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  1. I think I left some crystal cement in that corner. I'll check. Thanks for the heads up. RMD
  2. Just finished up yesterday. RMD
  3. The pictures are not too clear, but is the spring lying to the outside of the stud presently? I can see a brass pin in the stud, but is there a screw protruding from the actual stud as well? Stick the balance down on a piece of Rodico or bluetack. Assuming a standard stud and pin set up, I would carefully try to remove the brass pin from the stud. Then I might well remove the stud from the cock, and try to slip the HS thru the stud hole and then remount the stud in the cock. Then try to carefully re-insert the brass pin to secure the HS. Realize even if successful, you will have likely some timing issues if you don't get the HS/Stud position just right as the spring was initially vibrated to determine the position in the stud. That's my take and it will be a bit of a PITA to do this so take your time and get it as close to right as possible. Good Luck. RMD
  4. Thanks to both of you for advice. The case back bears no indication of service, but then, had I left this movement in this condition, I would not mark the service as well. Thanks, I will work on it and report back. RMD
  5. An Elgin 673 movement that came to me as a non-runner. Cleaned and lubricated. It will run moderately well only in the dial down position with the cock sitting partially down on the steady pins. Seating the cock fully results in a non-runner. I have had the balance complete off the cock and cleaned the jewels and end stone well. No chance of reversing the stones as these are secured by screws and fixed settings. Pivots look fine under magnification and were well pithed. Testing the balance when assembled, there appears to be zero end shake. It puzzles me as to how the movement might have come to this state. Pretty heavy cock to have been bent somehow. I will try shimming the balance cock to see if that improves it's function. Ideas very welcome. Thanks, RMD
  6. I think CousinUK offers an assortment of click springs for short money. Good Luck, RMD
  7. That one is done bud. Try the donor balance. Sorry. HS are tough. RMD
  8. Thanks to all offering springs. I'm awaiting the assortment from Cousins and hopefully it will contain the spring I need. If not, I'll be back. Thanks, RMD
  9. Rogart: Thanks, but I am in the U.S. I found the assortment on Cousins and ordered it. Hopefully it will include the right spring.
  10. Thanks, I did a quick and dirty look and didn't find any. Will check again. RMD
  11. A few more done and ready for a new wrist. A Elgin Rose Gold Driver, and Elgin Pomeroy, and an Elgin Edgewater. RMD
  12. If you must choose, I would match the spring height and strength (thickness) and go a slight bit shorter rather than longer. A longer spring may bind in the barrel or worse, not fit at all. Good luck. RMD
  13. I've worked on a few. They go together just like they came apart. Oiling: Light oil on all wheels except center wheel. No oil on pallet pivots, D5 on the center wheel pivots and the barrel arbor. As for assembly, start from a known point (say the escape wheel) and puzzled your way towards completion. Its not too hard to figure out the wheel placement. RMD
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