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  1. Watch case repair.

    Just as another quick tip... If you refer to your second picture you're clearly going to want to create a nice straight and clean edge as easily as possible. If you can get hold of some vinyl masking tape - usually called fine line masking tape at model shops - then you could pull a piece taut around the edge of the watch to create that. Crucially if you cut a small section of this tape and reverse it where the repair is - so the non-sticky side is where the repair is but the rest of the tape holds it in place - then this should peel away once the JB Weld has cured to leave a lovely straight edge. [You could of course probably do the same with any smooth tape but ths vinyl tape sprung to mind as a good choice].
  2. Watch case repair.

    I think you're spot on with your suggestion of JB Weld. You may need to do a couple of thin layers rather than trying to get it filled in one go. JB Weld is then easily sandable once dry so with some fine wet-and-dry sanding paper you should be able to achieve a good finish. JB Weld will however dry a dark grey so you'd have to find a 'midnight blue' (enamel) paint to best match.
  3. Can someone Identify this movement

    Could you perhaps measure the movement to get the ligne size which might help narrow things down? It's reminiscent of the larger FHF or Parrenin movements e.g. their 18''' or 18.5''' H5 movements ...
  4. Timex Marlin 1963

    Dial feet pads could be your solution. These can be obtained from somewhere like ebay.
  5. Bulova rebuild

    You could snap up ebay item 111841129225 if this includes what you need. Alternatively, since it's always useful to have a variety of spare screws available, you could go for a mixed set like where there's hopefully a good chance you'll find a match!
  6. Seiko quartz crown in Europe

    I'm not a Seiko expert but if you do an ebay search for item 132505656524 then this says that a 6530-5420 crown will also fit a whole bunch of other Seiko case references ... including your 6530-5090. Assuming you're actually looking for a 'yellow' crown then, as rogart63 suggests, CousinsUK is a good place to start and indeed they list a 6530-5420 gold plated crown for a Seiko. An alternative source could be If you navigate to Named Crowns -> Seiko Crowns you'll see they have 430 listed! It's not the most user friendly website so I'll let you see if they have what you need.
  7. as2063 MainSpring Barrel

    You should be able to get this open. Check out ... ... for some helpful advice. Good luck!
  8. apagep

    Have your actions caused the balance stop lever to be permanently engaged? This small L shaped lever pivots to stop the balance completely for accurate time setting. Since this operates from the sliding pinion could it inadvertently have been installed incorrectly?
  9. The 'Made In Britain' on the dial narrows things down and my guess would have been a Smiths. On that basis I had a quick search on ebay for Smiths vintage ladies and came up with item 183058825146. Looks to be the same movement as your 'Grenville'(?).
  10. ETA 2783 - helical stem

    Thanks rogart; that's incredibly kind of you. I'll PM you. ☺
  11. ETA 2783 - helical stem

    Thanks oldhippy ... I did come across in a web search but the 2783 comes up with a 'Free Quote' icon rather than a buy price indicating it's not readily available. I didn't think they'd be so elusive! Thanks jdm ... I had tried to do some due-diligence before posting my question and had come across the 'parts assembly question' you've kindly linked for me. As I read this though the OP had 2783 movements with 2824 stems. I'm not surprised there were then issues as windingstems gives them very different dimensions as per pic below. I will of course always try and use the correct parts so my question was more a theoretical one for a plan B on whether there's merit sifting through the hundreds of spare stems I have to try and find one that matches a broken 2783 example albeit without the helical twist.
  12. ETA 2783 - helical stem

    I have not one but two ETA 2783 based watches ... both of which need new stems. These stems seem special in that they are helical i.e. the rectangular section at the end of the stem is twisted. Cousins lists them as 'Obsolete' and whilst I see some on ebay the price seems high for a stem (partly driven by the fact that none are UK based so postage is a factor). So my first question is why a helical stem? This might well answer my second question which is ... could I 'get away' with a normal stem if I managed to find one that could fit? And, thirdly, does anyone know of a better (UK) source of 2783 stems?
  13. Omega Dynamic stem stuck unable to turn

    Yes that's what I meant! Unless this is different, one half of the stem will always be in there until the movement is out and can be removed in the normal way! My observation is that the OP's picture only shows the crown and not the other half of the split stem that would normally come out with the crown. That implies it is still in there. And if it had some thread...!
  14. Omega Dynamic stem stuck unable to turn

    So in summary as I'm understanding this; it's a movement with a split stem (something like the image below) however the crown has pulled away leaving the male part of the stem still in there. Have you tried seeing if there's enough thread on the stem to put another crown on or, perhaps preferably as you'll be able to observe and locate better, see if you can thread a 'stem extender' on what's left of the male stem. Perhaps any remaining little thread and a drop of super glue on the extender would give enough purchase for you to split the stem. After that I can only see two options open to you. Either drilling as robabod has already stated ... or carefully filing away the pendant tube to reveal the stem for extraction with pliers. Obviously you'd then have to replace the pendant tube but given it may be compromised through the drilling option anyway it's an option to consider. The lesser of two evils really. Join the not-a-big-fan-of-split-stems club!
  15. CIMIER

    Is it a Rego 311?