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  1. Alternatively you could use tinned copper wire.It solders very easily.
  2. Pierre Chevelle. gran sport 150. My father got it for me about 50 years ago.A cigar smoker ,he got it in exchange for cigar bands from the Phillies he smoked.Still have it. I just installed a new crystal.It awaits a clean lube and adjust.
  3. Very nice..The IJP doesn't do white. It relies upon the paper for that. So you paint the dial the background color you want ,and print the decal so it has a white background .
  4. Thanks.I have always loved leather straps ,but they do tend to separate and flexing them through the buckle and keeper are hard on the leather. I am also not find of how they usually taper. I think the straight taper and snap address these problems and simplify fabrication.
  5. Why? I would wear that watch when it's overcast.
  6. It's ok if that's how she self identified.
  7. Personally I would see if incabloc springs fit.
  8. The dial is too small for the case as well. I suspect the dial is one of the "nos" ones currently available married up with a Hodge podge of parts.
  9. 1920's manufacture with 1941 marked on the dial?
  10. Age guess? 1920 +/- 10 years.
  11. Mine has the bracelet it came with.marked speedmaster with a motorcycle helmet.
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