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  1. Read below: "Small orders below 25 euro can be send by regular mail (€ 2,95). It takes longer!"
  2. You have 6309 pallets starting at 6€ (plus 3€ shipping) from Speedtimerkollektion, including the cock and escape wheel. https://speedtimerkollektion.com/shop/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=6309 pallet&search_in_description=1&page=1&sort=3a
  3. These are outstanding results, congrats.
  4. As I said, that's a very good job. Honestly I've seen (and got) amplitudes above 300º but in older manual Seiko movements as 66. So, why do we care about it? And why I was corrected only a few minutes since I said it should be 52º and not, for example, 54,5º as in 6119 or 6309, which is a considerable difference?
  5. I'm checking your attachement, doesn't it say 52º?
  6. Very good job! I've never seen such an amplitude on a Seiko movement, are you sure you had the correct 52º lift angle on your timegrapher?
  7. I think you have your answer here (about 3:30)
  8. If you paid through PayPal, that's the way to go, call them and they will help you get your money back.
  9. I think I'll give it a try, next time I service a watch that I have spares, just in case
  10. But the question was about the rinse, not the cleaning product
  11. Yes, that's what I've heard but I've never dare to do so, if the pallets or the impulse pin moves I wouldn´t be able to reshellac, and unless they are totally apart I probably woudn't find the cause of the problems. The product I use is sold as petroleum ether and "hidrocarburo C9". It leaves no residue, but what I see is some drops of the old oils disolved but stucked on the wheel jewels, like a kind of jelly I'd say. With the IPA rinse that jelly dissapears almost completely, but I don't think it's a good idea to put the balance and pallet in the ultrasonic with IPA, I wish I could use a different and affordable product. Next time I'll watch the pallets under the microscope looking for any trace of oil.
  12. I also clean the balance mounted on the main plate, but I take it and the pallet out before rinse with IPA, as it could affect the shellac on the jewels. That's why I think I need a different rinse that is shellac friendly.
  13. Many times we've asked about the best cleaning products/procedures for watch parts. And that includes of course the rinse baths, but usually we are more focused on the cleaning products. I use naphtha to clean, and IPA to rinse, andc the results are not bad I think, but I'd say they are not on the top range. I work on my own vintege Seikos (6xxx and 7xxx series) and when everything goes right I get amplitude at about 220º. Today I've made a mistake and I've used a naphtha bath when I was trying to rinse the parts. Then I've notice under the microscope that there were a lot of old disolved oils on the jewels, and using a pegwood that oils could be removed (or al least moved) After a good IPA rinse that oils had dissapeared, so I think IPA is great for that task. My questions then is: as I do not rinse on IPA the balance wheel nor the pallet fork, I now think these two parts are not properly cleand and that can be affecting the amplitude. How do you rinse them? Can you give me some advice please? Thanks for reading.
  14. Thank you for your answers, as I thought this is a task for very experienced watchmakers, but it is interesting to know.
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