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  1. My misses is the same, she also can't stand all the ticking, I love it!!! Len
  2. I think you are right on this, or the pivot has been replaced at sometime and slipped in a tad further than was first fitted..
  3. Thanks Mark, we ALL appreciate all your hard work that you do to keep this "GREAT" site up and running.. Len
  4. AS Watchweasol said..Sounds like the springs are fully wound and under a LOT of power....To remove the springs you HAVE to let down the power on all the barrels before doing anything to this movement, as I found out when I first started the hobby many years ago. If you have never taken a movement apart before, this is Not really the best movement to learn on. Hope all goes well for you.. Len
  5. Hi, Thanks for getting back to me and for the advice, I will try that now. I did not want to take the watch apart in case it invalidates the warranty, but just been informed that there is NO warrany, only for the first 30 days, Chineese rubbish. I know this is not our usual mechanical watches I only got this for the blood pressure and heart rate etc was not expecting them to say no warranty is given, I though all new goods had 1 years warranty..I will not be buying from them again, Thanks again Len
  6. I got this smart watch off ebay about 6 weeks ago for blood pressure, heart rate etc. My problem is when I work up a sweat the dial shows up a milky bloom, there is also some spots on the glass inside fungus?? and also what looks like the processor ? over heating?? and shows up when the dial is not showing time etc..I have got a couple of photos to show, best I can get that shows what is actually happening... I emailed the seller and he said to send some photos which I did he cam back with can I take it to a watch repairer for them to check, surely the cost of fixing if it can be fixed will cost more than the £30 I paid for it..Am I right to say I don't want this watch repaired of replaced and ask for my money back. I know it's only £30 but know this can't be fixed or can it, I know nothing about watches.. Thanks for any help.. Len
  7. Lenj

    Fema Click springs

    Hi, Thanks for this I will have a look on Ebay and see what they have. Thanks again Len
  8. Lenj

    Fema Click springs

    Thanks all for getting back to me. I could adapt, but was hoping for an original. I like the idea of making one, how would you get the "Spring" in it, would this be done by heating?? Thanks again Len
  9. Lenj

    Fema Click springs

    Hiya, The one with the broken click spring is in bits and waiting for mainspring.. Here is a photo of the other that I have to strip to repair the mainspring. The click spring is identical as in other attached photo. Thanks for help Len
  10. Hi all, Strange I have two Fema clock movements to repair, both with broken mainsprings and one with a broken click spring, can you please tell me, are the click springs readily available???has anyone bought one, if so where from? Photo attached of good click spring, this is the type that I need.. Hope you are all well.. Thx Len
  11. Good luck in your new venture..
  12. There have been a few of these on Ebay, I looked at one for spares and repair, saw that dial, and you all say not right fake..Left that one alone..
  13. You always seem to get the challenging ones CB..It will be a lovely clock when finished..
  14. Yes I like this one, however, I would not buy it..
  15. Those barrels come out without taking the movement apart, so you can pop them out and clean the spring by taking the barrel caps off, if you are not going to take the spring out...Oh I have just seem you have already taken the time train barrel out, was it mucky?? Len
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