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  1. Thought it looked broken . But now i look closer it looks okay. Maybe you should just leave it as is and oil it from inte inside. Sure looks like someone has tried to remove it before. Lots of damage.
  2. Looks like they broke the original spring and just put the pieces back to hold the endstone in place. As far as i know it should be a Kif Protechoc spring .
  3. Not sure it's a Robur ? Have some up and down movement so need to have a shim made .
  4. Have a Sternkreuz press i use for most glasses. Love it. I bought a second one on tradera some month ago for spares. Also have an other which looks like a Robur but not 100% sure it's a Robur. Was thinking i could make an adapter so i could use some other dies as the Robur ones cost a lot of money. Maybe i can part with that as i have to many presses anyway.
  5. I have problems with 7 series mainspring also . I only oil the barrel walls with 8217 very little.
  6. There is a Favre -leuba 107 movement so could very well be right. The spring looks like a Seiko diafix or Rolex which is also called something with dia.
  7. Think there is a tab to press to release the stem and crown that you need to put on the "new" movement. But that's about it. What is the trouble with the old 5606 movement?
  8. Use an old tweezer to get it back into shape. Put the old tweezer horisontal to the bent one and pull it out . That should fix the worst bend . Then dress the tweezer.
  9. Cheapest is to find a used bridge with okay thread and maybe even the intact screw. I think i have 7002 bridge parts.
  10. Where are all the timing screws?
  11. Sounds more like it could be worn. The diashock can be put in both ways but is usually bent in one direction. And easier to put in like it was before. Check the pivots of the balance. If broken or worn down find a better balance .
  12. Found a balance staff . Or 3 . But the movement i haven't found yet. If it's the endstone you need i think i have some that would fit. Usually the same size on lots of other movements .
  13. Think i have a movement or two. Recognize the setting lever spring. I will have a look.
  14. Is it only the digital 866 that has this gear on the barrel or does all 866 have them?
  15. Maybe same problem as i have with a BFG 866 digital . It the hour jumper that is broken. doesn't run either. it's the part in the middle. Should be twice as long. It's sits inside the minute disc and flips the hour disc when it comes to 59 minutes. was thinking of making the part. But don't know how it should look. So i bought a donor movement. fingers crossed it's okay. Haven't seen any spare parts for the digital jump hour movement except the usual like balance and wheels.
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