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  1. French Mantle (Slate) Clock Movement

    OK, will do. I need to buy some smaller drills in Winnipeg next week. They don't have anything smaller than 1/16" in town. But I do have a small reamer. I take it that it's best to grind the old pin down to the post first as well.
  2. French Mantle (Slate) Clock Movement

    One of the pins is bent. I doubt it will pull out. I think the only solution is drilling it out after smoothing the end of the pin down to the brass post. It is slightly smaller than 1/16" so perhaps a 3/64" drill or 1/32? Any suggestions? I think the pin is soft enough not be a problem for a drill; however, guiding the drill may not be so easy.
  3. French Mantle (Slate) Clock Movement

    I got 2 out. Good thing I'm not getting paid by the hour! I am using nose pliers and a string lifter made from a pitchfork tyne from my piano tools. Seems to work... (The side cutters I bought don't get close enough to the side of the clock. I'll keep looking for better ones.)
  4. Casing a 2836-2

    Actually, I got it working by stealing case screws and a wavy washer from another watch that wasn't working anyway. It now keeps very good time.
  5. French Mantle (Slate) Clock Movement

    I will go buy some side cutters. I had a pair but it seems they've disappeared. Thank you for the idea.
  6. French Mantle (Slate) Clock Movement

    Someone used small nails instead of tapered pins to fasten the plates on the posts. The metal is soft and they are hard to remove without wrecking the nail. I've tried everything I can to get them all out but I've only been successful with one. Any ideas? It would be nice if people would use the right parts!
  7. French Mantle (Slate) Clock Movement

    I'm in Canada so I will try Perrin's in Toronto
  8. Fitting A New Watch Stem.

    Sort of what I did the second time with the second stem...glad there wasn't a third...
  9. Fitting A New Watch Stem.

    This is great! I should've read it before I made the stem too short on my 2836-2. $5.50 later and another try...
  10. French Mantle (Slate) Clock Movement

    Yes, I agree that isn't all that dirty. The suspension spring is twisted. Can it be straightened? I'm not sure where I can buy another one. The clock runs so the pallets etc isn't a huge problem; however, the clock needs to be tilted slightly toward 1 o'clock to work. If 12 is at the top it doesn't want to run. Also, I don't thing it was pinned properly. They aren't tapered and they look suspiciously like decapitated tacks. I've used penetrating oil to get them out because I think they should be replaced with tapered pins but it's not going to be easy. The striking mechanism works though. Thank you for your detailed descriptions and help; if you ever need to know how to do a complete regulation on a Steinway Grand...just call a very experienced piano technician...they are even harder than French Slate Clocks...LOL Dave
  11. French Mantle (Slate) Clock Movement

    Perhaps I could email the photos to you. That should work. Dave
  12. French Mantle (Slate) Clock Movement

    I will pass all this onto the customer. Interesting stuff! Can the spring be straightened without breaking it? Dave
  13. French Mantle (Slate) Clock Movement

    OK, I'll try to do that tomorrow or Wednesday. We are in the midst of musical rehearsals...
  14. Casing a 2836-2

    Hi I am having a problem casing my 2836-2 movement. The case has a spacer because of the size difference. That part seems OK. The main problem is the second hand pushed against the crystal when the caseback is tightened. There are case screws and a ring to put on the movement but, I put it on, it doesn't fit in the spacer ring properly. It's also very hard to fit. Any suggestions are welcome. Dave
  15. French Mantle (Slate) Clock Movement

    Maybe it's my iMac or the fact they are on Pages. I'll try turning them into a PDF and see what happens. French Clock Photos.pages