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    Unitas 6497 Custom Watch

    Hey folks, I'd like to share a watch I put together for my Brother's birthday. The movement is a pretty old Unitas 6497 which I picked up from the widow of a watchmaker a year or so back, the plates have been skeletonised and I'm pretty sure this was a once off job by the watchmaker. The mainplate is brass, and the decorated bridge plates appear to have been plated (quite crudely, when inspected under a loupe). The movement is keeping great time now that it is serviced. I made an attempt at a logo using the film-free transfer technique Mark has used in a couple of recent Youtube videos. The logo didn't adhere very well to the dial, not particularly happy with it. In person and to the naked eye it looks pretty good I think. The case is a 41mm case I picked up from Ofrei, who I sourced the dial and hands from also. Hope ye like it!
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    There's a big list here: https://watchguy.co.uk/cgi-bin/lift_angle In it the 2824 is listed as 53º, and 2824-2 as 50º
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    Watch of Today

    Hmm tricky. Lume some very thin adhesive tape, cut tape to size... maybe...? Failing that, use a stencil, like you might if applying solder paste to very small pads on a pcb.
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    Unless a jewel is broken, faulty side shakes on pallet fork arbor and staff are unlikely, I wouldn,t think a problem exist there. Make sure upper and lower jewels ( in chaton) endstones are not loose( in the housing) and shock springs are holding the jewels in place. Endshake ( axial) on staff is too much if the pivot jumps out of the jewel as you gently lift one side of the balance wheel with tweezers.
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    Unitas 6497 Custom Watch

    Absolutely gorgeous watch.
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    Watch of Today

    A restored "Ramon Special" Love the dial but at times it's difficult to see the hands. I have an identical dark blue one waiting for me to re-lume. Eventually I'll fit that one. https://i.imgur.com/YaSDvgI.jpg
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    ... also this - "not a watch" - for 0.99p - ... and a pivot gauge. ... and a couple of little "Futters of London" Miniature G Clamps (all 0.99p) ... now where is the "off" button for this ebay thingummy, its costing me a fortune.
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    If there's no feasible way to get the cap off I would strongly recommend against pegwooding the hole. If your wood breaks you're humped. And it do break.
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    Watch of Today

    Lovely Rajat right there Andy. On the Yellow theme. I've shown this one before but this one accompanied me as a second watch for my summer hols with my son.
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    That's a shame, I'm planning to 'heath robinson' some dividers for my main basket, probably from good old poundland tea strainer mesh because it's the only thing on the machine in not overly happy about. One large open basket for the heavy bits to roll around in. The current idea is a straightforward cross piece or 3 sectional which will simply drop in. Hopefully it will be adequate enough for separating parts and stopping them bashing each other. Cleaner and rinse first though and recover from my holiday break before deciding which practise movement gets the first try.
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    Vostok 2409 Service Walkthrough

    Thank you, I wondered if there was a reason not to as your walk through didn't show it. I would have without a guide to specify where oiling points were but often you find there's a good reason not to.
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    No problem. I'll get some pics and if there's anything specifically you want to see in detail let me know.
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    Will throw some pics in here as soon as I get it.
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    The hole made the most sense once I realized that the other spot was a bit far from where most releases/detents would be. Good luck with the job.
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    Help need on Slava 2427, SU movement

    There is not that many things that could go wrong . I happen to have a movement lying in the scrap bin I could guide you through the process in a few simple steps. The first thing is to see the date ring is aligned so it will not push upwards. Next inspect the day ring so ii's flat and nice.. as you can see the day click wheel is riveted on and needs to be firmly in place too. When it is put in place gently rotate it clockwise with a slight push, I use two finger for this but in the picture you just see one. Sometimes you just can push the day jumper into place with a needle throught the inspection holes. Finaly check the day lever is in place and thats it... The design is making it impossible to get into wrong position if everything is ok.
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    So, there we have it! Both are right it would seem! Mine is a 2824-2, so 50 degrees after all! Thanks! Oh BTW, the correct link is: https://watchguy.co.uk/cgi-bin/lift_angles
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