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  1. the spring has to pull the pawl towards the gear so as to engage it under tension , and release during winding.
  2. I wonder if you could un glue them and swap their positions? you would then have an unworn jewel face in use.should be good for another 50 years.
  3. I absolutely love you guys.... since I have nothing to lose and it does not appear to be a "C" version I will have to attempt the swap. I will report back with the results.
  4. I have a 7s26 with a broken balance staff. I have a partial 7009 with a good one. the balance cocks do not interchange. Does anyone know if the balance /hairspring can be transplanted from the 7009 to the 7s26 balance cock ?
  5. I think your reasoning is sound. Personally I would be inclined to bend it in place, removed you would have no frame of reference and I think the tendency would be to over do . There would also be less of a chance for the part to disappear into the nap of your carpet.
  6. A more practical approach might be to replace the bridge.provided one could be found.
  7. I think the 2609 HA is an improvement over the 2609 that it replaced.Thanks to the mobile hairspring stud they can be brought into beat pretty easily.I think they are easily the equal of entry level jeweled Swiss movements. Raketa did shortchange the movement with poor cases. Dirt and water entry seem to be a pretty common problem.However, it is not impossible to put them in a vostok case which are decently sealed. I have been considering using an amphibia case for one of these movements . I think it would make an interesting watch.
  8. I have an older citizen quartz watch. I am impressed by the construction of the movement, it starts and stops.. I am working up the nerve to work on it. Previous attempts at working on quartz movements have not been very successful. Large hands and brittle plastic are not generally compatible.
  9. Regardless, something has to be done about that bushing. You aren't doing that movement any favors in running it that way. Egg shaped holes mean misaligned shafts, misaligned shafts mean misaligned gears, and a cascade of new problems.
  10. it takes a 24 cm strap?
  11. Clean hair spring before you do anything..dirt and oils on it are easily eliminated.
  12. Typical fickle eastern NC spring weather... sweating one day, teeth chattering the next.One grass cutting so far. seal went on the bottom of the mower.. took the belts with it.. Car ? 1990 volvo 240.. dont know how many miles are on it, the thing eats speedometers. at least 300,000 miles on it maybe more.
  13. It may be time to just replace the whole movement. They are not expensive. It looks like Ronda 515. you will see a small number in an oblong circle in the black plastic ring around the movement they come from the manufacturer with a new stem and battery in the $10 to $15 price range.
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