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  1. Ahh, OK. Thank you. Yes, I saw the gears that, I take it, lets it wind in either direction but, not seeing a rotor, I thought it was, perhaps, a magic rotor of some sort...lol I guess I didn't see the whole video. Have you seen the new Moritz Grossman automatic mechanism?
  2. Perhaps it has a rotor. I just can't remember seeing it in the video.
  3. Hi I have watched the video a couple of times and I cannot figure out how the automatic winding mechanism works on the Vostok Divers Watch. From what I can tell it is a bit like the Seiko mechanism? Perhaps I'm totally wrong. Thank you, Dave
  4. I'm surprised Otto Frei doesn't have it. There are a number of watchmakers' supply companies listed on this site somewhere. Cousins in the UK and Perron's in Canada for 2. There are others.
  5. I actually exchanged the entire movement because there were other issues with it as well as the CDW not working properly. You can buy them at most watch part suppliers. They aint cheap! About $75 US the last time I checked...
  6. Just a heads up for anyone working on a 7751 Moonphase: The Moonphase Star can be a bit tricky. Not much holds it in place and it can move while putting on the dial. Make sure the dial is held firmly in place while setting the ETA clamps on the dial feet. If not, the Moonphase Star can come loose.
  7. I’ll check out Mark’s videos. Thank you for all your other insights.
  8. Now the hard part. Any idea of problems replacing the balance staff? I've watched videos on this and all I've really learned is that it isn't an easy thing to do. One suggestion was to use a lathe but I haven't no lathe - just a staking tool.
  9. I think I’m gonna just clean and oil the thing and forget about trying to take the ratchet wheel off. I don’t want to break it. I’m hoping the new balance staff works well.
  10. The crown wheel was loosened by turning it cw but the ratchet screw should be a regular thread...I think... I’ll see if I can get a little diesel fuel. I’ll try the heat thing too. Thank you for the suggestions. I promise not to use WD40...
  11. The ratchet wheel screw is extremely tight. I can't remove it. I tried to loosen it a bit by putting on a little pallet jewel oil and letting it seep in under the head of the screw. Hopefully it will loosen it a bit but I am not certain it will penetrate far enough. I don't want to force it so much I break the screw. Any ideas?
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