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  1. very kind friends are looking for a functioning movement for this SEIKO623A. can anyone give me support to buy it?

    I m in Italy

    Thanks, I await your reply




  2. Been here for a long time. 6 years soon. Thnik it's 10 on KS . Or at least soon. Maybe it's better to look for a 182M balance. As to complicate it more there seam to be incabloc staffs and non shock versions of the 182. i have a bunch of 182 balance staffs . But they are a little bit shorter then the old incabloc staff on the movement. I saw that balancestaff had new staff som that can be fixed.
  3. Looks like you have to be a women to bend a brequet hairspring. That template would be great to have. https://watchilove.com/naissance-dune-montre-2-chapter-4-the-complete-watchmaker
  4. Hi I am the repairman behind this. So sorry i can't get it to work. I tried modifing the hairspring to an overcoil . But no luck. Think the staff is worn to . So need a balancestaff and a hairspring. Not even sure the balance wheel is correct As is everything else is wrong. Should have a Brequet overcoil hairspring . 99% sure of that. Unfortuntely it's beyond my experience to vibrate a new hairspring. Not even sure i can find a separate brequet hairspring.
  5. How much if you are going to sell? PM ?
  6. Same case as the automatic constellation 198.0062 . Cousinsuk says it's a PX5260 and boley.de says 5260 .
  7. Can it be a AS calibre 168? Hard to find any info this old movements . Have a bunch of old AS movement that don't have any number on them. I think they didn't use any numbers on the earley movements
  8. Looks like the click is not sitting as it should. You can see it thru the oval hole next to the mainspring barrel. One thing is to check the lid of the barrel. Is it closed?
  9. Russian ? I have tried but has also failed. I took the easy way and took a complete set from an other movement. Can probably be removed with a staking set.
  10. Looks a little tired. You can buy a new spring and put in pretty easy. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&0&2uswk&FHF_175 Here you find find the size of the spring. I thought cousinsuk had it but it was obsolete. You can maybe find a newer FHF 175 movement pretty cheap. And use that mainspring.
  11. You Swedes on this site . Check Anders Andersson site out. https://anderstestarblog.wordpress.com/ Great page for all. Not just for Swedes .
  12. This page. http://watchmaking.se/ You have a good page there which translate from English to Swedish . Maybe wasn't that easy to find. As Per Torphammar name isn't on that page. Only the mailaddress.
  13. Fantastic . Going to steal this method from you. Have done some with Lume and clear epoxi . But this would probably look better. And more original. Epoxi and lume would work fine on the Vostok
  14. Sent an email to Akku-haug that has the battery . But they can't send it to me as it is dangerous goods . Any German in here that can buy it for me and send in a envelope. There are small batteries in phones and all sorts of things sent by postage. But it's there policy.
  15. Maybe i can ask the store that sells batteries here in town. They have a lot of different batteries. I buy watch batteries from them. So maybe they have a supplier that has this XR11630W battery .
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