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  1. rogart63

    Exhibition Case Backs

    There is a guy Thomas Priek that does exebition case backs for Speedmaster and Rolex. Check him out. Maybe a speedmaster caseback could fit? Same movement.
  2. rogart63

    FHF 30 Balance Equivalents

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/FhF-31-Rolex-cal-59-Tudor-cal-59-bilanciere-balance-completo-orologio-da-polso/264077862770?hash=item3d7c446772:g:EdgAAOSwfINbe-0L:rk:3:pf:0 Pricy
  3. rogart63

    FHF 30 Balance Equivalents

    Have a FHF 30 here somewhere. But not sure that the hairspring is okay. The FHF 30 was used by Rolex and that is why they are rare. Rolex 59.
  4. rogart63

    Broken Platform regulator pin

    I would say something like this? https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/hairspring-collets-pins-wristwatch Haven't done it myself. But would be great to see. If you do it please post. I think Practical watch repair by Donald de Carle show it in the book.
  5. rogart63

    Help identifying movement

    Could be a AS 1930/31 also as that is slightly smaller. Does it have a date?
  6. rogart63

    Shimming the Balance Cock

    Seen that to. It was done from the factory. But as Mark had tighten the balance cook to much or to many times the knurl flatten out. After he redone the knurl it works perfect again.
  7. That is a Swedish guy not UK .
  8. As for the balance. Use a 6119 if you can't find a 6139.Need to move the collet for the hairspring. But has the same seiko number as the 6139. You need a jewel and a diafix spring. That you can take from any 6 series seiko.
  9. rogart63

    Red gasket - silicone?

    Dry as is. Silicon would maybe get the caseback to slide of.
  10. rogart63

    Sweep second problem.

    Was just me wonder how it worked. But got the answer i wanted from Watchmaker. The movement is a Doxa 14 with sweep second. I misplaced the sweep second in the wash. Found a pinion on a Eterna 600 that fitted. But think it had more teeth or had a different cut on the teeth. But think i have found the right pinion now.
  11. Have an old movement with sweep second attachment. An extra third wheel and an pinion. The problem is that the pinion is wrong. Either it's to many teeth or wrong cut of the teeth. When i put the extra third wheel on the movement it stops. Going to see if i can fix it anyway. But my question is if a wheel or a pinion has more or less teeth in this construction. Would the watch run okay anyway, Only the second hand would go faster. As the extra third wheel on top of the movement turns the second hand pinion.
  12. rogart63

    Longines 12,68 balance wheel wobble

    But that book i have. By Donald de Carle.
  13. rogart63

    Omega 176.007 Crystal fitting

    Let someone do it for you that has the right tools. Removing material is not a way to do it. And will just end up with lots of trouble.
  14. rogart63

    Longines 12,68 balance wheel wobble

    Seen them to. But's was the use to have a balance tool like this if you can't straighten it. At least a little. I guess if you do it in the tool the pivots will bend or break. Btw i bought this old tool this yesterday. Had a wobbly Enicar/AR balance yesterday. Okay it worked but would have been great to fix some of the wooble.
  15. Anyone have a video or a tutorial how to straighten a balance wheel. Would like to learn how to do it. Have search but can't find anything.