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  1. yankeedog

    Timex electric

    Picked this one up off the bay.It's really brain dead simple. A mechanical switch engaged and disengaged by the balance energizes a coil that is alternately repelled and attracted to a permanent magnet.no sophisticated electronic devices..If you have ever worked on a car with a points distributor or a vacuum tube radio ,this is the watch for you.
  2. You have a sub second hand..is it my imagination or does that post look bent.
  3. You are right in the dirskie case backs.they are thinner...the metal used is about half as thick as an amphibia.
  4. The automatic and the manual wind vostok do have different case backs. The manual wind is flatter.the auto back sticks out more to accommodate the swing weight...they can be interchanged..but ......
  5. yankeedog

    seiko 66 lift angle?

  6. yankeedog

    broken mainspring

    well it was made by somebody... post pics front and back.
  7. yankeedog

    Hello from Georgia, USA

    Hey Georgia, Greetings from a Yankee refugee in North Carolina.
  8. My mind is a repository of useless information.
  9. yankeedog

    broken mainspring

    you can usually look them up according to the manufacturer and type of movement.
  10. yankeedog

    broken mainspring

    Busted is busted. Can't be repaired and can't be trusted. Time to spring for a new spring.
  11. It is a mass produced robot assembled movement.It is inexpensive and robust in design. It's mechanical oscillator, the balance wheel will never match the accuracy of a quartz crystal, ever.It will however run for decades and never need at battery.It sounds like it is running pretty close to design parameters to me.
  12. Any type of penetrating oil. I use liquid wrench, not because it is anything super special. They just happen to be located here in my home state of North Carolina.Galvanic corrosion can occur any time two dissimilar metals touch. One becomes the cathode, the other the Anode. A minute electrical electrical current occurs.The previous own Mr Hemanov did the watch no favors !
  13. Can you post a picture of the movement , is it a a 2234 ?