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  1. Very cool.thanks for showing us the results.
  2. You might need to buy a donor movement.
  3. i am not too sure , but there might be a hattori movement that is a direct replacement for it,
  4. There are worse diseases.My question is of course, are they housebroken?
  5. This is a larger one.but you get the idea
  6. When you go into and arts and crafts store look around the model paints. You will find them.they are like little paint brushes with foam tips. They come in various sizes.
  7. An armitron rescued from the salvation army 99 cent bin.I replaced the hands ,now they actually are luminous.
  8. I have used testors paint with good results,try a foam applicator
  9. lighter fluid is only good for bare metal parts. its a big no no around anything painted or printed.
  10. you could print a decal on you IJP.
  11. agreed , rotor could rub, not a good idea on an automatic
  12. Those old citizens are built like tanks.
  13. It's got a seventies funky chunkiness about it.
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