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  1. So, I let it stop from fully wind to fully unwind, mostly 9 up, and now I've wound it fully and have it on the TG. Here is what I'm seeing: It is near what I had previously. Once thing to mention is that it takes quite some time to stabilize after moving from one position to another, maybe too much. I agree that the amplitude could be better, but honestly this is about the best result I've got so far. Sometimes I see up to 225º but for short periods of time. Figures change on screen more than I'd like. I could start testing things like changing the balance, but I'd love to have a reason before I do it. For example, if I suspect the hair spring can be touching something only in that position, that would be a good reason to check another balance. What do you guys think is the best rasonable way to proceed? EDIT: BTW I don't beleive in miracles, but after a few minutes on the TG 6 UP lines are getting cleaner (and amplitude lower) Not sure if it is reliable. EDIT AGAIN: No it's not a miracle, it was clean only for a few minutes.
  2. I cleaned the hole thing, and oiled it using 9010 and hp1300. On the exit stone of the first pallet I put a drop of 9010, I've seen others using it although I now it's not the best there. I didn't oiled the second pallet. I have no photos of the timegrapher screen, and as I do not have a permanent desk I have uninstaled it. I'll take some photos next time I check the watch. But the data I gave is about what you can see there, the lines are very clean and nice in all positions except crown down, where they are quite messy. Lift angle was established at 53.0. I do not think there is any other relevant information you can see on the screen, is there?
  3. Thank you both for your answers. As my skills are so limited I cannot reshellac an impulse jewel. I have now another balance on the ultrasonic right now with its incabloc disassembled too, so I will try this one. Anyway, I've tested this new balance on a 7009 I have for tests and this one also have some problems in some positions, we'll see how it behaves after the clean and oiling of the cap jewel.
  4. Hi again! I'm working on a Seiko 7005-7012 that I bought non-running. On disassembling I inmediatly discovered that the bottom escape wheel pivot was broken, so I replaced it. Then when testing the motion side on the timegrapher the machine could not read anything clear, it was all a nightmare of dots on the screen. As the escape wheel was faulty, I suspected of the pallet fork, so I also change that, and yes, now everithing is ok on the timegrapher. Everything except... This is what I have: So I'm very happy in most positions, but the data in position crown down/9 up is awful! And the lines are not as clean. I have the watch on the timegrapher while I'm writing this and now it says the amplitude is 145 and the beat error is changing, sometimes 4.4, or 2.7, or ... Any clue about what can be the most probable cause? Maybe I'll try another balance? I thinh everything is really clean, except maybe the pallet fork, as I took a spare whitout cleaning it and I do not know it it was cleaned by me before. As always, thank you for your help.
  5. Mark has a video about repairing a twisted hairspring, also he has another for bent hairsprings. I haven't tried it yet, it's way out of my skills.
  6. 7S26A uses the same barrel than 7005A (PN 201 024). I think the GR spring should be ARA1S04696 - GR2377-X (0.95 0.11 400 10.0)
  7. WatchGuy has a mainspring database here where with some Seikos, although not all are listed. Sometimes you have to figure out what movement have the exact same spring.
  8. Take a look at this video, from 1:18:30, is this what you need? It's from last week stream by Kalle Slaap, a watchmaker from the Netherlands.
  9. Found!!! I've downloaded a new video editor program, and I was playing a bit to get used to it. Then I saw someting below the balance that shouldn't be there...
  10. The pivot on the bridge side was broken.
  11. BTW, sometimes I need to grab the incablock endstones with my tweezers, for example to turn them upside-down or to hold them while oiling. It's in this moment when, sometimes, the endstone jumps to the ether, from where they look at me and laugh. I'm using Dumond nº2 tweezers. Maybe this is not the correct tweezer for this task? Or is it just a matter of practice?
  12. The donor arrived this morning. I've cleaned the motion works and the base plate, I've lost one endstone and I've installed the other one on the "new" balance bridge, and I've replaced the faulty balance with this one. I'm quite pleased... No, I'm very happy to be honest, I'm slowly getting better results.
  13. I haven't had problems with the shellac and the hot water so far. I don't know the temp but I can stand it with my hand, maybe 50º? My US is a very cheap chinese one, with no temperature control. However after the 20 minutes the fluids (including the water) get out hotter than when I put them in! Maybe it's not a planned feature, but a side effect of the internals of the device
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