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  1. Your guess would be correct. Your statement agreed with.
  2. This is very true, in the process of heating, as in when tempering, steel does go through different colors .I do not recall the exact temperatures however.But I do recall that blue is in the spectrum.However I would think that heating such a small piece of metal of an unspecified alloy to an exact temperature to obtain an exact color could require so much art and science as to border on magic.
  3. Bluing can be tough..it is a chemical process involving nasty chemicals. I would advise against it.a blue black finish can be achieved pretty easily with different phosphate solutions that are available. Often advertised as rust converter. They change iron oxide into iron phosphate.
  4. It's amazing what you can do with off the shelf parts. Nice work.
  5. I have a few such eyesores.They run very well.
  6. Just think what I could do with FOUR CENTS!
  7. Before we get scolded a out being off topic.....a perfectly ghastly raketa
  8. I have to drive to Virginia to get halo halo. Filipino bakery that is next to a Greek eatery..so I can have a really superbly greasy gyro and halo halo that must contain at least one quarter pound of sugar for dessert..
  9. For future reference there is a significant amount of parts interchangeability between the 1686 and the 1187/94. I think they are the same movement actually with a different train bridge and balance cock.
  10. BLEURGH! Don't know how that ever became a "delicacy" in the Philippines! Considering that most Filipino food is delicious..I agree.
  11. There are some things I just wont eat ! for instance a Balut..insects are another thing I will without exception decline to knowingly consume.i also will not eat crabs, they look too much like a spider to be put on my plate.
  12. I have noted a problem with Russian keyless works..As to whether it is the weakness of the metal or the strength of the wearers I have yet to determine. Of course it should also be politically incorrect of me to cast aspersions on ethnic cuisine.
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