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  1. Spare parts seiko 7005-8020

    Here you can find which parts it should be. Finding them could be harder? Gasket could maybe be sourched from cousinsuk. Or from Adrian at VTA . halfoeight on ebay. The crown gasket they have at cousinsuk but don't now about the caseback gasket. crystal should be a 310T11ANSO and that i have seen on Ebay .
  2. Loose fitting bezels and back plates

    Good question . Have a Candino that has a loose fitting caseback . Not sure how i shall fit it? The gasket is also missing.
  3. Tissot 2031

    Maybe the movement has to come out the dial side . Is it a square case you have . Cousisnuk may have the case screws.
  4. Amateur watchmaking By Per Torphammar. Can be bought as his site.
  5. Trouble with bracelet watch

    As long as the holes in the bracelet and the watch is okay. A watchmaker could put a new springbar on. maybe he can use the old one. It could be a little tricky on thus as it's not a normal case or bracelet. And there are some spring to hold the bracelet down. Put a leather strap on it instead
  6. 4205 seiko to a NH05

    Did the same. I bought a movement from perrin also. Works perfect as far as i now. Good luck and hope it works out.
  7. Difference between ETA 2783 and 2784

    New balance on order. Thanks. better do it right then franken it?
  8. Besides the frequency. I have probably have had to must on my mind. I stuck on that i had a ETA 2783 and found a new balance for that . Installed it and it runs like a dream on the Timegrapher. But not that hands. Why. Until i studied the frequency. 21600 for the 2783. Them i take a closer look at the movement. It says 2784. that is a 28800 Hz movement. No wonder it did run slow on the dials and hands. I am not sure what to do now. What could be the difference between the balance wheel on a 2783 and a 2784. Is the hairspring different? Can i do a 2783 off it if i take the escapement from the 2783? I now i should get a new balance but already cut the budget? And 2784 balances are hard to find also?
  9. The object the you should stick to the wax chuck needs to be warm also as well as the chuck. If you just melts the shellac and stick it to the chuck it will fall of.
  10. Day wheel for Omega cal. 752

    I don't think we are that hard in here? I have posted link before and never got an reprimand for that? Ofrei on the other hand is hard to post link from. The have some kind of filter or stop you from copying the pages. i do think cousinsuk have them also. Black letters on gold or silver. They aren't cheap . But which Omega part is that?
  11. AS/ ESA/ETA 536-121

    Eta 955 won't work. That movement is to thin and has the wrong size hands. It's only the CWC G10 s.k fatboy that have the 536.121 movement. All the other normal thin g10 use the 955.112 or 955,114. Check for old Certina quartz movements. They have a movement that is called 750. That is a ETA movement.
  12. Never seen that type? Does it look the same on the other side of the balance? Have seen the type that looks like a Russian shockspring on FHF movements .
  13. Scubapro 500 crystal change.

    As far as i now there is no Scubapro parts at cousinsuk? The crystal is attached about the same as a Seiko 7c43 . This is one of my watches that has the same construction. As you see the crystal ring is screwed on. under there must be a gasket. Time will tell how and with what the crystal is sealed. And if i can find a new gasket?
  14. Anyone changed a crystal on a Scubapro 500? Haven't got it yet but doing some investigation how to find a gasket . I think it's a o-ring. As it failed the pressure test . Hope the movement works as i have recently serviced it. And didn't get wet from the leaking gasket.
  15. AS/ ESA/ETA 536-121

    Think the circuit and coil for the 9362 work. So check for a 9362 movement or a coil is easier then finding the hard to find 536.121 movement.