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  1. This may be of no concern to you, but, if you remove the plating, you destroy the value and the history of the watch. I think it is beautiful just the way it is. You could always polish a bit by hand with Cape Cod Colth if you want, but short of replating the case, I would take no actions to harm the plating. Replating may well diminish the value as well. Good luck, RMD
  2. Put the dial and hands on and bench time it for several days. I find my Chinese timegrapher (W-1000) is terrible with vintage movements. It will predict a rate of +390 secs or more and yet when I bench time the movement is very accurate. It seems to work fine with modern movements. Go figure??!! RMD
  3. 1940 14K rose gold Elgin driver. Polished up well. I upgraded the movement to a 675 from the 559 that came in it. The stretchy bracelet is a very early Speidel that was in amazing condition and polished well also. Her response: "that's pretty." Ho-Hum. RMD
  4. Also, I don't know what you did to the balance and cock, but make certain the HS is between the regluator pins. BTDT! I have also seen a HS catch on the upper level of the balance cock, so give the HS a good look under magnification. Good Luck.
  5. Having just finished a run of four or so Bulova movements (also known as a run of bad luck) with their attendant TINY slots, I would love to be able to find a way to make hollow grind tips work in them . I can't seem to ever get a hollow grind small enough to reliably fit these **BLEEP** screws. Maybe its just me. RMD
  6. The soldering iron trick has worked for me several times. Good Luck, RMD
  7. The only time fumes will be an issue is when the jar is opened. I use L&R 566 which is labeled non-ammoniated, BUT it does contain ethanolamine which stinks like ammonia. I typically run the cleaner jar in the buzz box for 15" and then two L&R rinses for 5" each. I still have to clean some jewels manually and then rinse again. Good Luck, RMD
  8. Yep. The cap stones for the escape are set in screw-retained settings. RMD
  9. " Sorry if i find the post a bit confusing but we are talking about the balance cap jewels, picture 1-2 is one movement and picture 3 is a different movement but same caliber Elgin 712? If all 3 pictures is of a balance end stone/cap jewel then the only one that looks correct is picture 3. " Saswatch88: the first two pictures are intended to show the setting for the cap stone and the glue I removed from said setting. RMD
  10. That's the one I was thinking of. The "lyre" shaped spring. I simply could not remember what it looked like when I was working on this movement. That would certainly fit this setting WITHOUT the cut-out for the KIFF spring. Yes, they weren't shock settings. I remember reading in an Elgin publication how they crowed about this spring and the reductions of "lost" screws for the people servicing their movements. Thanks, RMD
  11. I'm working on an Elgin 712 movement and was about to go to a scrapper movement for the main plate until I found this: (first picture). An end stone with no visible means of support. No spring, no screwed setting ring, nothing holding it in until I ran it thru the cleaner and it fell out. Upon further examination, I found this: (picture two). Lots of glue in the setting. Now the movement I am working on has a KIFF spring over the end stone (picture three). I checked the second scrapper in my pile and it too has no visible means of support for the balance end stone and I suspect that it too is glued into the setting. Neither scrapper setting has cut-outs for a spring insertion. Was this ever a common practice for manufacturers? I know Elgin has some special glue for hairspring collets and studs, but jewels? Thanks, RMD
  12. This will be on hold for a while. I pinged away the stud screw and don't have any yet in my part box. Thanks and back when I get it assembled and running. RMD
  13. Hairspring, lower, and upper balance pivots. I see nothing here. I'm wondering if the HS was shortened by a previous actor. Movement came as a non-runner. Thanks, RMD
  14. I looked at the balance/pivots/HS under the scope last night and will try to post pictures today. The HS is as perfect as any I have seen. The upper and lower pivots were straight and unfortunately flat on the tips. I will have to look at some other Elgin Balances to see if this is normal for their manufacturing processes. Thanks, RMD
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