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  1. However, the first one I bought quit working about an hour after I started wearing it. So, I took it back and they replaced it with a new one but it had an issue with the GMT hand; it moved 4 hours instead of one on the 24 hour dial. So it was sent back and they replaced the movement. Now it works perfectly and they were embarrassed to the point that they threw in a travel case and a winder to boot. I'm wearing it now...
  2. Thank you. I have one; it's a good watch.
  3. Thank you, I will...
  4. Does anyone have any idea where there might be a video of a Hamilton Jazzmaster GMT being repaired, cleaned, oiled?
  5. So, is it still working?
  6. O, ok. Well the dial bending isn't the problem then. It was a problem on a watch I was working on - mostly due to an inept watchmaker...me. From how you describe the canon pinion it could well be the issue or there may be some slippage in the intermediate wheel that connects between the minute and hour wheel. This may have already been mentioned.
  7. If it still stops it may be that it needs a rim spacer instead of a wavy washer. Good luck
  8. If you have a staking tool you can use it to tighten the canon pinion by resting it on one wedge-shaped attachment while resting another like attachment against the top and then giving it a tap with a jeweller's hammer. It is best to limit the "crush" with a needle. I know this works because I've done it but you need to be VERY careful and fit it after every tap. If you go too far it is almost impossible to undo your mistake. But perhaps a wavy washer is not what you need here. Both a 2824-2 and a 2836-2 movement use a spacer ring around the outside of the movement instead of a wavy washer because the dial will bend if a wavy washer is used and this can stop both the date wheel and the hands from moving properly. I'd check to see if this is the case. From the look of your watch I think it may be.
  9. Yes, 8280 11A. Sorry I wasn't clear.
  10. Anyway, I'll try Loctite. If there is a chemical reaction it doesn't really matter since the thing doesn't work now anyway.
  11. To rogart63: It's 8280 not 8230. Perhaps I misprinted the number. To old hippy: The part I got from the supplier was wrong but I was told it was for another version of the movement. I'm taking it back for credit. I may be able to get the part from another supplier. It's strange that the two parts, centre wheel and its staff, separated.
  12. I have a Seiko 8280 11A with a centre wheel that has come detached from its staff. I bought another centre wheel repeat with staff but it won't fit. I am wondering if it might be possible to reattach the wheel to the staff using a small amount of loctite, the kind that you can take apart again if need be - I use it for attaching crowns to stems. I think that, once the wheel is in place it should work?
  13. Folkvisor

    Cheap Pegwood

    I was a band teacher for years and it was always necessary to do smaller fixes on band instruments; saxophones were the most prone to small dings causing problems with pad seating. At seventy, I still teach a small community band with the same instrument problems. During the other part of my life I was a concert piano technician and I also did complete overhauls to many different makes of piano. So, does that make me a kind of luthier?
  14. Folkvisor

    Barrel w/out pry hole

    OK, thank you.