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  1. Here Adrian from VTA shows how to deal with diafix, same as the above tutorial from Mike, but Adrian is also showing how to reinstall the spring in case it pops off.
  2. Maybe the canon pinion is slipping around the center wheel. Can you move the hands with the stem in the setting position? Do you feel the crown too soft when moving the hands?
  3. You can use IPA to clean the battery leak and the contacts for the buttons, and the buttons themselves I guess, so they make a good contact when pressed.
  4. This guy here is a good enthusiast of digital watches, and he has quite a few videos regarding servicing them. I've just picked one of his videos, very complete, so if you want to see it and apply some of his methods, or check his channel ans see if there's any other interesting video for you.
  5. Does the day change at midnight? Some watches, especially vintage, doesn't have a quick day setting. If it changes at midnight then try setting the time forward until the day changes, then going backward to 9 pm, then forward again and so on until the desired day.
  6. Read below: "Small orders below 25 euro can be send by regular mail (€ 2,95). It takes longer!"
  7. You have 6309 pallets starting at 6€ (plus 3€ shipping) from Speedtimerkollektion, including the cock and escape wheel. https://speedtimerkollektion.com/shop/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=6309 pallet&search_in_description=1&page=1&sort=3a
  8. These are outstanding results, congrats.
  9. As I said, that's a very good job. Honestly I've seen (and got) amplitudes above 300º but in older manual Seiko movements as 66. So, why do we care about it? And why I was corrected only a few minutes since I said it should be 52º and not, for example, 54,5º as in 6119 or 6309, which is a considerable difference?
  10. I'm checking your attachement, doesn't it say 52º?
  11. Very good job! I've never seen such an amplitude on a Seiko movement, are you sure you had the correct 52º lift angle on your timegrapher?
  12. I think you have your answer here (about 3:30)
  13. If you paid through PayPal, that's the way to go, call them and they will help you get your money back.
  14. I think I'll give it a try, next time I service a watch that I have spares, just in case
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