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  1. How do you source a new balance staff maybe?
  2. seiko 11a mainspring?

    Just googled my way and then found boley had a number for the mainspring. 401 113. Then is googled that and found this on ebay. Didn't do much research. Have checked if cousinsuk has any parts? If i look on they say ersatz 03567 for 1104 and if i look at 11A they saye ersatsz 03567 also Then look at cousisnuk for 1104A they have a replacement mainspring GR5458. So that must work in the 11A also.
  3. seiko 11a mainspring?
  4. Omega f300

    Could be Keith Tilley maybe? Have seen his name mentioned when service this movements. But can't find any contact info or website. I have a speedsonic that i like to send to paul. The cannon pinion is loose. Running good and serviced by Paul some years ago. But he always has so much to do .
  5. Omega f300

    That's not a quartz watch That's a "hummer" tuning fork movement. Not sure a linefree box will be so good on this? ESA 1260 is that the daydate model? Bad coils can be one problem. They are very difficult to work with as you need a microscope and now what you are doing. There are a few watchmakers that service this watches. Check electricwatches .....out.
  6. KT-22 is more for the winding gears in the keyless work. Says it's good for gaskets but it's not. Way to sticky to lube jewels with. Prefer 9504 instead.
  7. Valjoux 7734 hand sizes

    That is perfect.
  8. Bought a case for a Valjoux 7734 movement on Ebay. With hands and dial. The subhands does have to small tubesize for the hands. Seller says the handsizes on the old vs new are different. Would like to have that verified somehow. If i look here the hand have this size. I sent the case and the hands to the seller. He said he could fix the hands so the fit my movement. Not going to hang out the seller but he did a very bad work fitting this hands. The chronograph hand is to loose and almost fall of. Marks on the dial . And so on. But would like to now what the other size valjoux 7734 has for hand size.
  9. Faulty pallets

    Slightly slant That is very easy to see that it's wacked out of place. No wonder that didn't work as it should.
  10. Have a coulpe of movement that has that type of spring also. Think one could be a FHF 96 and one is a EB or Baumgartner movement. I use a toothpick in the hole and then just spin the spring until it's sits right. Almost like a Seiko or Slava movement.
  11. watcheseek closed this question . I think we would do the same here? Would have been better if you just asked about the movement? Not saying it's a fake Rolex.
  12. Acrylic crystal fitting help

    ´Not sure. Feels like the non tension ring low dome is lower and the high dome is a little higher then the ACT crystal. If i would guess i would say high dome. Think cousisnuk have a document of the crystals.
  13. Acrylic crystal fitting help

    Depends on the size i think. Measured a 307 ACT crystal and the edge was 0,52 mm thick.
  14. AS589

    Yes that should be right Clockwise to loose it and anticlockwise to tighten it.
  15. Acrylic crystal fitting help

    Maybe get a crystal for a tension ring. Like the ACT crystal and remove the tension ring? Did that last week on a Hosam watch.