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  1. Rotor types and case backs can vary as well
  2. If you are not opposed to used parts try speedtimerkollektion. You can buy used cases in lots. 28.5 mm dial diameter is pretty much a seiko standard size. Pay attention to stem location. It varies
  3. You can buy caravelles all day long on ebay ! in both 17 and 7 jewel varieties. From what I have seen all parts interchange.My guess as to the lack of support is that most people wont spend to fix them.When looking over candidates for cannibalization keep an eye out for ones that don't have worn out crowns, my way of thinking is that a watch that had been wound less has been run less , and is less likely to be worn out.
  4. Yes a merchant can refuse to do business.It is their property and they can refuse to sell.
  5. Spring looks non standard. could it be interfering with something?
  6. A Franken .The movement and dial came out of a badly trashed pot metal case.Placed into a case that came with a badly trashed movement. Not original, but attractive and serviceable.
  7. Replace seals and insure your crystal has a tight fit and the problem may not advance further.
  8. They are something like a puzzle. They really only go together one way.
  9. Way to go pops! As the father of a procrastinator , I feel your pain! Mine turned out OK as I suspect yours will. The real world has a very sobering effect. Once they get out there , and find out that in order to eat and pay the bills they have to show up and finish on time they adjust.
  10. Nice paint on the miata.Red doesn't like too much sunshine. Obviously you garage it and maintain it as well as you do your watches.
  11. Welcome. Just do your best. We are here to help each other
  12. Try timesavers.i think they sell knock off incabloc springs
  13. Soak in your favorite solvent. WD 40,mineral spirits.whatever is handy
  14. Put on works work gloves and use your thumbs.
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