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  1. Folkvisor

    Urgos Grandfather Clock

    I'm looking forward to getting the book.
  2. Folkvisor

    Urgos Grandfather Clock

    I just bought Laurie Penman's The Clock Repairer's Handbook.
  3. Folkvisor

    Urgos Grandfather Clock

    Thank you so much for these ideas. I have The Clock Repairer's Manual by Mick Watters which is helpful for some things but I will certainly get some of the other books you recommend and I'll have a look at the Clocksmagazine site.
  4. Folkvisor

    Urgos Grandfather Clock

    Mostly repairing them but I'd welcome other recommendations for books about their cases, history and dating as well.
  5. Folkvisor

    Urgos Grandfather Clock

    Can you recommend a good book on grandfather clocks?
  6. Folkvisor

    ETA 7751 Moonphase

    Good idea.
  7. Folkvisor

    ETA 7751 Moonphase

    Thank you for the info and the video. I appreciate it.
  8. Folkvisor

    Urgos Grandfather Clock

    I guess I'm not very smart at times! Who knew it came out of the front. I know, I know...
  9. Folkvisor

    ETA 7751 Moonphase

    I will soon start working on this watch. Any ideas? Besides my watchmaker's friend comment, "Don't!"
  10. Folkvisor

    Urgos Grandfather Clock

    I got it in and it works. It was a LOT easier when I found out it came out the front of the case!!! After doing all kinds of other crap... Anyway, it's in and working. But I had a nice level clock shelf for it and it is now on a floor that isn't level so...whatever... Thank you for your comments.
  11. Folkvisor

    Urgos Grandfather Clock

    Thank you for your answer. Yes it's a modern movement - about 30 years old. I got it out - took almost an hour. Putting it back in will be even more of a challenge I think. It will only go out the back. I'm hoping I'll be able to fix the dial before putting it back in. I'm just hoping everything will line up for the chime hammers. I marked everything before removing the movement but it doesn't seem to matter much. I think it's just a kind of hit and miss thing. But after cleaning and oiling the clock works.
  12. Folkvisor

    Urgos Grandfather Clock

    Hi All I haven't been here for a while. I'm working on an Urgos Grandfather Clock. The movement seems to be working fine but the clock isn't free-standing. It's in the middle of a China cabinet and there are no side access panels. I am tempted to MAKE some with a chainsaw but, unfortunately, the owner doesn't like the idea. Does anyone have any experience with such creatures? Dave
  13. However, the first one I bought quit working about an hour after I started wearing it. So, I took it back and they replaced it with a new one but it had an issue with the GMT hand; it moved 4 hours instead of one on the 24 hour dial. So it was sent back and they replaced the movement. Now it works perfectly and they were embarrassed to the point that they threw in a travel case and a winder to boot. I'm wearing it now...
  14. Thank you. I have one; it's a good watch.
  15. Thank you, I will...