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  1. Man, stop giving me ideas like that! You're going to get me in trouble! Seriously though, I need to get a lot further a long my journey before I even consider something like that! If I wreck a $50 mass-produced clone movement that's disappointing, if I wreck this one that would be a disaster!
  2. This listing just came up on the Reddit Watch exchange sub: The piece looks really beautiful, but it's not likely to sell in that crowd, as very few people over there are interested in pieces that need work. Since it's in the UK and there are so many of you folks in here, I thought one of you might be interested. I would pick it up myself if I thought my skills were up to it, but I'm not there yet!
  3. Newbie here, but I'm wondering if the slight increase in thickness compensates for the slightly reduced length? Also, what is the "9.0" in this measurement? I'm guessing is has to do with how much is reverse-coiled? EDIT - Finally found that it looks like it's the intended barrel diameter. Is that correct?
  4. If no one here has anything, may want to also ask in the Seiko subreddit. There's lots of dedicated Seiko collectors over there who might have something lying around.
  5. I would guess that there is a flaw in one of the gear train gears that correlates to that time that is causing it to get hung up. but that's just a guess, and I'm still a noob around this stuff. I'm imagining a slightly bent tooth that grabs on a plate or something. As an aside, that is a super cool watch, I hope you get it going 100%. Any interest in selling it if you do? I love old Hammies.
  6. Oh, and of course you could always go with a NATO or ZULU strap. I imagine a nice distressed leather one would look sharp on that watch.
  7. There are a bunch of options here: https://www.watch-band-center.com/watchstrap-h175-Open-End-Watch-Bands.html I'd be inclined to go with one of the Hirsch though. You know you're getting quality, and it's got to be worth $40 to have something proper for an heirloom you've already put so much effort into.
  8. Just a note on the claw. If you don't have one already, I'd put off ordering them. They only work with crystals with very vertical, tall sides. In every case I've tried to use one, it's failed, and I've ended up using my press instead. I'm sure there's some situation where they are the better tool, but I haven't found it yet.
  9. They are replaceable, though I don't know the details of how it's done as I'm also a newbie. Here's one possible source for parts: https://www.esslinger.com/hole-jewel-assortment-for-watches-100-pc/
  10. Here's another similar part on the 6119C:
  11. This is a different movement, a 6138 I think, but I wonder if it serves a similar purpose as the plate I pointed out with the red arrow? That would explain the wear pattern, and it looks like it might fit there:
  12. Looking closer on the wear on the back of the piece, it looks like the pattern there is about the same size as the center wheel, if you set it so the cannon pinon pokes up in the indent on the side. I have a hard time imagining what that would be for there, but I wonder if those wear patterns might give you more clues if that's not a fit.
  13. This looks like a list of all the service manuals for Seikos, and all three variants of the 6119 are there: https://www.thewatchsite.com/14-user-manual-technical-manual-casing-guide-downloads/15-seiko-calibers-technical-repair-manuals.html EDIT - Dang, doesn't look like there's much useful info there....
  14. This video claims to be a 6119 teardown: You can probably get some good clues there.
  15. It should just pop off with a little push from a pair of tweezers or similar. You can see a complete teardown of a similar movement here:
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