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  1. Dont mean to keep bumping this thread but i just though id report back and let you know i tried the mainspring suggested by WatchMaker and it worked a treat. It was a near thing, but it hooks without adjustment and now the watch is working well. Thank you a great deal.
  2. Thank you all very much for your helpful replies. I feel silly for not checking ranfft first, not the first time that website has gotten me out of trouble. do you believe the inner hook would be on a tighter coil? I might just try anyway. I'll certainly try and check and compare the dimensions of the original.
  3. A colleague advised i tried with two pairs of sturdy, short tweezers, so that is what i did, i spent considerable time on it going little by little, but there appeared to be no point at which the spring would change shape before snapping or splitting, i don't believe the ends on this particular spring are annealed. 2 springs in the bin and no closer to finishing a nearly due repair, not really willing to give it another go, you know. I think if i can't find a more promising mainspring to order I'll just have to have to put it back together and send it through to central workshop and apologise for the delay.
  4. Hi everyone. Since getting back to work i took on a watch for a service with a manual wind eta 7001 and thought it would be smooth sailing. Unfortunately ive found the mainsprings suplied for this movement via cousins dont even come close to hooking the arbor as the inner loop is too wide, and are much too brittle to adjust (just failed my second attempt) Does anyone know where/what i can get a mainspring thats sure to work? I see gleeve and co sell a mainspring for an eta 7001 but i suspect its not an original but the the same generic, since the price is almost exacly the same.
  5. Hi everyone, so ive managed to fit the new tips now. I had to be extremely rough in getting the old tips out, basically destroy them as much as possible and dig out what remained. The new tips went in with reasonable friction so there was no issue there. Thanks for your help.
  6. Theyre super tight, trying to grip where there is still plastic left the plastic gives way/crumbles before the tip starts to pull out. I dont think they have a thread but that actually might be worth trying. Thanks
  7. Hi everyone. As some will know most quality hand setting press fit tools will have replacement tips available. I have a set of bergeon hand fitting tools that, one clumsy moment after another have had enough tips snap to render the set useless. Id like to replace the tips but I cant even figure out how youre supposed to remove what remains of the old tips. Even on ones with plenty of plastic to grip theyre in there far too tightly and im stumped. Anyone have experience here?
  8. If you were trying to match it to one of these what do you think youd choose? Cousins.com/category/mops-all-types It might help if i say my purpose is using green dialux for a reasonable mirror finish (not aiming for perfection) I have loose cotton wheels which i understnad to be the normal choice here but for whatever reason i cant get them to do anything so i want something a little firmer
  9. I recently upgraded from a cheap dremel to the basic bench motor found on cousins, im finding what mops work for me to be different than what worked on smalll scale with mini mops. One of the included mops works very well for me and id like to get a couple more and hopefully avoid the trial and error, given the expense. so its a bit of a long shot given how many different types there are, but does anyone know what type of mop it is? Any ideas what would be the closest match from cousins?
  10. In the nicest possible way, you have no idea, my friend. Theres so much out there designed to be difficult as possible, often on purpose.
  11. I just came back to report that this was indeed the case. Our central workshop returned it to us undone , so I decided to remove the bezel and take a look, I was pretty overjoyed to see the notch and realised what I was looking at. Im glad I shared your other suspicion early on regarding the stem lever, a lesser technician might have forced it and damaged it. I now having it ticking and awaiting collection, thanks everyone.
  12. Well at the very least i can get in some practice for the next thing when i had back into work. Thanks.
  13. Almost zero experience with removing and refitting bezels, it's a blindspot for me and ive always considered it too hair-raising, i'd rather let my companies' central workshop deal with the odd bezel issue, don't even have tools specific for bezel work, neither do I have an s-14 tool or simular, Im not exactly sure how inexpensive they are, but at the end of the day I'm only trying to carry out a battery change. (in theory, it might need more than that given its age) In short I just don't feel like there's a lot of profit in it for the cost and risk, better to focus on the other jobs i have and send this one up. Actually, I'm kind of tempted to fix that blindspot now. got plenty of scrap watches to practice on, what's the minimum set of tools you'd suggest?
  14. Thanks for the help everyone but I think by whats being suggested it would be wisest for me to admit defeat here. At least I learnt something.
  15. Hi everyone I have been left with a citizen crystron. It appears to be a one piece case indeed im certain theres no seem between the "case back" and case. Ive done many one piece watches however this being a bit rare and a 600m water resistant watch (im thinking the glass will be near impossible to blow out withof air pressure) id really like to see if anyone had any experience or insights with these before I commit to trying to open it.
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