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  1. A professional dial restorer is probably the way to go. You'll find painting numbers on neatly nigh on impossible. I have done this for small repair areas but painting on so may numbers neatly by hand won't give good results. If you're determined to have a go yourself the only other technique I could suggest is printing your own decals. If you made model kits as a child (or even as an adult!) then you'll be familiar with the decals you put in water until they come away from their backing and then you carefully apply to the correct place on the model. Well you can get waterslide decal paper which you print your design on from a standard printer to do the same. Assuming you can match the font and have access to some kind of program on your computer where you can layout the numbers in the circular pattern required and to the right scale for printing then this is a DIY option.
  2. WatchMaker

    Zodiac 86 question

    Skit indeed. With parts for this calibre (whether Zodiac or AS base) being practically impossible to find I think I'd be getting out the silver solder and a fine file ... or trying to find a barrel of the same dimensions from another calibre, AS or other, and living with not having a sealed-for-life barrel! I don't know if anyone else knows where to source this part from; I've looked at all the usual suspects and come up blank...
  3. WatchMaker

    Zodiac 86 question

    I think the interesting bits from the article for your situation are: i) The mainspring barrel specifically has "do not open" on it; a barrel complete is intended ii) An attempt at replacing the mainspring could be made but "the edges (where the cap and barrel were crimped together) are too thin and weak and usually just warp when trying to reseal the two." iii) Various mainspring sizes are quoted and the author of the aforementioned article has witnessed different sized mainsprings when working on these watches. The spring sizes quoted vary as: 1.25 X .11 X 10", 1.10 X .11 X 10", 1.20 X .13 X 12" and 1.20 X .13 X 12.5".
  4. WatchMaker

    Zodiac 86 question

    I think these come with a sealed barrel which might explain any duff information about a mainspring. In an ideal world it's a 'barrel complete' part. I've had a quick look around and there's a good Zodiac article here which also discusses mainspring sizes should you opt to tackle the dastardly sealed barrel: http://www.vintagezodiacs.com/zforums/index.php?topic=2134.0
  5. WatchMaker

    Date wheel change 3135

    Take a few minutes to watch the part of this video where the date wheel is dealt with ... ... and you can judge for yourself!
  6. WatchMaker


    Hi Koko There was a discussion on this very subject recently: view the forum thread
  7. WatchMaker

    Capsule crystal

    if there's no suitable company in Sweden then maybe a company in the UK would be more amenable. There's http://www.crystalfit.co.uk/ who can make bespoke crystal shapes and "can form complicated shapes and profiles". No harm getting a quote I guess and see if it's in line with the one from the US.
  8. WatchMaker

    Watch case repair.

    Just as another quick tip... If you refer to your second picture you're clearly going to want to create a nice straight and clean edge as easily as possible. If you can get hold of some vinyl masking tape - usually called fine line masking tape at model shops - then you could pull a piece taut around the edge of the watch to create that. Crucially if you cut a small section of this tape and reverse it where the repair is - so the non-sticky side is where the repair is but the rest of the tape holds it in place - then this should peel away once the JB Weld has cured to leave a lovely straight edge. [You could of course probably do the same with any smooth tape but ths vinyl tape sprung to mind as a good choice].
  9. WatchMaker

    Watch case repair.

    I think you're spot on with your suggestion of JB Weld. You may need to do a couple of thin layers rather than trying to get it filled in one go. JB Weld is then easily sandable once dry so with some fine wet-and-dry sanding paper you should be able to achieve a good finish. JB Weld will however dry a dark grey so you'd have to find a 'midnight blue' (enamel) paint to best match.
  10. WatchMaker

    Can someone Identify this movement

    Could you perhaps measure the movement to get the ligne size which might help narrow things down? It's reminiscent of the larger FHF or Parrenin movements e.g. their 18''' or 18.5''' H5 movements ...
  11. WatchMaker

    Timex Marlin 1963

    Dial feet pads could be your solution. These can be obtained from somewhere like ebay.
  12. WatchMaker

    Bulova rebuild

    You could snap up ebay item 111841129225 if this includes what you need. Alternatively, since it's always useful to have a variety of spare screws available, you could go for a mixed set like https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/all-kinds-mixed-screws-wristwatch where there's hopefully a good chance you'll find a match!
  13. WatchMaker

    Seiko quartz crown in Europe

    I'm not a Seiko expert but if you do an ebay search for item 132505656524 then this says that a 6530-5420 crown will also fit a whole bunch of other Seiko case references ... including your 6530-5090. Assuming you're actually looking for a 'yellow' crown then, as rogart63 suggests, CousinsUK is a good place to start and indeed they list a 6530-5420 gold plated crown for a Seiko. An alternative source could be http://www.nwcsupplies.com. If you navigate to Named Crowns -> Seiko Crowns you'll see they have 430 listed! It's not the most user friendly website so I'll let you see if they have what you need.
  14. WatchMaker

    as2063 MainSpring Barrel

    You should be able to get this open. Check out ... ... for some helpful advice. Good luck!
  15. WatchMaker


    Have your actions caused the balance stop lever to be permanently engaged? This small L shaped lever pivots to stop the balance completely for accurate time setting. Since this operates from the sliding pinion could it inadvertently have been installed incorrectly?