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  1. Capsule crystal

    About the same as North Korea Maybe they doesn't ship other then inside US. But sure one can do like that. But maybe they need the original crystal or the watch to make a new one. Found a luctite plastic cylinder glass. Will check that out. If t water proof isn't super important we can remove the top and keep the part that goes around the movement.
  2. Capsule crystal

    Looking for a very special crystal. It's a capsule crystal like the one cousisnuk sell . But slightly smaller. Looking like this . We found a company in USA that could make for a reasonable amount. But they wouldn't ship to Sweden. Anyone know if there is a company somewhere else that could manufacture such a crystal . I have done some normal crystals for "tank" watches . But nothing like this.
  3. Lost in the balance staff jungle...again

    Lots of different version of this movement. There are balance wheel with and without screws. Different jewel shok systems
  4. Battery for Bering 11939-393

    You probably need to open it to find out? Or take it to a watchmaker to install a new battery.
  5. Worked fine. The wheel was pretty large so i got a good grip even if it wasn't a 5 arm tool.
  6. I understand . Will have a look. Otherwise it's to open the wallet and buy a tool for 5 arms.
  7. Sure . Here it is. Bergeon 4079
  8. Bought a Bergeon tool on auction for removing indirect drive wheel with 6 arms. Can i use that for 5 arms also?
  9. Lubricating Jewels

    Is that better then specific cleaner. Like Elma. I have got some jewels that where gummed up so badly i could almost not get it out.
  10. How do you 'Age' your lume?

    Sometimes i mixed the old lume with new lume. Have used Noctilumina aged pigment that has no glow. Even used some black marker pen to get the lume a little blackish. Or grey as they usually are if the have been around for many years. It's just how much black you use. Take care if they are radium. So you use the radium lume again. Yellow marker pen work great to. But it takes very little to color in the lume.
  11. Tissot 28,5-621 mainspring question

    And ranfft doesn't says how long it should be? Last time i switch a mainspring on a 28,5 i think i used a 360 mm . Think i wrote about it? Anyone has a bestfit catalog or something to verefy my teori? Looks like i have been there before? At least now i know the problem. Will order the correct mainspring. Why does cousinsuk says 260mm ?
  12. Tissot 28,5-621 mainspring question

    Can't figure this out? When i look at the Tissot 28,5R-621 family. Ranfft says all the same mainspring. But cousinsuk have different mainsprings for each movement. cousinsuk says 260 mainspring and jules borel says 360 . Wonder if cousinsuk has the right mainspring?
  13. Something is wrong. Think that spring part R should be a part of part L . Been i while since working with Felsa . Take the spring of and the rotor should go on. But you need to find a new spring .
  14. Tissot 28,5-621 mainspring question

    It works but has a low amplitude. When i wind the barrel screw i can keep turning million of turns. Feels like the mainspring is slipping inside the barrel. The auto is working fine and the rotor is doing it's thing. Wonder if i should give the NOS mainspring a go. Or maybe remove the new one as it can be broken? How knows even it it was new when i put it in. I will check that before i order a new one.