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  1. amphibias can be finnicky. dimensions vary. it should just be a friction fit. If the hands are moving around after you set them in place they could be a tad loose. looking at the hands the minute hand looks like a standard vostok piece, while the hour hand does not.Are you sure you have the proper hand?
  2. Hello all, I have in my possession a Seiko case for an automatic movement. The back is not original to the case. the bezel is missing . the I.D. and O.D. are 32.10 mm and 35.50 mm for the groove the bezel would sit in. Could anyone suggest how I might find such a bezel?
  3. I guess it depends upon your denomination.
  4. AH WIVES, what mine does not realize is the patience I have with watches is merely training for dealing with her.
  5. This is odd. The only time I have ever seen anything like a watch suddenly gaining time was from over oiling. The lubricant migrates to the hairspring and the coils stick together increasing the rate. Suggest that you remove the whole balance cock and clean it with naphtha.
  6. Hello all, This movement is marked TDB 1305 it came to me in a 70's era westclox. Searching about I have determined it may be a tenor dorly. Can anyone share any information on what I might have here?
  7. Hello all, Have you ever had an off brand watch with a seiko movement and an awful pot metal case? I had this 70s era dunhaven with a 7005 in it and a non working Alba y143 8280 watch. The movement has the usual 28.5mm dial diameter and fit the case,however the case back would not clear the rotor. I dug into my parts bin and found a 7009 3180 case back.It a screwed right on.Worked perfectly. Please excuse the scratches.
  8. LCD watches are cool. my only problem is I need glasses to read them !
  9. They have this movement at esslinger. $14.95
  10. Hands are measured in length from the center of the hole to the tip in mm. The diameter of the hole can be determined easily. Look on the movement for maker and model number.then look up on ranfft website.you will find measurements there.
  11. I have often pondered this same question. But as far as I can figure the aftermarket for dials other than seiko ETA miyota and ronda movements is non existant. You should be able to repurpose dials with a bit of experimentation.
  12. I would hate to think a man could have wrists that small. He could never do pushups.
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