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  1. rduckwor

    Broken ratchet wheel/arbor screw

    Thanks. I suspect the alum was not the answer. I will try to work it out with tweezers or an oiler. Best, RMD
  2. Removal from the arbor: Boil it out with alum?? Thanks. RMD
  3. rduckwor


    Thank you all for your replies. I have broken two now specifically at the center loop. I guess it is a matter of practice until I get it right. RMD
  4. rduckwor


    You carefully measure an old mainspring and order a modern replacement. It arrives and the "eye" or center loop is too large for the arbor. Can a modern mainspring be adjusted and what is the recommended procedure? Thanks. RMD
  5. rduckwor

    Eta 2512-1 Movement

    Never mind. I found it. Strangely there is a non-jeweled bearing press fit into the main plate below and just off the edge of the MS barrel. Teeny, tiny. I overlooked it the first time thru. Getting the pivot into that tiny hole with the other wheels and barrel in place was a test of patience. Its done and the train runs!! Whew!! RMD
  6. rduckwor

    Eta 2512-1 Movement

    Old Topic, but I am working on a 2512-1 right now. Somehow, I failed to note where/how the intermediate wheel lower pivot seats. I feel I am missing something, but my pictures taken upon dis-assembly do not show the lower pivot point for this wheel. It is the wheel overriding the barrel in the picture. Advice please! Thanks, RMD
  7. rduckwor

    Need 7s26C First reduction wheel

    Good for you! I lost a teeny, tiny screw from the keyless work on a Wittnauer movement yesterday. Spent thirty minutes on my hands and knees with the magnet. Didn't find the screw, but I found a sliding pinion I didn't know I had lost. Teeny, tiny screw from and Elgin movement fixed the Wittnauer. RMD
  8. That's probably good advice. I have probably been too specific with my searches. Thanks, RMD
  9. I have never found a MS on CousinUK using their search feature. Yesterday, I was looking up a MS for a cheap Gruen and entered the measurements I made and got nothing. I even fooled around with some of the measurements hoping for a hit. Have I gotten a bad url or does COusinsUK just hate me? RMD
  10. rduckwor

    Stuck Screws?

    Most of my learning efforts are on old, vintage movements; some in great shape, some not so much. I often find a screw or two that are stuck tight. Not rusted, just "aged-in-place" I try typically to put a drop of 9010 on the back side of the screw hole and let them sit and soak. Sometimes this works well. I gently heat them by moving my work light close to the movement and allow them to cool which may help move lubricant into the threads. When this doesn't work, I'm stuck (no pun intended). Have you a method that also help loosen these old screws up? If so, please share it. Thanks, RMD
  11. If this is inappropriate, please delete the post. I have an acquaintance who is closing his shop due to health after 43 years. He has a large quantity of parts, stems, crowns, crystals and all the paraphernalia one would accumulate after a long period in the business. He needs to liquidate his shop. This isn't a "Hey do you have a __ for a __." kind of post. We're talking serious stuff here. Mass quantities. If you need parts, equipment, etc. for your practice, please let me know. I will pass along his email contact to you. Obviously, this is useful primarily only to those in the U.S. due to shipping costs. But he has a huge amount of useful goods and is 100 miles South of Atlanta. PM me if you need something. Thanks, RMD
  12. Thanks. This was much as I thought the action should be. Wish me luck! Thanks, RMD
  13. Looks like someone got a bit ham-fisted with the balance and the hairspring is now "coned" rather than flat. How do you deal with that issue? Thanks, RMD
  14. rduckwor

    Watch of Today

    BTDT, got the t-shirt. Getting old is hell, but better than the alternative. Get well fast! Best, RMD