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  1. X2 on Chopin's first reaction . too much oil causing drag.
  2. Thanks,I didn't think it was the bay of bengal, but you never know
  3. Certain department stores had a scouting section back then. I remember My mother taking me to JC PENNEY to get "official" scouting gear.But I am dating myself, that was back in the day when being trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient,cheerful, thrifty,brave,clean and reverent were good things. Mom would not buy me the watch , I already had a timex. Don't remember what happened to it.A marlin as I remember.
  4. AS 1187/94. Main spring breakage is pretty common.They usually respond well to cleaning and run well if not excessively worn.Most like your watch have in no way been pampered.I think a lot of them were sold to young military men,and naval forces as well because judging from the wavy timegrapher traces on a couple mine , they were obviously calibrated to run at sea. I can't resist them either !
  5. ouch....that bend might be worse than it appears
  6. guess i need to really look at that pivot.
  7. maybe to correct worn, out of round hole?
  8. give it a day or two, under any type of light, if it still misbehaves new capacitor.. they dont like being fully discharged. I keep mine on the windowsill it has been running since '96
  9. Small hole next to the center wheel bushing. Factory or "repair"?
  10. Snaps work well. Provided there is one wearer. They work well .the band doesn't get stressed as much like it does with a buckle
  11. I use a US supplier called strapworks. Multiple colors thickness and width.depending on my mood I may use nylon or leather, buckle or strap.
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