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  1. Sounds like a hit or miss proposition...while you may not find a case which is designed exactly for your application some generic case might be used.what kind of case do you have in mind?
  2. Break out your calipers TD
  3. I don't think you could wear that in India. It would rot on your wrist. if you don't like it send it to me..I think it would make a nice target at the rifle range..shiny...easy to spot....three bullseyes...I am waiting for two janatas to arrive from a state side seller.. seven bucks each delivered.. going to have to do something about the mahatma Gandhi dials
  4. Cheap in case of theft or loss,simple reliable and accurate and legible. after you service them you know which ones run best.
  5. yankeedog

    To mod or not

    DO IT! From an economic stand point You can do this for the price of a quartz p.o.s. from walmart. Worst case you screw up a watch that is not working anyway. But I am betting you will not.
  6. yankeedog

    Best Machine for crystal repair

    Mother's mag and aluminum polish , elbow grease and a 100% cotton rag
  7. Making all those parts one at a time with the precision needed to have them work together would be one heck of a feat.Could it be done? of course. Can it be done is the question.
  8. yankeedog


    Sweat and leather do not go together !Having spent a fair amount of time in the Philippines, I can attest to that. Leather also tends to get moldy in tropical environments
  9. ooooh…..I hate that.it's bent….. you're going to have to remove it from the balance cock and see how and where. then you are going to have to correct it. hopefully without damaging it further ,there are videos on this.its a very ticklish operation.
  10. yankeedog

    Help identify this watch

    ok…. based upon your supplied dimensions the movement is NOT peseux 200 raketa 2603 fef 210 elgin 723 eta 1281 as 1002 these movements are all 11.5 ligne or smaller. the spacing of the dial feet is smaller on all of them , so your movement is probably larger .
  11. yankeedog

    How does this one open?

    Not that I can see.I figured it to be a snap back, and tried to open it. But before I went gorilla monsoon on it, I figured to ask opinions.
  12. yankeedog

    Help identify this watch

    I have a watch that I put together with an AS sub second movement...on Monday I will get out my calipers and report back.
  13. yankeedog

    Introducing Myself. Hi All.

    A well thought out introduction as well.Michael you seem to have presence of mind in advance of your years.I think you can do anything you chose to.Welcome...you will find professionals and amateurs such as myself here that deal honestly and respectfully with each other. Henry
  14. yankeedog

    Help identify this watch

    What gets me is this....the case says movado but not the dial?this strikes me as odd.would a premium watch manufacturer put a no name dial on the watch? I think you have a mismatch here.it is entirely possible that dial was taken from a non movado movement..and just put in that case because it happens to fit. The movement maybe an AS an ETA or even a jeambrun. When I get a chance next week I will look a few of my subdial watches and see what possible movement could fit that dial
  15. yankeedog

    Elemex 3D44 Quartz movement

    The tron gods have smiled on you.