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  1. Grandfather Clock mechanism holder

    Thank you for this. For some reason I never thought of simply hanging it on the wall.
  2. Black Slate Renovation?

    You've already been a huge help. The clock you've helped me with is back home now and they are delighted that it's working again after decades of gathering dust. It's just that there is a plethora of videos out there on everything but French Slate clocks.
  3. Black Slate Renovation?

    Do you know of any step by step videos for dismantling and reassembling a Slate clock movement? This one is a tad too quick for me...
  4. Does anyone have any plans for building a stand for a grandfather clock movement? I could probably put something together but if there are plans for a stand with measurements, etc it would save some time. Thank you
  5. 2836-2 Casing

    Nuts! I thought it was my own original idea...LOL
  6. AS589

    I have been using Bergeron 6707 GerMarSol. I've always had good luck with it and this is the first time something like this has happened. I will clean everything with alcohol before using the cleaning machine again.
  7. 2836-2 Casing

    I was having problems with a casing kit for the 2836-2. First, it wasn't made clear that placement of part 145, the ring that fits between the dial and movement, was absolutely necessary; it allows the day and date rings to turn freely. Second, there was a spacer ring to go between the case and the movement supplied with it that didn't fit properly. I used some pieces of small rubber tubing as a spacer instead. I'm thinking that this fix isn't exactly good watchmaking technique but the watch works now and it didn't before, so... Just thought I'd pass that along for anyone who is looking to case a 2836-2.
  8. AS589

    I got the screw off but I have another problem totally new to me. I had a strange chemical reaction in my ultrasound tub. A lot of brownish yellow material appeared from nowhere and has really made a mess of many of the parts. I've never had this happen before. I'm not sure if has something to do with a chemical reaction between the cleaner I use and some of the metal parts on the AS589 or what. Has this happened to anyone else? Very strange!
  9. AS589

    Cool, OK...thank you. It sure is tight!!
  10. AS589

    OK, so just to be clear I should loosen it buy turning it clockwise? Dave
  11. AS589

    Does anyone know about what direction the ratchet wheel screw should be loosened? Most go counterclockwise but this screw is either very tight or it should be loosened clockwise like the crown wheel screw. thank you
  12. how to add a photo

    I still think you should be able paste a photo here. All the other stuff shouldn't be necessary. If it works for you, great; it doesn't work for me any more. It used to work for me.
  13. how to add a photo

    I think there is some sort of inherent problem with the 'insert other media' program. It should work better than it does and it should be possible to by-pass it altogether and be able to paste photos onto this site if need be. I can't get it to work and I've tried a lot of back door methods. "Believe me."
  14. 2836-2 Day Wheel Problem

    It works just fine out of the case. I'm not sure what its problem is.
  15. 2836-2 Day Wheel Problem

    I'm pretty sure everything is intact. I'm wondering if the problem could be the screws holding the movement on the spacer are a little too tight. Or, perhaps, the daywheel spring needs a little D5. The spring is in place because I can move the daywheel with the stem.