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  1. I dont know, but it seems to me that the engraving is much more precise than one might expect from a watch sold on the american frontier back around 1880. Granted, it could have been ordered that way from the factory.There is also something about the font that looks more 1980 than 1880.
  2. i seem to remember swapping some seiko stuff around. depending on the case and stem position the dial , while fitting the movement might be misaligned in relation to the case.
  3. if you look carefully you should see a tab which you depress .and then pull out the stem. while i am not familiar with this exact movement, my first guess would be that reddish dot.
  4. The 1918 epidemic killed 50 million out of a population of about 1 billion. In today's numbers that would translate into 450 million , or roughly the whole population of North America. it was a VERY NASTY BUG. . Let us not forget a virus is a living thing, which must mutate in order to survive, because as we become immune it dies.Every so often it mutates in a very pernicious way. As for the Donald ,I used to work in the cemetery where his parents are buried.I locked him in several times, after he came to visit their graves. He was always a gentleman. However, if you step on his toes, he will not say thank you.
  5. I don't know..according to the media I need a countdown to the end of the world watch. So far I have only been able to find them in quartz.
  6. It depends.but in general most watches straps are held in place by spring bars. They are have compressible ends. A small screw driver tip inserted between the strap and the case will usually do the trick. Press the screw driver tip against the bar and push towards the strap.
  7. Hard to say..but the watch probably has suffered an electronic or mechanical failure of some type. What watchweasol has alluded to is,is the whole mechanical workings of the watch exclusive of the dial,hands and case. Sometimes referred to as a caliber or a movement. In this case a vd53a movement manufactured by a seiko company ,can be purchased for not alot of money. You would save yourself alot of grief by getting one and swapping it out.
  8. Personally I would wear it as is. not knowing what the plating is composed of I am a bit shy to tell you what to do. But if I were bound and determined to remove the plating. I would remove the movement and crystal and try metal polish and a cotton rag.
  9. Makes you wonder . I would look at that and think every crystal would be a never right. I would go by the case ID.and as mentioned retainer rings pop right out.
  10. Definitely wrong case .wrong crystal as well. Dr Frankenstein would be proud.
  11. Don't worry...I can shoot through that hole at 300 yards.
  12. Or maybe I should go open carry
  13. Oh it's ok. I have a concealed carry permit.
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