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  1. I looked at ranfft and it was showing the movement that had a sweep second wheel and pinion . That why i thought so. Maybe the hour wheel is worn so it touch the minute wheel or the barrel . Been there .
  2. rogart63

    eta 2783/2824 selfwinding mechanism?

    Don't think the automatic bridge would fit the 2783. But maybe u could use the 2824 rotor on the 2783 bridge. Or you can change the plain old bronze bushing for a bearing from the 2824. Don't have any 2824 rotor at home but if i had i could have tested.
  3. Does it have a sweepsecond pinion? Maybe that is binding or have some wear.
  4. rogart63

    ESA 9150 Electronic Stop-Lever Spring?

    found an old thread. Hope it can help.
  5. rogart63

    ESA 9150 Electronic Stop-Lever Spring?

    Have you checked it on the timegrapher? Sounds if it could be out of beat. Yes you can timegraph it. Or maybe it need a service as the oils have harden during the storage.
  6. rogart63

    TAG F1 WAZ1010 scratched bezel

    Pretty new watch. I would think you can't find anything on Ebay. You have to go to a dealer that sells Tag Heuer and they can order a new bezel or a insert. But expect it to cost a lot. Either that or learn to live with it. It will probably get more scratches in the future. https://www.tagheuer.com/en-us
  7. rogart63

    Grease for Gaskets

    You probably just need a new gasket as the old one has got hard. you should use very little grease as the grease attract dirt . Maybe it just need a clean of the bezel and it will work fine again.
  8. rogart63

    screw head snapped off

    If you remove every screw from the movement plate you can put it in alum . There is several threads about it on the forum.
  9. I think you could do with one or two sizes. I have a small one i use for most things. 0-1,8 maybe and maybe a 0-2,8 would be nice to. I think i will get some new ones to as mine is pretty beaten up.
  10. U could use a pin vice to hold the arbor. That would make it easier to turn it.
  11. Some heat maybe? It's a gasket inside and thats melts sometime to a black gunk.
  12. rogart63

    Aero wristwatch

    Have you looked under the dial? Aero is the name of the watch not the movement name.
  13. rogart63

    AS 1315 issue

    It's probably the placement of the weight you haven't got right. Could be tricky to get right. Haven't worked on a 1315 but have done the same on omega and tissot bumbers. The weight should rest halfway between the springs when not engaged in winding the movement up.
  14. It's a ETA 2370.