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  1. Think i have a couple of those. Saw one in a container i bought from cousisnuk . With different shock springs . They can be good to have but as they are sorted you never know what you get . They are called Novodiac 221 if that makes it easier to find.
  2. Strange way of saying it . Then it would be obsolete? Either they can get the parts or not?
  3. They cost a kidney . https://www.swisslimitededitions.com/product-page/omega-seamaster-120m-baby-ploprof-c-1012-hour-minute-sweep-second-hand-166-0250. Cousinsuk have it but as many other omega parts it's restricted by the manufacture. https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/filter/omega-hands And is it a 166.025 ? Maybe you have a 165.025? 166.025 has a 1010 movement if i correct?
  4. Only had a 963...Look the same but not sure it is compatible?
  5. Can have a look in the morning . May have a working movement?
  6. Crown wheel. How does the ratchet wheel look if the crown wheel is broken. Have that part but don't know where you are from. Send me a PM if you want me to send it to you?
  7. Den som väntar på nåt gott ...... . Don't know if that has a translation for this Swedish saying . One that wait for something good ........ ? Have that and must say it's very nice. Merry Christmas The Fixer.
  8. Not 100% i see correct . But isn't the setting lever in the wrong position . Looks like it has jumped up and is on top of the clutch wheel . That way maybe the hacking lever is lying on the balance wheel . Stopping the movement. So check again that everything is correct in the keyless work.
  9. Not sure i am with you there? Is the ratchet wheel hidden so you can't unwind it? Like a citizen or Baumgartner 866. Pictures could help? Or movement?
  10. Isn't that is a quartz chronograph? They don't cost so much so i reckon it would be hard to find a stem for it.
  11. Crystal remover for certain cases . If it's says tool 107 on the Omega case you should use tool 107 . Only work on the specific omega crystal as it have a groove in the crystal . Very good tools if you work a lot on Omega watches with front loading movements.
  12. Think you need a spacer . The date could work outside the case ? But when you put it in the case and crank down on the caseback the dial press on the datedisc.
  13. Do you have a spacer under the dial. There is usually a thin spacer on the 2824-2 . Also check that you have a low datedisc. There is disc that have room for a daydisc.
  14. Finding a movement from early 1900 is not the easiest . And even if you do there is little chance in finding a stem . Best is to make one . Find a stem that is close and modify it to fit. Think maybe it could be an early AS or FHF movement.
  15. Great result Chopin If you look att the zenith it's not perfect either. I could have used a finer wet and dry paper before i polished it. A 2000 or maybe even 3000 paper would be perfect.
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