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  1. As i buy a lot of stuff from Cousinsuk i wonder what will happen to them when we enter Brexit. Will there be tax and custom on the parts we buy if we are outside UK. As it is now it's free as long as it is inside EU. If i have to pay an extra 25% tax i would seek elsewhere. Would get very hard to find spare parts to. Maybe they could open a filial in Germany or Holland for us inside the EU .
  2. About the same here in Sweden. We have the same postal company to blame for that Postnord?
  3. rogart63

    Trolls, Spammers & One-timers.....

    I must say i am guilty for asking questions on other forums and then not going in there again. I think all have done that sometimes? As an example i asked about my car that had a fault i couldn't figure out. So posted on a Renault forum. But as i don't know that much about tinkering with cars i don't post a lot there after that . Am i a bad Renault forum member because of that?
  4. rogart63

    Opinion on Longines watch

    That great . I think i will go with that look if i can find an hour hand that fit the movement. Have a few but not sure what size they are.
  5. This is a Longines watch i am about to service. But there is two different kind of hands? . Wonder if i should keep as is or maybe change to a hand with an eye. What do you think it's best or original on this?
  6. rogart63

    Stem loose, but could this be a scam?

    Maybe not a fake watch. But does looks like it's badly made. i should say it's junk and i am sorry for your friend that he paid that kind of money for that. Bye him a nice vintage watch from Tradera and service it for him instead.
  7. rogart63

    Tag Heuer 1000 Quartz

    The negative battery terminal sits on the circuit so that is not under the orange insulator. The plus is over the battery. So as far as i can see everything is okay. I can't see if it's there on the first picture.
  8. rogart63

    Tag Heuer 1000 Quartz

    That is correct. Hope that would solve the problem and that the movement will work again. They are not that common this days and aren't cheap to replace.
  9. rogart63

    Seiko 4006 - Bell Matic

    You could probably take that bushing from any old Seiko movement that have that kind of metal bushing. Like the 6309 . Have done it more then once.
  10. rogart63

    Tudor/ETA 2750 Stem

    You won't push the button out dialside as there are parts over it. But you could disengage parts in the keyless work so it's gets hard to put the stem back into place again. It's the right button so need to press on it to get the stem out. If it doesn't work take the hands and dial of.
  11. rogart63

    Ebauche movement help to a newbie

    Wonder if that isn't the ligne size. 10,5 is about 24mm . 23,8 to be exact.
  12. The motor was running okay but there was some trouble with the circuit. Ended up as parts. One problem i had with my Omega was the battery. Can't remember the brand i used . But changed the battery and it worked again. So try an other brand battery maybe.
  13. rogart63

    oiler sizes

    Use the black oiler for everything. Sometimes a red for grease. If it's handy and lay closest to me. For oiling jewels i only use the black. Which is the smallest .
  14. rogart63


    Think you can use this .
  15. You can if you could find a flexbracelet with the same kind of links. It's easier to buy a new bracelet. Buy a nice leather for it instead.