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  1. Any ideas???

    That worked. posted it on Imgur and then insert from other media. And copy the URL . But not chosse files.
  2. Any ideas???

    Same here. Must be a problem on the site? Has been working before. Error 200 meaning something is wrong on the server side.
  3. Silicone Grease (For Gaskets)

    Cousisnuk sell it as silicone grease. There is an other Bergeon product called silicon 7 . Interesting i will contact Bergeon and ask.
  4. Silicone Grease (For Gaskets)

    I don't think the grease is the problem . If you look at the Omega gaskets they melt. But Seiko gaskets the getting harder. I sat all evening and hacking out a Seiko gasket from a Seiko case.
  5. Silicone Grease (For Gaskets)

    It's like Bergeon KT-22? It says silicon grease but it doesn't smell like silicon? And it's not working very good either? Have used it on gaskets and it makes the gasket stick to the crowntube in no time. Use Seiko silicon grease . That's the best?
  6. Silicone Grease (For Gaskets)

    Doesn't say it's silicon grease?
  7. Scrapper movement

    Closest i found was a isa1198
  8. Scrapper movement

    Maybe i could have that? Shall take a look during the day.
  9. best way to use oil cups

    I put a drop in the cup and then use it for a couple of movement. But change it frequently. Always a lot of debris and other stuff that gets into the oil. So i recommend that you change it at least once a week. Use a stick or a larger oiler to transfer it from the bottle to the cup. A clean screwdriver is also good. For grease i use a toothpick. If you have a lot oil like 9010 in a cup it makes it harder to get the right amount of oil. At least that is something i have discovered. A drop is enough for 2 -3 movements .
  10. Slava 2428 Shock SPring help

    There is plenty of donor movements on Ebay. Only problem is that it takes weeks to arrive from ukraine.
  11. Removing Sheared Off Screws grrrrr

    That doesn't look to funny . Maybe if you could drill it out. Do you have a lathe and a staking tool? Remove the part with a staking tool and set it up in the lathe and drill . But you need a very small drill.
  12. How much?!

    I think i pass. Must be some kind of mistake?
  13. Zodiac 72B movement

    Have nice watch that is a little special. It's a zodiac astrographic or something It runs nice up until a few days ago . I feel shame as i chicken out when i did a half service .No it's back becuse the cannon pinion is loose. That i can fix without removing so much. But would have like to remove the dials that the minute and hour hand sits on. But a afraid i would break anything. Any tips. Thee watch i work on is not exactly the same as it more round.
  14. 4 mm crystal for Aqualand

    Great . If i don't find one i will contact them and see how much they want.
  15. 4 mm crystal for Aqualand

    Sorry , But that is also only 3 mm thick. Need a 4 mm crystal. The Aqualand i have is a little different from the ones that has a bezel with insert . Was looking at boley. de . Mine is a C023-089405 And the crystal is a 54-L5374F . Picture taken from google.