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  1. O.K. Thanks for all the responses. And yes, O.H. I know I need to correct the HS at the collet, just wanted to see if I could build the over curve before I did the easier part. Here's he current state. I won't lie and tell you it was easy. HS work is something I have to take in small bites. Clearly there is still work to be done, but I am getting closer to where I need to be. Thanks to all of you for your advice and counsel. And I too find the costs of some of these specialty tools absurd. RMD
  2. The first picture is where I started, the second is the present state. I need to form the regulator curve and then put it on the cock for final adjustment. I'm just have difficulty in imagining how for for the curve without a bunch of "kinks" where I do the adjustments. RMD
  3. I am correcting a deformed hairspring and need to set the curve for the regulator pins. De Carle mentions using curve-forming tweezers, which I cannot yet find. What are the alternate practices for forming this curved portion of the over curve? Thanks, RMD
  4. Beautiful work! No thanks necessary. I am happy to see you restore a cherished heirloom from your grandfather. Wear it in good health and happiness. Best, RMD
  5. Then I see no obvious place for the escape wheel in the plate. RMD
  6. That's why I think the escape jewel is missing. It should be in the hole circled by the left green circle. RMD
  7. If what I am seeing is what I think I am seeing, I can see a hole for the pallet fork with an intact jewel. Again, it appears to me that the jewel for the escape wheel is absent without leave. I do hope I am wrong for your sake. RMD
  8. I do all of the above except I mount the cock on a flattened piece of Rodico and stick it down well. Good Luck, RMD
  9. Lovely watch, I used to have one as well. As for paint, I suspect enamel, probably for models, slightly thinned with thinner and a piece of very sharp peg wood. I would carefully clean the area to be painted with solvent and allow it to flash off before trying to apply paint. Otherwise, the paint may not adhere due to skin oils, etc. As for crystal, no idea. Perhaps a Breitling forum might be able to help. The "clicking" you feel when turning the crown I believe is normal function as the display functions change. Good Luck. RMD
  10. Remove the screw and end cap and try (GENTLY) to push the stem piece out of the jewel with a fine oiler, sharpened pegwood, or maybe a sewing needle. Gently or you could push the jewel out of its setting. You need to peg that jewel hole anyway and then clean and oil the end cap. Good Luck, RMD
  11. Just in reading various fora. Many say that it leaves residues and many also say that manufacurers will not allow it's use. I'm just trying to gather a snapshot of your views on it. Thanks, RMD
  12. Experienced watchmakers/repairs: Rodico - Yes or No? I see many varying opinions and want to know. Thanks, RMD
  13. If the age/make of watch indicates to you that it is Radium-lumed, be careful removing itand avoid inhalation of ingestion of the materiel. Good Luck, RMD
  14. I have no great wealth of experience, but I shoot for 50-70%. RMD
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