't think the damaged is big . Probably only moved the arms on the balance bridge. Adjust the watch back to 0,2 beat error or better . And i think the amplitud will rise to 280. No problem.
  3. A low candlestick or there are brass holders you can use for making your own candlestick. Like this
  4. Tinkered with it today. Did as JohnR725 said and run only the rotor . Worked . And when i put the wheels back it started to run. No idea why or how . But as is now it's working . I am going to let it run . Need to adjust the hour hand a little but at least it's working. YAAAAAAAAA.
  5. It will probably self steer . A center drill like this is usually 60 degree.
  6. I have put it in a vibrograf where i can see the pulses from the quartz crystal. But the rotor isn't moving . And if i put a multimeter over the 2 prongs on the circuit it gets a puls every second . The coil should be okay as i measured it to 3 ohms. The minute and second hand moved before i serviced it but now it's not moving. I can get it to move a little bit but stops after a few seconds. Good tip with removing all wheels except the rotor. I will do that . Should be easy just to remove the wheel next to the rotor . Could very well be the magnetic on the rotor.
  7. The screw that screws from the underside. Haven't done super many 2472 but have done some . 1 or 2 i have changed the screw on. If it doesn't help i probably have some parts . Don't like this constuction but it looks tidy on the movement when the screw is hidden on the underside.
  8. Looks like the you should do the same ti increase or decrease the play . remove by using a 60 degree cutter inside the tube. Think they mean the tube on the rotor. I think it's a drill or a cutter that has a 60 degree angle. Must be special tool for that? I have only took an other screw when the rotor has been to loose. and it usually solves the problem.
  9. I have serviced a 1333 omega .But it won't work even if the coil and circuit is okay . I have tested the coil. The circuit have pulse and i put it on a vibrograph it looks good. But won't run . Wheels runs smooth . i think i have tested everything but nothing seams to work. I thought a could have put some of the wheels upside down . But looked a the 1337 service here on the forum . And can't see anything i have done wrong . It's eating me up that i can't fix it. Can it still be something with the circuit?
  10. It's anI Italian brand. Check orologi sangue blu Pryngeps out on google . Or Altavista
  11. Seen a lot of pryngeps watches . Both chronograph and cheaper pin lever divers . There is also some quartz watches around . Don't know anything about name pryngeps but the check mikrolisk and see if you can find any info. Think it could be a name just like any other brand. Here is a Chronopraph i found on a Swedish watch forum .
  12. Think you have to show us a picture Jim . Even if we know a lot of movements i am not sure which one this is .
  13. Wonder if that isn't glued in original . Sits in a metal ring . What does the case has for number. 6138-.... ?
  14. Think i have some 2472 parts . Can have a look . Maybe the threads ar worn in the setting lever. They look a little short?
  15. They do bend. I keep my brass tweezers pretty round and short. Not the sharp as i do with other tweezers. I use them for bending up parts to . I use a diamond plate i bought on cousinsuk for dressing them. Also use some wet and dry paper. https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/diamond-stone
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