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Black Slate Renovation?

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3 hours ago, Folkvisor said:

Do you know of any step by step videos for dismantling and reassembling a Slate clock movement?

This one is a tad too quick for me...

I can take you through the dismantling and reassembling

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You've already been a huge help. The clock you've helped me with is back home now and they are delighted that it's working again after decades of gathering dust.

It's just that there is a plethora of videos out there on everything but French Slate clocks. 

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Hi All,

Here is something that I found on the Marblack that might be useful, I think it was from M&P.

Clockboys pdf is also very good. I was never keen on using the polyfiller to stick, I always used good quality plaster of paris.. Although NEVER use on dry slate that you have just renovated because once you put on a thin layer you don't have much time to sit and set, before the water is drawn out and it has stuck firm, you will never get it apart, I always wet and let the water soak in a few times on the slate first so that it gives a little more time to move and line up properly, don't worry about any that messes your slate it easily cleans off.

A NO NO is to never use apoxy resin, use that and make your clock worthless, no matter how hard you try to be careful it will ooze out and seal the pores of the slate and WILL show up badly when polished..




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