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  1. Sizing loose hands

    Excellent suggestions!
  2. Magic Fix for Clocks

    I took the French Slate clock back 'home' and I got a call after a week telling me it had stopped. I asked them if they'd wound it. The guy just said, 'O.' Haven't heard since...
  3. Magic Fix for Clocks

    The hours I've spent working on them proves you out. And I am just an amateur...
  4. Magic Fix for Clocks

    Very much! I think dentists scare them
  5. Sizing loose hands

    Thank you for all the caveats and advice. I may just get a new set of hands along with a new dial.
  6. Sizing loose hands

    I have a staking set. However, I think there were more issues than just the hands as the dial feet broke off. I'm going to watch TV for a while...
  7. Sizing loose hands

    O probably... I just saw Locktite mentioned so I asked. I posted separately just now.
  8. Sizing loose hands

    I am having a problem with the hour hand on a watch; the friction fit isn't tight enough to hold it in place. Would it be OK to very carefully squeeze it together a little? I'm a little reticent to do this. Would a small amount of Locktite - the non permanent kind - work better?
  9. Magic Fix for Clocks

    Someone suggested it may have been a small piece of wood from the case that fell into the works and then, when I took it apart, it just dislodged. So, perhaps, but I didn't see anything...
  10. Magic Fix for Clocks

    I'd had the thing working for more than a year with no problem but it just quit. Going again now...
  11. Magic Fix for Clocks

    It seems happy back in its case.
  12. Magic Fix for Clocks

    I discovered that taking the clock mechanism out and putting it on a test stand will fix a clock. Before I removed the clock mechanism the minute hand wouldn't move for some reason but after I took the works out and put it on the test stand it was fine. So, now I have to sneak it back into its case without it knowing... One Caveat, this may only work with Ingraham clocks...
  13. Grandfather Clock mechanism holder

    Thank you for this. For some reason I never thought of simply hanging it on the wall.
  14. Black Slate Renovation?

    You've already been a huge help. The clock you've helped me with is back home now and they are delighted that it's working again after decades of gathering dust. It's just that there is a plethora of videos out there on everything but French Slate clocks.