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  1. Folkvisor

    Animated Videos of Watch Movements

    Thank you for the video. It is very clear and has a good explanation of what is happening.
  2. Folkvisor

    Sessions Click Spring

    I'll try. If I can't I'll make a drawing.
  3. Hi Does anyone know if there are any videos of how a chronograph mechanism works or even a simple day/date mechanism? I know about the cam, etc but it would be nice to see it working in a video; these things aren't always visible in a watch. There are some good videos of escape mechanisms; it would be nice if there were videos of the above. Thank you, Dave
  4. Folkvisor

    Sessions Click Spring

    Hi I have a Sessions Clock in my shop that is missing a click spring on the time winding arbour. I made one from some stiff wire but I now see that the small hole where the spring fits into the click is broken so it won't hold it in place. I'm wondering if there is some kind of glue I could use to keep it in place. This is the only thing wrong with the clock. Thank you Dave
  5. I think that the spring will be pushed into place when the Operating Lever and Reset Lever are used. It is sticking out a very small amount from beneath the Train Bridge. If it proves to be a problem, I'll just get more practice disassembling and reassembling the movement.
  6. And the Day Disk needs to engage properly as well. It is often trickier to place than the Date Disk. I don't know anything about the 2830 so I may not have been much help. Is 'Swinglish' a bit like 'Franglais'?
  7. O, sorry...7751 Moonphase.
  8. I had problems placing the dial rim so I left it off and that created problems with the date wheel. (There is no wavy washer on the 2836-2.) It isn't all that easy to place the dial rim; it has to be pushed on with a bit of oomph. Perhaps you should see whether your movement needs a dial rim. It may be that someone simply left it off because it was too difficult to replace. Frankly, I once put in a wavy washer in a 2836 instead of the dial rim; that caused things to get bent when the watch is cased. My teacher wasn't very happy with me...
  9. Hi One of the bends in the Operating Lever Spring (8335) accommodated the Setting Lever (443/1) shaft but the spring should be able to fit under the Train Bridge (106); however, the bend in the Operating Lever Spring sticks out from under the Train Bridge where it should be snugged agains the Setting Lever shaft. I have checked for foreign objects and found none. The spring is in the right way and I am quite sure it fit before. Also, there should be nothing in the openings under the Train Bridge to obstruct the spring as it moves back and forth easily. It just won't got under the Train Bridge and snug up against the Setting Lever shaft. Any ideas? Dave
  10. Folkvisor

    Problems signing in

    Hi Thank you both for getting back to me so soon. I think that I am getting the forum and the lessons confused. The WRT forum works just fine and, since I've never registered for the lessons, it isn't surprising that my password doesn't work; I don't have one for the lessons. Sorry for the confusion. Dave
  11. Mark or whomever it may concern The site worked so why is it being changed? In any case, I can't sign in; my Username/Password are not being recognized. I've been on WRT for quite a while; I enjoy the forums but if I can't access it I'll stop paying for it. Dave
  12. Hi Does have anyone got any ideas about how to place the operating lever spring in a 7751 easily? I know how it supposed to go in and I almost had it in - twice. There must be a magic word or something... Thanks Dave
  13. Folkvisor

    7751 Moonphase Official Parts List

    How did you know? Wow! Thank you.
  14. Hi Does anyone know where I can find an ETA parts list for a 7751 Moonphase movement? I've found parts lists for a 2836-2 but the 7751 seems to be difficult to find and the ETA site isn't much help. Thank you
  15. Folkvisor

    Stem Change on a Timex Weekender - quartz

    Hi I’m sorry but this exchange is too old for me to remember. I was fixing it for a customer and I just kind of poked around until the stem came out...not really very good watchmaking technique...LOL