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  1. Is it okay with a white? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Disque-Date-Date-Dur-2557-1-H-3-00-CL-Naturel-As-2063-2066/223766693408?hash=item341988c620:g:dM8AAOSwLsxbNitr
  2. Do you have a picture of the movement. I may have found one that has a wheel .
  3. Is it the one with day/date? Don't think i do but maybe a 1901 or in the same serie .
  4. That is a 7C17 -8000 i think . It's for blind or people with low eyesight . It's about the same movement as the 7c43 and 7C46 except without date . If you need parts like coil and circuit you can buy a new 7C46 movement . It's a great watch if you have low eyesight. A little cool as you can flip the lid and feel the hands. I have a dial and case if you need that . Could fix it for you to if you are from Sweden?
  5. Have you looked for an ETA 1011 part? Should be the same. At least Jules says so. http://cgi.julesborel.com/cgi-bin/matcgi2?ref=V]^DZL Can check if i have an old movement here in the scrap .
  6. Verkmästarna didn't have it Was obsolete there also.
  7. Not that i can remember now . millsys-watches.co.uk is one page i use . But nothing there . I post a request . Maybe takes a few days as they aren't the fastest around .
  8. The only place i know that may have it is verkmästarna here is Sweden. But not sure they ship outside Sweden . i can post a request if you like. And if available we can work something out. Are you a member of facebook Chopin? There are forums there where you can ask for parts . It has helped me sometimes to find that obsolete parts. Also would be great if we could have a thread here where members could ask for hard to find parts . We have that on a Swedish watch forum. No problem what so ever. No sale section just a thread inside the forum . You have also the watchpart.uk page where you can search for parts . Maybe not the greatest page. As most request don't get read. But find sometimes find parts there.
  9. Have a box full of Vostok parts if you need anything bsoderling. I need a crown for a Vostok swing lug i am about to service . Have a few contacts that could have that . Maybe they have a crown for you watch also . I bought parts from Ukraina . They sent it from Holland . So was inside EU . I think they have crown. I shall see if i can find it .
  10. The movement is a 5M22. Have some if you like to service and rebuild a movement. Don't think there are any parts avalible out there . Have a few cases and such for this . I have what i think is a 3M22 movement in a ladies watch i really would like to get running again . As the watch is in nice condition. Would make a nice watch to give away .
  11. Then your best bet is speedtimerkollektion i guess.
  12. Schillachi61 has new forks. But cost 9.99 . He is in UK so won''t be that much shipping . I have his email adress if you like. Maybe a couple of quids cheaper? Send me a PM
  13. I don't think i do. But can have a look. Coil you can buy on cousinsuk if that is broken.
  14. That is only when you buy from a private person . If it's a company you have to pay from first SEK . That would be great if it was like that. Pay only from €45 . Seldom i order from AliX and other china companies. . But i think AliX and Wish have a special agreement. You pay a little more when you buy. And you won't have to pay VAT when it arrives to Sweden. China parts from Ebay we have to pay VAT for . And all other outside the EU.
  15. I am almost sure Sweden will take 25% Vat on all orders . Even the small ones . There is no such thing as allowed in Sweden. Don't think it will be less . There will be much more trouble buying from cousinuk and other UK sellers. But as always there is seldom any good alternative. If there where i would chose that instead. Only time will tell how it will be in the future.
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