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  1. That old rheostat looks exactly like the speed controller in a very old train set my Dad passed down to me. It was a huge brick of a thing which sadly failed on its first attempt and I never did get around to getting another sorted but still have the train set.
  2. Having recently ordered and recceived my Komodo, (a Seiko NH35 powered microbrand diver), I did a review video as I was very impressed with the quality of it. I can also say the communication from Helm is exemplary, to the point they have, a short while ago mailed regarding my comments on the bracelet / strap fitted at packaging in the video, I'm waiting on another microbrand I ordered on a Kickstarter which is supposed to be due to ship very soon and have to say, the updates on the progress are very sparse compared to the sale adverts that keep appearing so far so this one is a very pleasant change. Link here for anyone interested, thanks. Mike
  3. Someone told me today that roman numerals are to be phased out! Not on my watch!
  4. That rodeo is the squarest square watch squatch? I have ever seen.
  5. Oooh a nicely radioactive trenchy. Make sure you don't lick the dial and hands and if you plan to service it with full hazmat suit, please video it, I'd love to watch it. On another note, is there anything less refined than the sausage watch?
  6. Oh yeah, no mistaking the markers and hands on this one. Even in the dark.
  7. Pretty much as Watchweasol above says. I should have asked if your movement has a day wheel of course as that would mean dial dots wouldn't work, but they're small dots of double sided thin adhesive material that stick the dial to the movement and can be purchased in sheets from material houses. Re soldering. I haven't tried it at all so please heed the useful advise in the thread above.
  8. EBay is the obvious suggestion but you'd likely have to buy a complete watch. However, if you plan to continue this hobby, get yourself some dial dots and use one or two on the side where the pin came off. They'll come in handy for future watches. You could also try to solder the dial foot back on.
  9. Todays new one. Helm Komodo. Microbrand diver.
  10. Very thorough and detailed and great images for phone. Love that dial on your watch.
  11. That's the biggest loupe I've ever seen on the right, you must have enormous eyes!
  12. Hands not so bad, dials, very fiddly, of you have an incredibly steady hand you might get decent results. Mark has videos on re luming hands.
  13. Welcome to the forum and welcome back to the world of real watches. It sounds like you have some lovely pieces there.
  14. Todays (old) new watch is this Brunoff quartz chrono using a Miyota movement. I bought this years ago for a project which just didn't work, during the course of storage disassembled and reassembly I lost one of the sub dial hands hence why the 24 hour sub dial has none but (usually) I know if it's morning or night. So this is legitimately the first time wearing out of the box. Just that it's been there years and in bits more than once ish.
  15. It was such a simple thing that never occurred, my apologies. The hour hand had shaken loose, probably from a few knocks or drops, it being a 'talking clock' as well as the analogue display. So it was flopping around. I popped off the crystal which was held in place by 2 tabs, removed the second and minute hands to allow proper re seating of the hour hand ensuring it was square and secure then refitted the minute and second hand and once tested by setting after a full revolution to ensure they weren't contacting each other, replaced the crystal which just snapped into place. The lady who has it, (care home), uses the speaky bit but likes to look and see the time and it was frustrating her.
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