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  1. I actually prefer toothpicks for pegging jewel pivots as they are somewhat softer than peg wood. You can develop a sharpened tip with sandpaper or a fine file. I do sometimes use peg wood as well though. I use naptha as well in the ultrasonic. I run thru three separate naptha baths and pith the pivots on wheels, the pallet, and the balance into pith wood for cleaning between bath number two and three. It works for me but use at your own risk. RMD
  2. Never mind. Going thru the scrap heap yielded a damaged hairspring with stud. Now for a suitable taper pin. There's a reason to keep your scraps. RMD
  3. Ideas on where to find a suitable assortment of studs? Cousins has round and square, but Elgin uses a wedge shaped stud. File my own? Thanks, RMD
  4. Thanks you JDM for the video. I have tried the peg wood approach and will continue to try to develop my skills using that method. Unfortunately, I am work on the train springs which are smaller and more difficult to deal with. Thanks, RMD
  5. I tried searching by the Seiko part number. Thanks, RMD
  6. Does anyone have a source for the two - ended shock springs for a 7s26 movement. My is in the Netherlands. Not the three lobed DiaShock , but the cheaper two-ended. I cannot locate them on Cousins or Ofrei. Sieko "hold spring" P# 0015703 Thanks, RMD
  7. I spent a tense hour watching this guy's video for the process. I have to admit, while he goes about it in the wrong way many times, he would be me if I talked to myself while working. His frustration is familiar. RMD < Clearly, editing is too much trouble for him!:;)>
  8. Thanks. I suspect the alum was not the answer. I will try to work it out with tweezers or an oiler. Best, RMD
  9. Removal from the arbor: Boil it out with alum?? Thanks. RMD
  10. Thank you all for your replies. I have broken two now specifically at the center loop. I guess it is a matter of practice until I get it right. RMD
  11. You carefully measure an old mainspring and order a modern replacement. It arrives and the "eye" or center loop is too large for the arbor. Can a modern mainspring be adjusted and what is the recommended procedure? Thanks. RMD
  12. Never mind. I found it. Strangely there is a non-jeweled bearing press fit into the main plate below and just off the edge of the MS barrel. Teeny, tiny. I overlooked it the first time thru. Getting the pivot into that tiny hole with the other wheels and barrel in place was a test of patience. Its done and the train runs!! Whew!! RMD
  13. Old Topic, but I am working on a 2512-1 right now. Somehow, I failed to note where/how the intermediate wheel lower pivot seats. I feel I am missing something, but my pictures taken upon dis-assembly do not show the lower pivot point for this wheel. It is the wheel overriding the barrel in the picture. Advice please! Thanks, RMD
  14. Good for you! I lost a teeny, tiny screw from the keyless work on a Wittnauer movement yesterday. Spent thirty minutes on my hands and knees with the magnet. Didn't find the screw, but I found a sliding pinion I didn't know I had lost. Teeny, tiny screw from and Elgin movement fixed the Wittnauer. RMD
  15. That's probably good advice. I have probably been too specific with my searches. Thanks, RMD
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