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  1. No, I haven't because I don't do it. After cleaning I dry everything with a hair dryer, then I take the pallet and balance out and rinse the remaining parts in IPA. I'm a newbie but haven't had problems with this workflow, and I'm getting amplitude around 220º with very vintage Seikos (usually 700x, 6119 and 6309)
  2. Did you try to push where indicated by the arrow labeled "push"? Usually that points to the stem release notch.
  3. You probably know it, IPA melts the shellac, so do not rinse the balance wheel nor the pallet fork in it.
  4. There's a design program called Inkscape. It's free and there are tutorials for designing watch/clock dials on youtube like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Si6IcIvv55g
  5. With a noisy movement and lazy pallet fork I'd first look the pallet fork and escape wheel pivots and jewels, be sure they are clean and correctly installed (yes, sometimes I've reinstalled the pallet and that did the trick), pallet fork jewels dry. If the pallet is not moving fast I don't think the main problem is oin the balance.
  6. I guess you should pay attention to the crown position. If it's the same in both cases then the dial should fit.
  7. I hope it was you, because it's just been sold!
  8. This lot has the coil, but the seller states that parts are untested, so there's no warranty if it's in good condition. Also you should ask him the P&P price to your location. https://www.todocoleccion.net/relojes-recambios/seiko-7546a-lote-piezas-ver-fotos~x176369120
  9. "A flea market (or swap meet) is a type of street market that provides space for vendors to sell previously-owned (second-hand) merchandise..." Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flea_market
  10. This is the test I do, but not all movements turns backwards at the end, especially Seikos don't do that. I'll test the air puff and see what happens. I'm quite sceptical though.
  11. I've never done this test, should I? If this is what I should expect after cleaning I'm more than willing to do it, so I can have a clue of how the train is behaving before going any further. But with all gears mounted including the barrel it looks too good to me.
  12. This movement looks a lot like a TMI (Seiko) movement. If I'm right then there should be a little notch to press in the setting lever, around the red dot in the image, with the crown in the normal possition. I can't see it 'cause the image is quite dark there, but you can look for it.
  13. When I was looking the balance under the USB scope I noticed that the balance was swinging a bit, not as much as in the 6119 I previously posted, but it wasn't moving as it should. I think I have lots of 700x balances in poor conditions! As I said before, I was cleaning and oiling another balance for this movement. It has given me some problems to clean and oil properly, but finally I've instaled it in this movement, and the results are much better so far. I'll let it run out of the case for a while before installing the calendar works, dial and hands and put it into its case.
  14. So, I let it stop from fully wind to fully unwind, mostly 9 up, and now I've wound it fully and have it on the TG. Here is what I'm seeing: It is near what I had previously. Once thing to mention is that it takes quite some time to stabilize after moving from one position to another, maybe too much. I agree that the amplitude could be better, but honestly this is about the best result I've got so far. Sometimes I see up to 225º but for short periods of time. Figures change on screen more than I'd like. I could start testing things like changing the balance, but I'd love to have a reason before I do it. For example, if I suspect the hair spring can be touching something only in that position, that would be a good reason to check another balance. What do you guys think is the best rasonable way to proceed? EDIT: BTW I don't beleive in miracles, but after a few minutes on the TG 6 UP lines are getting cleaner (and amplitude lower) Not sure if it is reliable. EDIT AGAIN: No it's not a miracle, it was clean only for a few minutes.
  15. I cleaned the hole thing, and oiled it using 9010 and hp1300. On the exit stone of the first pallet I put a drop of 9010, I've seen others using it although I now it's not the best there. I didn't oiled the second pallet. I have no photos of the timegrapher screen, and as I do not have a permanent desk I have uninstaled it. I'll take some photos next time I check the watch. But the data I gave is about what you can see there, the lines are very clean and nice in all positions except crown down, where they are quite messy. Lift angle was established at 53.0. I do not think there is any other relevant information you can see on the screen, is there?
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