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There is lots on this subject on this forum or the internet but basically "Swatch" who own ETA no longer supply parts to independents. There are pending court proceedings regarding this

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    • By richiesgr
      So I followed Mark course and I would like to use the ST3600 to build a custom watch.
      I've already buy a case on the photo. but I've some questions:
      What need to be the size of the dial when i measure inside the case there is multiple level each of them have different size like 33.61, 35.56, 36.51, 37.32 from bottom to top What need to be the size of the hands of if it matters at all. The case come without any casing ring or lung so what I'm supposed to use to secure the movement into the case ? Thanks 

    • By HS22SH
      Hi guys,
      First proper post on the forum. Thanks again for having me.
      Just took receipt of an Omega Chronostop 145.010.   Cracking watch but the hour hand has a lot of crud on it. Just wondering:
      1. Is it rust or something else like decayed radium?
      2. Any ideas on how to correct this?   Risk removing the hands and going over it with pegwood or try and track down spare hands (having trouble finding them).
      Cheers in Advance,

    • By Colditz
      I have a flash shortcut to ETA labs 7750 calibre that showed assembly dis-assembly. It no longer works due to Adobe flash reaching EOL status. I visited ETA labs web site to see if there was an alternative and lo and behold  no access to anything technical at all. Does anyone know how to get access to what we use to have access to? Looks like protectionism has escalated.
    • By bangy55
      My first time servicing a 7758. Started to open the mainspring arbor and was surprised to find what appears to be a small gear affixed (permanently?) to the bottom end of the arbor. Feels like some kind of Teflon material. I assume it drives the moon phase wheel? Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Not sure how to proceed since if it isn't supposed to be removed from the arbor I'm not sure how to deal with the spring.

    • By Amateurwatchbreaker
      I have a beautiful Wittnauer 11arg movement that I bought off a jewler for 10 dollars. I figured that I could easily find a suitable case to fit the movement. To this date I have been unable to find a home for this movement. A year ago I ordered a case off of ebay that matched with my movement. When the package arrived at my house it was empty. The Wittnauer 11arg movement is based off an as 1361. Does anybody know where I can find obscure parts/ know where I can get a suitable case?

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