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  1. Yes there may be differences in the height, the vx42 being a tad slimmer.It was my impression however that most, if not all recent Seiko Quartz movements had 1.10, .65 and .20 mm handsizes.
  2. Please check my post in watch of the day. Dated September 9. I Put a vx43 in a 7n43 watch without a problem.
  3. The vx42 is a direct replacement, sold by Seiko for assembly into non Seiko watches ,as such it is marked differently. it is generally cheaper ,more readily available and the only time you would know the difference is when you remove the case back.
  4. Check on Hattori vx42. I think it will solve your problem.
  5. I love the minimalist style. was it listed under the 17 jewel quartz watch that needs a battery section?
  6. That's what I was thinking. There is ALOT of interchange between Seiko cases, things are easy to swap around, too easy ! it does make for efficient manufacturing. The modders out there now seem to be mostly interested in dive watches , in that case bezels abound. This is a standard watch case, probably a Seiko 5 that got cannibalized along the way. I want to make something out of it ! I can find bezels of this type with Seiko part numbers from different vendors. There has to be documentation out there somewhere that can match these numbers to their dimensions, but WHERE ?
  7. I predict you will see all kinds of crud in the solution. crud which keeps the watch from working. Granted this is an expedient, not a substitute for a proper full service, but you should be able to determine if the movement is a runner or not.You may want to change the naphtha two or three times. you can use a light synthetic oil for lubrication.
  8. Wind it up.soak it in naphtha. Let it dry and lightly oil it. However dont soak the date wheel. Naphtha and paint don't get along well
  9. Bezels should not need more than thumb pressure to put on .check that your retainer wire is seated properly in its groove.
  10. Vostok hands have a hole diameter of 1.4 and .9 mm for the hour and minute hand. I can think of no other watch that uses this combination. I suggest you consult with a vostok specific vendor such as meranom. There are other internet vendors ,but unless the hands are specifically stated to be of those sizes the hands will very likely not fit.
  11. amphibias can be finnicky. dimensions vary. it should just be a friction fit. If the hands are moving around after you set them in place they could be a tad loose. looking at the hands the minute hand looks like a standard vostok piece, while the hour hand does not.Are you sure you have the proper hand?
  12. Hello all, I have in my possession a Seiko case for an automatic movement. The back is not original to the case. the bezel is missing . the I.D. and O.D. are 32.10 mm and 35.50 mm for the groove the bezel would sit in. Could anyone suggest how I might find such a bezel?
  13. AH WIVES, what mine does not realize is the patience I have with watches is merely training for dealing with her.
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