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  1. you could go generic. But since the threads are probably worn I would go with a new movement and crown. That watch probably has a 12 dollar ronda movement in it which would come with a new stem.Its not hard to do. If you want to just do the crown you will need to know the tap size,tube diameter and outside crown diameter. Esslinger is a good place to look if you are in the US
  2. Thanks to all on your input.I suspect a higher torque movement like maybe a ronda lithium battery one would be in order. What also intrigues me is possible increased resistance to vibration. I know that certain instruments used in high vibration environments were once oil filled. I ride a motorcycle and have noticed that neither mechanical nor quartz movements can long tolerate the vibration. I was wondering if an oil filled watch would have better resistance to this .opinions please.
  3. Hello all, Of late I have noticed that some folks have taken to filling their quartz watches with oil. Either mineral or silicone. In an effort to increase their water resistance by making them incompressible.I am also thinking I could not hurt to have the movement immersed in lubricant. Does anyone have any experience doing this? Please opine.
  4. I have a few Jean cardot watches. Exclusively Russian movements. Sometimes poljot ,sometimes as your movement is generally referred to, pobeda. Which is a generic term applied to the design .since they are dirt cheap I have a few.some made by zim,slava,raketa and vostok. Yours appears to be a vostok. It and the raketa are a little nicer than the other two in that they have a shock protected balance.for hands and the like check favinov's store on Ebay
  5. Sounds like a bent or deformed case back. Do you have two nickels and a pair of vice grips laying about ?If so you could try sandwiching the case back between two coins and giving it a gentle squeeze. Easy mind you, unless you want Thomas Jefferson stamped onto your watch. Be sure to stay clear of the rim !
  6. My go to stateside is esslinger. They also only have 1.5 on the hour hand. A little judicious metal work perhaps? It will be covered by the minute hand.small blemishes would escape notice.
  7. I like the raketa 2609ha. It just might be my favorite russian movement. You can usually get good amplitude out of them and the moveable hair spring stud makes it easy to adjust beat error. I am not so fond of the 2609 however. Maybe the ones I have run across have been overly worn but I just dont seem to have the same luck.The Achilles heel of the raketa has got to be the case.As for the vostok,I will take a 22xx over a 24xx any day of the week and twice on Sunday. The vostok cases in general seal better than the raketa while movement quality is similar.
  8. I have never messed with a luch,but find other Russian makes acceptable when compare to low end watches made elsewhere.
  9. Are you sure they weren't handed over at gun point? Good deal.
  10. Yes I know its quartz. But the watch came minus stem and crown ,the seller made an offer I couldn't refuse. I just swapped in a vx43 movement and Installed a new crown.Easy as pie. It wears it's original knicks and dings ,and keeps time in typical Seiko fashion.its a 7n43 9181. S/N 812266 eighties vintage I reckon.
  11. You'll never have to worry about losing your car keys
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