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  1. The only thing securing the date ring there appears to be the two points arrowed which I assume are part of the date change mechanism. Given that the spring mentioned is locked under a cover plate it shouldn't be at risk of coming out. I'd suggest relieving the tension on each peg in turn and lifting the date ring gently, the new one should locate back in the same way.
  2. Is this a risk with one dip OH? Like you, I've only used naphtha with no reason to do otherwise prior to getting my cleaning machine, (I still clean the chaton and endstones in naphtha then IPA before oiling and I use rodico on the pivots). I was just curious as I've considered trying some at some point when I pop in a cousins order and assumed it was the recommended balance cleaner, or do they assume you would remove the collet and only dip the spring?
  3. Thanks, I'm boring when it comes to leather straps and only like black and brown but this one I'd actually consider a dark blue one as the face is dark blue, hard to tell in this pic though. This is the replacement strap it came with and it's well padded and comfy and I love the pattern.
  4. A Seiko 5 6309 just serviced.
  5. As above, the spring fits in anticlockwise on the 6309 barrel, that's most likely why the arbor is slipping on you.
  6. Have just finished editing and uploading this service of a swiss fhf69n movement from a rotary dress watch belonging to a friends Dad. He'd had it stored for a long while not working so I'm delighted to get it going again for him.
  7. What you're describing sounds like the way lume is applied, if the hands are hollow and the paint shows through its a bit trickier as the consistency has to be right for the surface tension to hold without making the paint too thick. With enamel you'll get a smoother and better finish properly thinned and with a second coat if necessary, it needs to level and cure and oil based model enamels have a long cure time and are hard wearing. Unthinned and trying to do it in one coat will be counter productive and potentially leave the paint too thick.
  8. Assuming that's enamel, then yes you could. Thin it with appropriate thinner or white spirit, mount the hand on a cocktail stick and use a small brush.
  9. Todays arrival. Fuji time automatic. It's an Orient 21 jewel movement and Orient in every aspect of its design but branded Fuji, I haven't seen another like this and really like it. The dial is a golden brown sunburst which is gorgeous in sunlight.
  10. The numbers on your screen are the seconds - or + per day, it takes a reading every 10s by default but you can change it to every 20 or whatever suits. The white bar is where you're reading the info that's current. Firstly you need to find your lift angle for the movement to get the true amplitude, I'm guessing with a watch losing so badly the amplitude isn't really around there. There are charts to find it but there's a manual way, which is a bit long winded to go into here. End number which alternates between 28800 and 52 degrees is bph/vph indicating it's a high beat movement and the latter is the list angle which is the default and has to be changed to reflect the movement. First number is the amount of seconds you're gaining or losing daily and this will fluctuate a little (or a lot depending on movement) 8 different positions.
  11. There's a user called Moose who did a great thread on updating an old national machine who I'm sure could help with this. He went quite in depth with the magical electricity stuff.
  12. Thanks for checking it out guys, I never realized how much I moved a movement holder on the bench in normal use until I tried to make sure it stayed in the camera frame.
  13. Excited for this one, it's a first for me, this having been a Kickstarter and the watch arrived a couple of days ago. I'm very pleased with it.
  14. So, inspired by Marks excellent videos I decided to try filming a service, by crikey, it's extremely tricky, working around a camera and trying to keep things in shot. This is part 1 of a Seiko 7019A strip, a Seiko 5 (Franken) I bought at a flea market in Hamburg and should have had a 7S26 movement. I could have swapped the movement for one of the 7S26's I have but where's the fun in that, besides which, it wouldn't have been the same watch I bought as a holiday keepsake. Apologies for the first 4 minutes of footage which youtube seems to have butchered making it look 480p, it does go back to acceptable after that, I had tried to use my mobile phone which films in 4K so I could have a bit of working distance and then crop in to still have 1080p. If it doesn't rectify itself I shall have to remove and reupload the video as the original rendered video plays ok.
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