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  1. who would have known that the holy grail is in my shirt pocket
  2. yankeedog

    Hello! Tudor Cal 1182 stem problems!

    from what I can see the 1182 is not very much different from an eta 1080. you can buy old neglected examples of these all day long as cheap as stinking mackerel on the internet.They might prove a very good way for you to learn your way around , and probably a good source of parts for this tudor... I am not 100% sure of parts interchange. BUT, I would say that the probability is good.
  3. yankeedog

    Hello! Tudor Cal 1182 stem problems!

    the screw can easily be backed out too far, to the point where it comes out of the lever. at that point you have to remove the face hold the lever down and tighten the screw. all things done gently!!!!!
  4. yankeedog

    Fitting a watch crystal

    As for super glue... it can be removed with acetone.
  5. yankeedog

    Hello! Tudor Cal 1182 stem problems!

    If you haven't got it already try this....with the stem out tighten the set lever screw.push in the stem. it will not fully insert, but it will push the set lever in.loosen the set lever screw about a turn, and see if the stem will insert.if it does, tighten the set lever screw. you may find that set lever now engages the groove in the stem and things work as they should.
  6. yankeedog

    Fitting a watch crystal

    I will have to try that.
  7. yankeedog

    Fitting a watch crystal

    If you still find it loose and you need it to stay put.....on a cheap watch....just a tiny bit of super glue applied to a well cleaned oil free case..three or four tiny spots..so you wouldn't notice it.and the crystal will stay in place .
  8. yankeedog

    Mondia 17J Help

    Not familiar with this caliber, I don't see any markings telling me what it is. But it is an adjusted movement, meaning they took the time at the factory to adjust it to operate properly in different positions.The balance is not shock protected, so no dropping it. in order to service it it looks like the crystal will have to be removed and the movement taken out through the front.It looks like a snap on back so water resistance will not be the best. this is a man's dress watch. If you plan to wear it, you really should have it serviced.
  9. yankeedog

    Fitting a watch crystal

    I have always heard that it should be the same size as the opening, But in my adventures I have found that the same size is sometimes a bit small.Sometimes spot on.If you go the next oversize its usually a safe bet.
  10. yankeedog

    Mums watch - "can you take a look"

    It very well could be close to that age.Can we get a peek at the gizzards?
  11. I am sure many of us have figured the same thing out. Thanks.
  12. Well you could with the balance assembly removed manually actuate the pallet fork with a pin to observe how it locks and unlocks.if it is hanging up you will see where and how.
  13. True.but sometimes you can polish them down to a tolerable level.I am always paranoid about sanding through the acrylic.
  14. Mother's mag and aluminum polish
  15. yankeedog

    Brexit and cousinsuk ?

    Make Great Britain Great again. It has a nice ring to it.