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Which Watch Have You Got Coming In The Mail ? Show Us !!!


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you might see a theme developing here.

the blue dial is already here, but the front office at my apartment complex has been closed from last thursday because of the storm. i'll get it tomorrow.

the other two should be here this week.




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God!  I can recall looking at the Bulova watch display that had Accutrons on it back when I was a kid.  I was always peering into the local jeweller's display window while my mum went supermarket shopping.


My favourite displays were for the Omega moon watch and the many LANCO and Tissot watches.  Also, there was an Australian company that imported Swiss movements and sometimes cased watches here called "Felicia".  Felicia watches were very good... toughly-made and not all that expensive.  Not much more that the ubiquitous Timex watches that were in all the department stores back then.  Here are two locally-made Felicias I lusted after as a kid:


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Both of these watches are project watches from the Chinese Mechanical forum on watchuseek. The GMT is a limited edition, and I don't know what factory either one is made in. I believe the 1963 is generally available right from Ed in Hong Kong. The movement in the 1963 is Seagull, as far as I know. The watch is labeled ST1901.  Ed is very approachable, and I'm sure can answer any questions you have.


Have fun!

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I have this Chinese beauty flying to me from my favourite Ebay supplier as I type:





A nice looking watch stroppy, some of the cheap Chinese watches really look the part and for the price you can't go wrong, I have 6 or 7 mechanical & quartz , most of the quartz have Miyota  movements, and as far as I am concerned the movement is the heart of a watch.


If I had the dough I would spring this little looker.  272103922181



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so where does the green come from on the rotor

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Not sure, some sort of tropical fungus that oozes out of the Filipino rain forest I think, get a lot like that seems to cleanup Ok most times, I hope! 

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i can tell the watches that the indians sell. they have a....how can i put this?......special way with refurbishing the dials. in many cases, if they were just left alone, the watch would be much more desireable.


I have my doubts about that Tim, they throw nothing away and the dials they refurbish we would just scrap they would be that bad.

It is not all bad that you can pick their dials, we have several sellers on eBay out here who seem to specialize in re-marketing them, all seem to list them for auction, starting at $85.00 or BIN at $118.00, you or I go on their sites we pick them up no trouble, but check out their feedback and they seem to move plenty of them to happy customers.


I put a decent Seiko on ebay at auction and get about $35/40 go figure!



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