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  1. I do enjoy your clock quiz's oldhippy.
  2. Just watched them on catch up, interesting program thanks for the info
  3. The photo's aren't very clear considering the money he's asking, but I would go for the second clock , shame about the damage. The first one is modern not an antique.
  4. This afternoon I visited my favourite antiques warehouse here in France, there are often clocks at great prices and today was no exception. There were at least half a dozen Vedette wall clocks priced around 5 Euros, and these two longcase clocks. I did manage to resist temptation and kept my hands in pocket .
  5. Hello Deggsy, I bought a set of anchor aluminium eyeglasses for only a few pounds and find them ok, I think I use the No 3 most of the time, I also bought a nice 10x from Cousins for closer work. I have one of those 20x magnifiers on a spectacle frame with a light on top but like others say here the focal point is so close it's not really practical to work with. Good luck with your watch repair.
  6. I saw this on ebay and thought it unusual and rare ? ebay item http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Westminster-Chime-Corner-Grandaughter-Clock-/132108883737?hash=item1ec24d9719:g:6QgAAOSwa~BYZYQn apologies for not inserting a link ( not sure how to ) PS link added by Geo.
  7. It does say in the description clocks like this are '' hard to find '' I've just had another look, looks like a date wheel drive facing through the front of the movement
  8. I bought this last year at an antiques fair for 3 Euros, it runs well & lasts around 30 hours thought I'd post it.
  9. Dial looks wrong for the movement ? are those hands conveniently placed at 6.30 to hide a third keyhole ? 30 hour movement not 8 day ? baseboard looks wrong , made from old floorboards ?
  10. I'm here in France at the moment and today was warm & sunny so a bit of garden maintenance was the order of the day. All of a sudden two Mirage jets flew across the garden at tree top level right above where I were standing, shame I didn't have my camera !
  11. Nice watch ! I like the clean lines.
  12. Maybe it's a cuckoo's nest !
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