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  1. A service is certainly a good suggestion but after a drop re inspect the seating of the jewels and shock springs, (you'll need to remove the dial) and re check the pivots for damage and straightness, check the hairspring isn't catching in any orientation. That's a big positional error.
  2. Thank you, it's a really beautiful watch.
  3. The other calendar. A Raketa, technically I'm younger whilst wearing this A tricky one to take a pic of as the dial is quite reflective.
  4. Likewise. Much as I like Seiko I honestly think Orient do it better.
  5. THAT is stunning. A genuine Voslex Amphibimariner, ultra rare status on the eBay 'rare' scale.
  6. Big Orient calendar for today. Received yesterday, been fancying one of these for a while.
  7. Can you wind and observe it with the dial off to see if the gears are slipping?
  8. Do you mean slipping as in you feel tension build then suddenly release which would point to the slipping spring which may be weakened or as in you feel like the teeth of the winding pinion are catching and disengaging? This later would point to a meshing problem due to wear on winding pinion/crown wheel teeth or pivots or an assembly problem.
  9. Not far away. I was in Sheffield, not far from Meadowhall, have friends in Doncaster and know Conisbrough.
  10. Breaking grease is simply to allow slippage of an auto spring without wearing on the sides of the barrel wall but retaining enough grip that it doesn't slip prematurely.
  11. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this above? However, the purpose is not to 'oil' the mainspring but to give it a light coating to prevent corrosion. Watchmakers have been doing this for years and many who have written numerous books also state that they too oil UB springs as well as the older blued steel ones with no evidence to the contrary that there's a negative effect.
  12. I have read in a few places that the 1900 will read co axial escapements. If anyone would care to send me a George Daniels or Omega I'll gladly check that and video it for you all to see.
  13. This tends to be a personal preference thing. With modern white metal UB mainsprings, theoretically they don't need lubrication. Most people however do, Mark himself does but just doesn't show it on every video. There is one or two where he demonstrates how he does it. Personally I use a small piece of tissue paper to apply a thin smear of light grease rather than oil. Others fit the spring and apply 2 or 3 drops of oil which then spread through capillary action.
  14. Though I've only ever, prior to getting my cleaning machine, used lighter fluid/naptha I was always under the assumption that one dip was a better alternative. I think the modern equivalent is essence of renata. However. I replace the cock in the main plate and run it through the machine hand cleaning the chatons and cap jewels after which seems to work better for me than the lighter fluid did.
  15. Certainly not a landeron 48. No column wheel on the 48 series. I'm working on one here currently. (54) Could be an earlier calibre though certainly.
  16. Not on the wrist but just arrived for the scavenging of the movement to transfer to a tasteful Seiko chrono. A humongous DIADORA............ fashion thing, with DIADORA in BIG LETTERS on the side in case you didn't notice what the fashion brand is, lovely G10 too to make it a bit more subtle.
  17. It's a balance complete. Packet foil is pierced but looks ok in there and concentric. No clue which movement it's for but I know you're a Timex nut. Yours for the cost of the stamp if so.
  18. If the springbar ends were flush with the case sides it would be but once located into the holes it's locked in place. He's looking into adding fork tip tools in addition to allow opening non drilled lug spring bars in addition which I think will make this a very handy tool to have.
  19. Me either until I tried it. Like I say in the video and as I've said many times when I was a working mechanic. Can you get by without? Yes. Does it make the job easier? Yes. The amount of modified 'special' tools for one off mechanic jobs in my tool box have saved countless hours of swearing and frustration. The watch I demonstrate on has the tightest fitting solid end links I've ever encountered. Very well machined and zero wiggle which makes using a spring bar tool to remove a real fiddle.
  20. Happened to be given a springbar tool for drilled lugs to try out and review, have been chatting with the maker and having suggested the possible addition of fork tools for standard bracelet lugs also, (like the expensive Bergeon tool), he's going to look into incorporating that. Link to review here for those interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSutgRceWIk&t=35s
  21. Hitch hikers guide, a literary masterpiece that the series and sadly the movie failed to fully capture. I wanted a babelfish for many years.
  22. You're missing the fact that they're only being worn, collected and restored by Andy. Lol.
  23. HMT on original bracelet, just serviced, looking more original than any I've had from eBay.
  24. For turning stems how do you form the flats for the squared section, is this just filed by hand after turning?
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