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  1. https://watchguy.co.uk/cgi-bin/mainsprings
  2. Yes, it's small so it's good for ladies watches. The ones I have are mens, or boys I should say as they are around 30 mm diameter IIRC (here we call them cadet, I don't know if that's how the small men watches are known in the rest of the world). But I love Seikos and everyday I love hand winders more and more, so I've got several 6602 too, and the latest was a 2220, a very tiny movement at 28.800 bph. Here's one of my 66's
  3. Nide watch, I like it. The movement should be a 66, probably 66B, a nice small movement, hand winding, 17 jewels, 18.000 bph, diashock and diafix on the escapement wheel. I have several Seikos 66B and I've really enjoyed servicing them. They keep very good time, with just a few seconds deviation a day.
  4. I've searched again on my notes and One Dip is not TCE, but 99,4% Tetrachlorethylene, which is what I use and I source from a chemical products store. I do not know what ingredients are in B-Dip.
  5. Perhaps I wasn't very specific here and can cause misunderstanding: I use perch to clean the balance complete and the pallet fork, not to remove rust
  6. It's also known as perch or perchloroetilene. I'm using it and works fine, although one-dip was trichloroetilene, banned in most countries due to its high contamination rate, so one-dip has changed to B-dip.
  7. There's a very reputable Seiko specialist in Australia. Look for Vintage Time Australia (VTA)
  8. The Sternkreuz crystal code for that watch is XAC 311.664
  9. That's why I said "probably". I like the SK quality, but everyone can choose what they like, I was just trying to help. I've found a SK crystal for 90% of the Seiko's I've search for, I'm not sure the watch model in this case is 7009-340x, I really doubt it is despite it is the dial model.
  10. You can probably find the exact Sternkreuz crystal you need searching by the Seiko model number in this page: https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/filter/seiko-case-parts I will probably be a XAC crystal (XAC for steel ring, XAG for golden ring)
  11. This is what I use on automatic and manual watches: 1.- 9010 on the train wheel jewels (except center wheel), cap jewels, pallet stones. 2.- 8200 on the main spring. 3.- 8217 on the barrel wall. 4.- Molikote DX on the barrel bushes and some parts of the keyless work like clutch/yoke friction area. 5.- HP1300 for all the rest including center wheel jewels. Should I need something else for clocks, I'd use HP1300 instead of Molikote and buy something for clocks.
  12. These blue boxes usually work fine, if the tweezers are still magnetized try again. Remember to put the tweezers over the tool and hold the red button pressed while you slowly move the tweezers away from the tool, at least one meter. Then you can release the button and test again if it worked.
  13. Never pallet fork pivots, but for pallet fork jewels is ok, I mean the stones or however you call them
  14. This is how I use it (maybe others have different opinions): HP1300: hole for the barrel arbour on the barrel bridge and on the 2nd wheel jewels. 9010: 3rd, 4th and escape wheels, balance cap jewels, pallet jewels. On the dial side I mostly use HP1300, and Molykote on some keyless works parts.
  15. There's a tool to make a recess on the dial and accommodate new feet with heads. I haven't tried it, but looks like it's easy to get the feet in the correct position, however I also think it's risky due to how thin dials are.
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