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    Shimming the Balance Cock

    Didn't I see a video by Mark on a Chinese movement where they shimmed the balance cock by raising a knurl of the plate under the cock with a screwdriver? It happens. RMD
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    For those interested: http://jamesriser.com/Machinery/Adding Thread Cutting to a WW Lathe.pdf
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    If you're right, I would guess that there's an internal part that is shorting the battery to the case. You could test for that with a multimeter. Though, that seems unlikely unless something got inside the case. A wonky battery seems more likely to me. If you have an AD in town and they just replaced the battery, I would be inclined to go back to them and describe the symptoms and see if they have any ideas and/or are willing to deal with it. Seems like they'd be at least willing to put in another battery for you, and you'd at least have another data point to work with.
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    Watch of Today

    Its really nice. I love the timeless design of the sub second Girard Perregaux. I have had a few and they're always on heavy rotation in my collection. Right now I just have one, and its powered by the venerable GP 03 caliber. I'm not wearing this today but I have a photo nonetheless!
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    Balance regulator split-ring attachment

    Thanks to all, I have been able to find all the Daishock ASSY parts new stock in the UK. There is likely a US supplier but this was the first to come up and reasonably priced. http://mehima-singh.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1746 Also good to learn that "That you can take from any 6 series seiko".
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    As a P.S. ... It's a frustrating truth about watch repairing that there are small 'commonish' parts that must cost pennies to produce but pounds to replace. Your spring is a good example as, with postage and VAT, it will cost over a tenner to replace! But it's just a super-simple U-shaped spring! Grr! There seems to be a real market out there for a supplier to produce a set of small date jumper, click springs etc. I'd buy them! Cousins do do a set of generic Shepherds Hook Springs (item W36105) but they're all pretty large. It might still be worth adding these to your order as there may be a handful in the selection that could come in useful in the future...
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    Help identify this watch

    The watch-in-the-hand symbol is a trademark used by Movado. Movado produced their own movements in the main so knowing the internal case size (ligne) and that we have a dial advertising 17 jewels and with sub-seconds should allow you to track down the movement pretty quickly via the ever useful ranfft website. Here's some nice info on Movado: http://www.vintagewatchstraps.com/movado.php P.S. Lovely looking dial!
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    Watch of Today

    I took my Heuer Monaco by Tag Heuer for a spin........
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    Watch of Today

    Today it's time for a vintage Girad-Perregaux from the 60's to see the light after months in the display. Seems a service is in the pipe too, but it still runs like a charm. This watch is powerd by a Girad Perregaux Caliber 26 humping around in 21600 A/h.
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    No that is not right. I am saying with a good watch cleaning machine there is no need to remove the shock on the top and bottom of the balance.
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    Interesting, are you saying if you have a good cleaner, one does not have to strip a movement down to oil and service it?
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    When you take those parts apart. It is very important to put them back in the same way, do not mix them up. If you have a good watch cleaning machine and good cleaner and rinse, you don’t need to take them apart.
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    Joe, you'll have to master those kifs. I don’t think you'll ever get a truly satisfactory result othwise. Check the springs closely, if they are loose they may have a crack somewhere- it can happen even with special kif tools and being extra careful.
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    Help identify this watch

    internal diameter ?dial feet locations and spacing ?If we can figure out the movement you can start putting it together.
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    Watch of Today

    Here is my contribution to the “Watch of the Day”. My Citizen Quartz Calculator GN-4W-S 4-096673 TA (1978+-). I have seen it referred to as the Holy Grail of Citizens Calculator watches. I don’t know about that, but I do enjoy the watch. Something I stumbled onto while searching & purchasing Pulsar P2 watches. Sadly, the crystal was hit at the 4 o’clock position, but still fun to wear.
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    Watch of Today

    What can go wrong when airing a Timex after a long time. Here we see a Timex 4047-3167 with the bells and everything, enjoy.
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