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  1. Found that to . But not the same movement.
  2. Thanks . That is perfect. I was there almost. But put the small wheel pivot in the elongated hole. I see it should be in the round hole next to it . Fix that tomorrow and i think it would be fine. What would i do without you guys.
  3. The stud is also missing. There should be a stud sticking up from the bridge. Put in from the bottom and up thru the bridge. Not sure what number it has . But check enicar document on cousisnuk on enicar 1145 The stud is called 1496 and the nut 1506
  4. I can't figure out how this little part should sit. It fell out when i took the datewheel out . I have been all over google and serach for a 8630A manual . oOr somewhere that i can see how it should be. Or if i am missing a part? It's Crystron 8630A quartz movement.
  5. There is one large problem. The third wheel is missing the pinion and the extra wheel that should drive the second pinion . Not easy to find. I can have a look in my box of old movements . Maybe cousinsuk have it?
  6. I have bought from them before. i have a check .
  7. Hi Guys Thanks i will have a look there. Have some pictures here. Have no tool but sure can borrow or i buy a horotec or something cheaper. The tube is 1,8 mm in diameter for the crown that is 5,3 mm . Inside is a 963.... movement. I need the tube and the 6 sided part inside that screws to the stem. The spring is propably ok . But maybe follows with the repair kit . I think the crown tube could work. It has good threads.
  8. But i see a Incabloc spring. So must be shockproof . Never seen a FHF 70 with center second attachment?
  9. Hi all you tinkers out there . Long time since i was here . Have been busy and not feeling to good. Been a little low. I need your help with a Tudor oysterquartz crown . It has a Rolex style crown . The tube is damaged and someone has been trying to fix it by grinding of a 6 sided part from an other crown or a larger crown. I saw repair kits for Rolex crowns on Ebay. Will they work for a Tudor crown also? It's a pretty small crown at around 5,3 mm . Crown hat is okay. I have 2 crowns . The owner bought a bad crown from Ebay. It was broken when it arrived.
  10. Look for Baumgartner 866 watches or cases on Ebay. It's a pretty cheap movement. So a complete case should not cost an arm and a leg. Something like this? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Movimiento-BFG-866-de-cuerda-completo-original-para-piezas-de-recambio-BOURBON/224182520205?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item343251c98d:g:pEQAAOSwIQBfe7vT&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACYBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickkgCVySCgrNFPU8Iu85TabMDWwr2ptFf5JmxEFl47wpeU1u6ZrWtV6USAPxmtPQ9BD42ngyFBtRHxfWr7W5bkxo3Ud6mMLTQN7R3P0rbBh5oF0R%2F8nwdpiFbF698Pq6GW9MJc%2FRkfVaOP7s1yw1aFYlFdXeWnFkol3Emoz9N3oVClk2OFajdBFj4YG7mBRZ
  11. Hej Roger From Sweden to . And we share the same first name . Been here long but not much lately . Been a lot of work with watches. //Roger
  12. Can you line them up so you can slide the split stem on from the top when you put the movement back in the case .
  13. A very flexible one . Had a chronograph that had such a tight fit . A vintage strap in soft suede was the only one i manage to fit. A Nato or perlon would work.
  14. Should have some friction . So do not over oil. Just a tiny bit so it's not metal to metal . As that will destroy the friction in no time . That is instead of the cannon pinion . AS 1950 and zodiac 70 and a lot of other movement use the same construction . Haven't tried it without the pallet fork. But i think it can have that effect if you try to wind it up. Rotor only turn one direction when you put it back . And the other way it will freewheel . So put the movement back together and you should see that it works fine.
  15. Must be a ton of supply houses in USA. Jules borel and Twin city supply. Perrin if you are close to Canada. Startimesupply and Esslinger. Cousisnuk have them otherwise.
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