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  1. I was kind of hoping the hairspring fairy might tweak mine during the night. Such an oddity. The thing that really threw me was that it set and regulated before I re cased it then after that it wouldn't. It was only because I really struggled getting the balance in and swinging second go round that made me think I'll retry setting it in beat. Good to hear your hairspring fairy visited and it's going well now.
  2. After 2 weeks of Vostok Komandirskie testing on the wrist back to a vintage watch. (Very consistent and gaining pretty much in line with timegrapher so I'll regulate it a smidge). Omax automatic winding with AS2066 movement. This one has been fun, received and tested and it seemed to be running erratically. Checked on timegrapher and the beat error was all over the place. On opening I discovered the stud lever was not correctly attached to the balance cock, so auto work off. Balance off, wheel and hairspring removed and quite a bit of fiddling with a couple of pairs of tweezers ensued to get stud lever, regulating lever and cock to fit together. Then reassemble. Set beat. Regulate, reassemble automatic work. Re case, test, timegrapher was picking up the correct rate but seemed to be only picking up alternate ticks, removed, removed automatic works, re tested, same, removed checked and reinstalled balance cock, same. Set and left it for the night and this morning checked and it's keeping decent time, then I thought, I'll just try adjusting the stud lever again because it was niggling me that it was almost at the furthest point of travel to the cock. Suddenly I've got a tick and a tock again and unlike before no movement necessary to get the balance to spin, in fact it's nigh on impossible to get it to stop now that it's correctly in beat. The moral of this? Technology is great but it isn't infallible and won't help you being a dumbass and not physically checking the impulse pin alignment! After that, I have to say I really like this watch. It's in the 'to clean and lubricate' pile.
  3. Welcome to the group and the wonderful world of fiddling with tiny mechanical marvels. Patience is definitely something you need and developing your dexterity and tweezer skills.
  4. The answer to that is a definite perhaps. Haha. Drop a bit on and see, it can't hurt it after all. It de greases well enough.
  5. No chance, this is crazy fine. I tried a beading needle (which I keep as an emergency unblocker for 0.2mm airbrush nozzles which it'll fit through and protrude by a couple of mm) but that's not close. The hole has to be 0.1 or smaller.
  6. ^This pretty much covers it and more eloquently than I could have. I second not removing the balance if you've not had a few practise attempts. They're the fiddliest bit and I've still damaged hairsprings from my own cackhanded ness despite repeated removals and replacements.
  7. I'm not sure other than perhaps try a little diesel or plus gas, (you can buy it in tins so you can just put a drop on). Highly unlikely being the ratchet wheel but have you tried to see if it's a left hand thread? Go cautiously though. You don't want to strip it. If it were me I'd use something like a hairdryer to apply heat locally to the screw head and ratchet wheel then plus gas or if you can get a little easily, diesel, it creeps very well on seized bolts and was a commonly used penetrating oil when I worked as a mechanic.
  8. No-one any idea on this I take it? i'd love to just buy the bits and try but don't want to waste the money if they won't work. Alternatively does anyone know of anywhere with NOS needles for the old model 1A? Thanks.
  9. Uncase it and have a go, the pin pallet movements, as well as agricultural are pretty robust too, no fragile jewelled bearings and there's something strangely enchanting about the clunky tick once running. The only bits that have a tendancy to get damaged are the click/spring. Your's looks pretty clean and unmolested also.
  10. Fingers crossed it's a good one for you.
  11. Not much heat, you typically use a spirit lamp. Have a look through Marks videos, he has one covering re setting an impulse jewel and procedure required. The principal is the same for a pallet fork.
  12. Great news. I was curious because, although that's typical there are always oddities out there.
  13. Good people of wrt land, I am looking for some info if anyone can help. I recently got a bergeon auto oiler 1A, (fine tip) second hand, which had no needle. I thought. No problem. Cousins can sort that. Sadly however the old model tips and needle are no longer available. I have not been greatly successful with support via message and am not convinced they understand what I'm asking and tell me the needle won't work with the old tip despite my explaining I want to replace both. So...... Does anyone know if both the needle and tip for the newer model 1A oiler is interchangeable with the body, (which appears to be much the same), of the older model? I'd like to buy the above and be able to slot it on but cannot pay out for them on the offchance as they're expensive. Thanks.
  14. I have just had a read through that thread and this sounds like a truly memorable and incredible day and something I would love to learn more about. Could you send me further information and possibly contact details for this or similar please. Nice choice of dial incidentally though I really liked the white faced one.
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