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  1. Think your option is a better choice. I only search 7S26 and found that it had the same number. But as you say the C is the movement that is closest to the NH35 .
  2. Have you search Langendorf ? Have some Lanco parts . But not sure i have 1027. . Can have a look. If so i PM Have a 1127 . That should have the same setting lever?
  3. Cousinsuk has it . Often the 0 isn't used when seaching seiko parts . i looked at 7S26 movement . That uses the same barrel. And you are not alone. Did the same on my first 7005 Seiko . Have the same construction. Have barrels if you need.
  4. For which movement? Have you looked in the bestfit books that OH linked to .
  5. I had a bottle of Lubeta V106 . Can't say i use it a lot. So when i open the bottle it was dry. Had closed as hard as i could . My experience say 9010 diluted in naptha is as good as Lubeta V106. If you don't use it every day. It's evoporates very fast so gets thicker as times go by.
  6. Found them . The springs are 1,60 mm . Have some . They look NOS.
  7. Think i have a FHF 69 movement with Kif springs in . Maybe even a Bulova 5BD . But that will have to be tomorrow as i have no clue where they are. Saw the bag yesterday.
  8. Not the most easy watch to start with ? The broken post on the barrel bridge i have seen before. Common problem. You will have to find a new or used bridge. speedtimerkollektion had some before.
  9. Seen it but never used it. Looks like there are a lot of interesting movements . Mostly newer movements which is good. They are hard to find otherwise. I have even used this to find some odd movements . https://www.millsys-watch.co.uk/gents-watch-movements-21-c.asp
  10. Takes some years to recognize and learn movements . I use rannft a lot. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&2&2uswk There is usually a number or something on the movement so you can identify it. Google the number . Even Ebay could help sometimes. There is other pages that have a lot of movements. Like https://17jewels.info/
  11. Maybe the arbor is worn. Or if the spring is worn. Maybe you need to change the spring? Been there.
  12. Looks like a normal caseback that you can remove with a jaxa or similar tool.
  13. That is a Citizen Skeleton . I had one of those . Dropped the clutch wheel when servicing it . I search almost everywhere for a replacement. I ended up selling it as donor watch. Maybe it's easier to find one today? Think the movement is 7290 ?
  14. If you look at this case . It has an other type of ring. Oris 648. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ORIS-AUTOMATIC-Calibre-648-USADO-funciona-Bien/362722129703?hash=item5473ec7727:g:frAAAOSwOvRdTZoq
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