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  1. As always thanks for the advice. A couple quick qualifications I was estimating at the quantities in my #2 solution. I generally pour everything into a bucket and dump it into the cleaner. I may have estimated my Ammonia a bit high likely somewhere between ½-1 cup. I do understand there is a diminishing return where brass will tarnish black. Thankfully I discovered this on tools not watch parts, something easily buffed out. This discussion has uncovered a BIG oversight on my part, the “Pallet Wheel Jewel” . the whole reason I leave out the pallet fork is the jewel and shellac. Point taken on a shortening the alcohol rinse. It may even be good practice to stop re-attaching the balance to the bottom plate and running it though the Ultrasonic cleaner (USC) as I have seen many do. Dip the balance and HS into a solvent to degrease, quick alcohol rinse and call it good. I like an alcohol rinse because of the quick evaporation and at 91% there is very little water to corrode and/or stain. Hit it with a little defused hot air from a heat-gun and it’s almost instantaneous. Whereas everyone has a good point @vinn3 raises an important on solvent classifications polar and nonpolar. I am sure Lacquer Thinner (LT) falls into polar along with alcohol. I’ll need to do more research on the two categories to understand them better and ID what fall where. In closing I would like to say that @oldhippy point is well taken. After doing more research on watch cleaning solutions, including Lacquer Thinner on a number of watch sites, it is clear this can be a charged subject. Ironically, I did find someone that writes he’s been using LT for year with great results but he did warn, "do not to run it in the USC and heat it". Heating it is common since and my experience is you don’t need to, it degreases fast at room temp. Lastly @Nucejoe had a good point, run some test. When I decided to take up this hobby, I purchased 65 misc. movements, so I have plenty to test with. Sometimes the proof is in the pudding…lol Thanks again to all
  2. Does anyone have experience or knowledge if 100% Lacquer Thinner will hurt watch parts as part of a cleaning routine? Excluding of course plastic parts or the pallet fork. I have been using it for years a a strong solvent for tough cleaning and I know it will not hurt metal, ferrous or non-ferrous but I am not sure about the synthetic jewels. I have been using the following regiment, right or wrong. 10min - 100% Lacquer Thinner soak (cut grease & grime 30 mins – ultrasonic in water 4-5 cups, dish detergent 2TBS, Ammonia 1 cup 5 mins - 91% alcohol rinse Reason I ask is I am thinking to skip step 2 water, ammonia and add 100% Lacquer Thinner into my stainless ultrasonic cleaner. So how many gasp & shrieks do I hear out there?
  3. @Nucejoe, To late on the chrono push buttons, those came out last week while refurbishing the case & likes. Noted on the c-clips hopefully they stay. If they do need replaced is a supplier for these? Also, roger on the keyless, chrono and photos. I’ve always been a big photo taker (the bread crumb back), there cheap and quick to delete. The fact is, I‘m almost embarrassed to disclose the number photo taken on this strip-down, 244…lol That by the number of parts and the ratio is pretty high lol Not sure why, but I was a bit nervous going into his one and played to caution. As a novice this 8110A Citizen seamed a bit more complex then the Seiko 6139’s I’ve been focusing on. Well thanks again, Will PS one thing I could use advice. I did not completely disassemble the bottom side of the “upper end escape wheel bridge” photo directly below. Does not look like much on it, thinking it would clean assembled. Your thoughts
  4. No need for sorry, this was all my bad. John had responded in plenty of time, the problem was LEFT on the brain. I moved from the keyboard to the ratchet gear and turned to the left to loosen, Wrong! Fortunately, only the barrel arbor and I’ve already fished it out. The piller wheel went fine when turning to the RIGHT. Only loss was the screw and the parts are in the cleaner now. Thanks again to all
  5. Well had left hand on the brain so what did I do, turned to the LEFT Now to get the broken off screw out of the barrel arbor and find a LH screw. Damn
  6. Thank you, I suspected as much but thought best to ask.
  7. @Nucejoe Hello Joe, having experience stripping down several 8110A movements. Can you tell me if to two screws in the photo below are left hand thread? There is no mention of LH in the BOM or schematic, but I have had an experience (a bad one) with these three grooved screw heads on a Seiko. I pretty much have the Cal stripped ready for the washer, but though I better phause and reach out before making a mistake I regret. The screws are: Ratchet Wheel and Piller Wheel Thanks in advance, Will
  8. Thank you all, let the stip-down begin
  9. Wishful thinking on my part I guess. Hoping you knew of a new Dip & Dry cleaner...lol
  10. Thanks to all, I have been able to find all the Daishock ASSY parts new stock in the UK. There is likely a US supplier but this was the first to come up and reasonably priced. http://mehima-singh.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1746 Also good to learn that "That you can take from any 6 series seiko".
  11. Interesting, are you saying if you have a good cleaner, one does not have to strip a movement down to oil and service it?
  12. Thanks for that. Likely I am using the wrong thermology. As for the regulator it is still attached to the HS/Balance. Now there could be more to it but this is the part I am seeing in the Seiko BOM, PN 345612. Also found the Reg on eBay photo directly below. Regarding the Jewel/cap/spring latch it is not shown as part of the balance cock in the BOM or in a NOS found on eBay (second photo). As you have enlightened me this is the Diashock ASSY and that’s what I should probably be looking for. OK, closer look at the BOM, I see a Diafix i.e. frame, cap, spring with the part numbers. I will start a search using these names and PN. Thank you, I think this is the right direction, Will
  13. Can anyone point me in the direction of a Citizens 8110A Service Manual? I have been poking around the web but have not come up with a full manual. I have found someone selling 17-page PDF 8110A manual on ebay which I can buy but hate to if it can be found somewhere in the public domain. Just finishing up the restoration on a 8110-9011 Bullhead (Panda), whereas the movement is in clean, I notice the balance stopping in some positions so I would like to do a strip-down and service. It would be nice to have the full manual with schematics. Thanks in advance, Will
  14. Thank you helpful! I should be able to get without further help. Using the tweezer center as a press to keep the ring from bending makes perfect since. Thanks again
  15. Cal. 6139 Seiko , Balance Jewel Another issue I will need to deal with here is the missing balance pivot top jewel assembly. As you can see from the photo above it is missing from the balance cock. Looking though the Seiko parts schematic I am not seeing a reference to the jewel only the cock. I am going to need some help if I need to order a generic jewel ASSY. Does anyone know if Mark has addressed this in one of his videos? And if so which one? PS; I was thinking to buy a new balance cock but what I have found on eBay is NOS and same as I have, no jewel.