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  1. Which one would you like and why

    I do enjoy your clock quiz's oldhippy.
  2. The Repair Shop - BBC TV (UK)

    Just watched them on catch up, interesting program thanks for the info
  3. Which one would you like and why

    The photo's aren't very clear considering the money he's asking, but I would go for the second clock , shame about the damage. The first one is modern not an antique.
  4. 1920's novelty pencil watch by Carl Bucherer

    What a lovely art deco piece
  5. A visit to Aladdin's cave

    This afternoon I visited my favourite antiques warehouse here in France, there are often clocks at great prices and today was no exception. There were at least half a dozen Vedette wall clocks priced around 5 Euros, and these two longcase clocks. I did manage to resist temptation and kept my hands in pocket .
  6. Hello Deggsy, I bought a set of anchor aluminium eyeglasses for only a few pounds and find them ok, I think I use the No 3 most of the time, I also bought a nice 10x from Cousins for closer work. I have one of those 20x magnifiers on a spectacle frame with a light on top but like others say here the focal point is so close it's not really practical to work with. Good luck with your watch repair.
  7. Another loncase on ebay

    I saw this on ebay and thought it unusual and rare ? ebay item apologies for not inserting a link ( not sure how to ) PS link added by Geo.
  8. My friend ebay again

    I second that !
  9. My friend ebay again

    It does say in the description clocks like this are '' hard to find '' I've just had another look, looks like a date wheel drive facing through the front of the movement
  10. My 3 Euro clock

    I bought this last year at an antiques fair for 3 Euros, it runs well & lasts around 30 hours thought I'd post it.
  11. My friend ebay again

    Dial looks wrong for the movement ? are those hands conveniently placed at 6.30 to hide a third keyhole ? 30 hour movement not 8 day ? baseboard looks wrong , made from old floorboards ?
  12. Jets buzz garden

    I'm here in France at the moment and today was warm & sunny so a bit of garden maintenance was the order of the day. All of a sudden two Mirage jets flew across the garden at tree top level right above where I were standing, shame I didn't have my camera !
  13. Record Watch

    Nice watch ! I like the clean lines.
  14. To stupid for words

    Maybe it's a cuckoo's nest !