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  1. If the barrel wall is lubed with a non-breaking grease, wouldn't it slip more than it should? If now you are planning to use a braking grease, and in a greater quantity, it will slip less, don't you think? I don't know if rebanking speeds a watch up, does it?
  2. If you haven't work on a 66 previously, remember when disassembling it that there's a tiny washer between the 4th wheel and the center wheel bridge. It can be easily forgotten and get lost in the ultrasonic or in the cleaning process.
  3. That's right, I mistakenly swapped the meaning of the numbers
  4. Seiko marked their warchtes water proof until about the end of 1970, and started marking them water resistant since 1969. So yours should probably be a 1970 watch, as its reference indicates (80 = August 1970/80/90...) This is from 1969 EDIT: Philipk5 in the post below is correct, 80 means October 1968, not August 1970.
  5. Yes it's a 0,98 mm crosshead screwdriver made by Seiko for 7S26/7S36 movements.
  6. Is your 0,6 screw driver cross headed? If not, try one. If it is then you'll have to use something else, may be a needle or a small bit on a hand held vice.
  7. Are you talking about a 7S26 or 36 movement (A or B version) Then that is a cross headed screw. There's a tool for it but I use a cross headed screw driver, I think it's a 1 mm, and it works fine for me.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_Vt-zJ1ju4
  9. yes both stems.have the same part number, you probably will have to cut it to size
  10. Cousins has both the stem and the crown for 7T42-6A00 in stock
  11. I haven't done it, but at the end of the technical guide is the "how to remove and install the balance staff". Seiko 7S26C&7S36C.pdf
  12. Yes, One Dip is 99% trichlorethylene, now forbidden. I have no idea about B-Dip, the new Mobius mix that replaces One Dip. I never tried One Dip so I can't compare, but I've got some perchlorethylene (aka perch, tetrachlorethylene) and I started to use it for a final clean of the hair spring. I think it works but definetly needs a rinse of a few seconds in IPA before drying with the air blower.
  13. 2517 is the movement code, but what is the case code? That's important here. Have you taken the bezel out?
  14. I've had several watches with incredibly tight case backs. The glued nut and wrench has worked for me 100% of the times so far. I don't use a case holder when using the wrench as you can break it, instead I wrap it on a piece of fabric so I don't hurt my hand when holding it. Then I let the case back on pure acetone until the CA dissolves.
  15. It's usually accepted to use HP1000 or HP1300 instead of S6. I use the later on the 2nd reduction wheel.
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