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  1. Thank you for your answers! I can't rely on the case numbers as I can't say the backcase cover is the right one, so I better measure the crystal just to be sure, although in that area I'm not still confortable as I know there are serveral types, I guess these are plexis that has to be pressed to get into the case, so I think I should by one of those tools with docens of legs to press it. About dials, I think I have some to play with, but still not sure what products to use. I think I've read someone that dips them in some oil for several hours and then clean them, but I can't remember/find that thread, and I don't remember the exact products he used.
  2. Hello friends. In the past few months I have been learning how to clean and lubricate movements, with no bad results I used old Seiko 5 bought on eBay, and now I have some that are working fine, but aesthetically horrible due to dirty dials and hands, and also very scratched cristals that I do not know how to meassure and replace. Is there a method and/or products to clean the dials and the hands? I know that restoring dials is something very complex, but I'm just trying to let them clean! Any tip is very welcome! Thank you.
  3. Part # of Balance complete with stud for 7S26C is 0310197 and for 7009 is 310 020, so I'm afraid they are not compatible. However the balance in 7S26A is 310 020, so it is the same than in 7009.
  4. In seiko 7009 the day is changed by pressing the crown.
  5. I also thought there were something strange there, but then I realized I was looking at a shadow of the HS that looked like another turn of the spring. Could it be you're also looking at the shadow?
  6. The dial washer keeps the hour wheel in place when the watch is upside down. Mark shows it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvH7I2BPRgI
  7. You would also need this one for the train works Parts catalog - Technical guide - 7005A.pdf
  8. You can replace it by a NH36 (the NH35 does not have day, only date) You will need to replace the day wheel in the NH36 for the one on the 7S26 so it is aligned with the window on the dial. About ETA, I do not know.
  9. My watch collection isn't big, but here I go today with this Seiko 6119-8090 from 1969. (Photo from the fridge)
  10. Thank you. You are right, I just bought a pair of Dumont nº 2, that's much better than the ones I used before. I'm going to change my set of chinese screwdrivers for some Bergeon, not a full set yet, maybe 0,8, 1,2 and 1,6. Do you thing those are the right choice?
  11. Hello friends, I am a new watchmaker amateur willing to learn and enjoy a lot from you, and hopefully help you if I can. I've been following Mark videos on youtube since some time now, and really enjoy them. So far I just have dissasembled and reassembled an HTM watch I got to play, and incredibly it is running now although I two springs flown away in the proccess (the only two springs the movement has, on the click and on the setting lever) But next time it's going to be better, I'm sure.
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