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  1. That is awful, it looks like it was made last week, I would not give £1.50 let alone £150 for that, looks so thinly made and cheap..
  2. Hi, Thanks for getting back to me...I am in the UK and yes I know about the cylinders I used to have an 82 year old friend that did mine, but sadly no longer with us.. Hence my asking my fellow clockies on here if anyone still does them.. Thx Len
  3. Hi All, Hope it's OK to ask on here, if not please delete.. I have a couple of old cylinder escapements with broken bottom pivots, does any one on here repair them?? If so could you PM me please.. Hope you are all keeping safe. Len
  4. Wow I have taken a few French clock movements apart and serviced them, however, I have never seen one on these before, what a beautiful movement..
  5. Yes OH, but it does have a nice hammer for the bell...lol
  6. Another nice clock, I like seeing these old clocks..
  7. What a beautiful bracket clock, and lovely etched movement..
  8. Lovely clock you have there WLS1971...
  9. I think I have seen one of them platforms on fleabay..
  10. Is it Cokecola that rots meat if it sits in it?? However vinegar has done a good job on them chains..
  11. It will be a great project and nice clock when finished..
  12. Super job, looks great now..Thanks for showing us the end result...
  13. I think bodge and dodge it have had a go at that one, still you will make it better CB...
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