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  1. Wow I have taken a few French clock movements apart and serviced them, however, I have never seen one on these before, what a beautiful movement..
  2. Yes OH, but it does have a nice hammer for the bell...lol
  3. Lenj

    Ansonia Clock

    Another nice clock, I like seeing these old clocks..
  4. What a beautiful bracket clock, and lovely etched movement..
  5. Lovely clock you have there WLS1971...
  6. I think I have seen one of them platforms on fleabay..
  7. Is it Cokecola that rots meat if it sits in it?? However vinegar has done a good job on them chains..
  8. It will be a great project and nice clock when finished..
  9. Super job, looks great now..Thanks for showing us the end result...
  10. I think bodge and dodge it have had a go at that one, still you will make it better CB...
  11. Some photos would help..
  12. What a gorgeous clock, lovely dial, looking forward to the end result!!!
  13. I love these dials, I make paper/card dials and laminate them. At present I am working on Mark's version with the decal water slide transfer paper, I have some old scrap watch dials to practice on, I have made my dials and printed them on the decal paper (reversed) forgot about having to lacquer them before soaking them in water, I also have some cut polished brass to try, ready to slide onto it....Here is an old dial that I made in Coral draw from scratch.. Len
  14. Wow OH that is beautiful. Don't make them like that anymore..
  15. Is it a copper and porcelain dial?, looks a modern dial, if porcelain, as OH said, they crack very easily..And as watchweasol said You could stick new feet on..and for added safety double sided tape like they use on Mathew Norman clock dials..Looking at the hole in the dial, you could turn down on the lathe some new feet.. It all depends on which is the best way for you to go.
  16. Lenj

    How to clean dial

    Yes I have a Canon printer, and as you say it does a good job of the printing, I also laminate them which give a good effect. I would like to try the version that Mark uses, but if it has to be printed on the special paper with a laser printer, I will need to get printed elsewhere, which is not a problem, but would be good if it could be done on the inkjet.. Just found this on Ebay for the inkjet printer.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Water-Slide-Decal-Paper-A4-INKJET-Waterslide-Transfer-Paper-Various-pack-sizes/254323402991? Len
  17. Lenj

    How to clean dial

    Thx I will have a look..
  18. Lenj

    How to clean dial

    Can anyone tell me name of printing paper used?? Happy New Year to you ALL.. Thx Len
  19. Lenj

    How to clean dial

    Also got me thinking, you may recall I wanted to get an Epee dial restored, but to expensive, I love what Mark did in his video, I was wondering if I could do the same, does it have to be printed with laser printer? or would normal printing be OK on the special paper?? Thanks Len
  20. Lenj


    Looking at the movement, I think that it needs a service..
  21. An RAF sector clock, plenty of info about these on the internet.. Len
  22. Lenj


    Hi Bobb, Welcome to the group.. I had a quick look on ebay, this one turned up. If you are going to keep for sentimental reasons, look where this movement is there are cheap chime clocks, maybe cobble one up from one.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Seiko-Quartz-Strike-Chime-Clock-Movement-Euro-Shaft-16-5-mm-Speaker-68-x82/264563944209?hash=item3d993d6b11:g:WE0AAOSw5PJbElgL Also there are a lot of members on here that might know other sources.. Good luck Len
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