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  1. Nice find & interesting. I'm a fan of Telechron & GE/Telechron clocks. I like the Red Dot indicator on these (Earlier models). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telechron
  2. Seiko Majesta SBDZ002, Calibre 5S42 Couldn't resist this. Coming from Thailand. Has a smooth second hand like the 5S21. I like the engravings on the caseback as well.
  3. Seiko Spirit/Calibre 5S21 Amazingly sssssmmmmooooth second hand !! Been wanting 1 of these for quite awhile. Pics borrowed from web. Ordered this Strap for it too.
  4. I've seen these on The Bay before & always wonder if they were flood victims.
  5. Thanks. I was thinking if the dial fits the mvmt w/spacer it will work. I was thinking dials have the same diameter.
  6. Thanks again. Doesn't hurt to double check. I want to put a diver dial in a small SNK.
  7. Thanks ! I guess what I also meant is "Are the dial feet all positioned in the same place for 4 o'clock stem watches."
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't these dials interchangeable ? Thanks !
  9. Seiko ProspeX SRPC39J1 Ordered this over the weekend & what a deal !! 258 buck$ + free shipping & no tax !! (Actual baby turtle not included.)
  10. So if you can get the v/h on the machine, is the rate & error also correct & can you make adjustments ?
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