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  1. Wives always think we have problems. Welcome.
  2. Pictures would help..most likely it is a snap on back which you pry off.most likely the rotor is loose or severely worn. Others may know better, but you probably could just remove the rotor and use the watch as manual wind only. Other possibilities include a donor watch to swap movement or get parts.
  3. If they are like American car clocks they are wound by a solenoid. As the watch unwinds a set of points make contact ,this energizes the solenoid which winds the clock..very rube goldberg
  4. Order a dozen or so raketa 2609ha movements from Ukraine. Look on etsy they go for about a buck a piece. Order a couple three complete non running watches as well..and practice.
  5. Same age as I am...only far better preserved.
  6. Forgive me if my terminology is off..slipping could only be but so many things.provided all your gear teeth are good and properly engaged.it could be your mainspring. Even if it is broken the watch could run.I have seen it happen friction and pressure are often enough to hold the spring in place up the a certain amount of tension..and then slipping occurs. You could also have a cracked barrel. Inspection is in order
  7. Ugh...bent...you would have to pick about the most difficult thing...
  8. Good .... at least it isn't an itis...
  9. This form of insanity must have a clinical name...I wonder if I could claim it as a disability.
  10. Shock protection...17 jewels...what's not to like?
  11. Long Island...home of the expressway...I used to live in Deer Park before I escaped to rural NC. The traffic here consists of deer opossum and farm equipment .welcome.
  12. I think the hairspring looks ok. In the static state the coils appear concentric and I am of the opinion that the rather weighty stud explains it,s apparent lack of flatness.. I am wondering if there isn't a problem with where the hair spring is attached to the stud. if it is not formed correctly there, I think it would move the h/s off center, causing you problem.
  13. I THINK.. those punches are used for setting jewels, but it is really above my pay grade.
  14. Now I learned something..and you have way more stuff than a beginner needs!
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