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  1. Yes they have a rotor like any other auto, then the reduction system and reversing wheels so not like Seiko's pawl lever system but they are bidirectional, they're a really good auto wind system.
  2. All the neighbourhood cats will love you.
  3. Yes it needs to be hung, that's why they have an eye for a wall hook or similar. Flat on its back it'll barely wind. Assuming it's like this one.
  4. What you have there are three differing sized holders that you wind the spring into, the button on the back then presses the wound spring into the barrel, there should be an accompanying winder handle which can be vice mounted with an arbor attachment.
  5. Bfg866 pin pallet. I was unfamiliar with the name but bought this because I liked the design over typical jump hour watches. Marked swiss on the dial.
  6. Looks very clean. Trafalgar jump hour for me today. Non quick set date hence it being incorrect.
  7. That looks surprisingly much the same as a 'genuine' one. I wouldn't be at all surprised to discover they are in fact the same factories manufacturing Seiko's movements for them, (albeit with less rigorous qc perhaps?). Seiko's own movements carry immensely in regulation and I've had a few new with noticeable beat error, I'll bet that if you stripped cleaned and oiled that it would improve dramatically, maybe just try cleaning and re oiling the balance jewels to see what difference if any?
  8. That looks very nice on that bracelet.
  9. If the escape wheel pivot is snapped or not correctly seated it can give the appearance of jamming the train looking like it won't release power as the wheel is tilted. The only suggestion I can make is patience and if you feel like you're beginning to get frustrated. Cover it and walk away for a bit then return later, I've broken pivots more times through frustration and a desire to hurry up than carelessness or otherwise. Pin pallet movements are both good for practise in that they're plentiful and cheap but bad in that they're incredibly fiddly to get the barrel and train plate aligned. For good cheap practice movements I heartily recommend a couple of cheap HMT watches from eBay Indian sellers, you can get them for less than a tenner in auction and 10 to 15 on bin listings, they're based on a citizen, (miyota) and are quite nice to work on for practise.
  10. These bfg866 movements can be a pig to realign the plate on. Much patience and test push the barrel before winding as mentioned above, it sounds like you have some misalignment with the barrel, be sure to relieve the tension in the mainspring before taking the click/spring off.
  11. I recall following this thread with interest, does anyone know if anything definitive was found regarding rebuilding this non rebuild able part?
  12. If someone has the measurements, (I could take my 6139 movement out if necessary and measure but would rather not unnecessarily). I could try to draw something up and print to test which I'd be happy to ship to anyone with shipping cost covered. My cad knowledge is incredibly basic though. The support pieces could be designed in and part of the holder or something like a threaded insert and small bolt which could be adjusted? Alternatively. If someone actually good with cad could draw one up I'd be happy to test print and likewise ship to anyone wanting one.
  13. Hi, yes, this is still chugging along, twice a day morning and evening for 2 hours each time keeping my Seiko 5 and Orient watches wound.
  14. Looks very handy for close examination. Most importantly, did you eat the apple?
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