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  1. Lenj

    Imhof Inclined Plane Clock

    Lovely clocks..
  2. Lenj

    OT some larger scale craftmanship

    Stunning workmanship there..
  3. Lenj

    How is this for a rip off?

    How many times have you heard the saying on "Bargain Hunt on TV" Looks old, however, made last week..
  4. Lenj

    Anyone got one of these lathes??

    Hi, thanks for the info..as I said yes you do get what you pay for, but I can't justify that sort of money to do a couple of pivots, I like the home made jobby, that look fun to make.. Len
  5. Lenj

    Anyone got one of these lathes??

    Yes you do get what you pay for that's for sure...Thanks for the link, that looks like a good project.. Len
  6. Lenj

    Anyone got one of these lathes??

    And thanks to you Geo.. Well I had a look at the Ulimat 3 and that is twice the cost of the one above..Just to do a few pivots would not be worthwhile spending all that money.. Anyone made an home made pivot repairer..lol.. Len
  7. Lenj

    Anyone got one of these lathes??

    Hiya, Thanks for getting back to me and the info, I am glad I asked.. I will have a lookout for the Unimat 3, I only want it for clocks pivots, I can't see to do that fine a work on watches.. I bought a box of carriage clock bits of the Bay all mixed up, I managed to fit them all together, 2 very nice cases, 3 movements. One was a Charles Frodsham the barrel is shot and I do mean shot....and had a lovely repair done to it, photo attached if interested, also photo of the pivot I need to repair. And one more case to fixup but that needs a lot of work.. Thanks again Len
  8. Hi, Has anyone got one of these lathes?? if so are they any good for repairing pivots etc..I know they would not be any use for heavy work, but thought I would ask first.. Have a good weekend all.. Thanks Len
  9. Sorry WLS I was quoting Old Hippy's logo, which IS Mauthe.. Len
  10. If you look further up the page, I found your clock, and Yes it's Frederick Mauthe. Good find. Date are about right 1925. Len
  11. Another beautiful unusual movement, where do you get them from??
  12. Here it is..what ever it means.. F.M.S. (im Kreis mit Adler) Friedrich Mauthe GmbH Großuhren; Schwenningen, Deutschland; registriert am 28.1.1925 Len
  13. Lenj

    How is this for a rip off?

    How embarrassing lol...
  14. Lenj

    I like this clock.

    Nice clock, nice Fusee..
  15. Lenj

    Oooops I did it again

    I thought the pallets pins were held in with shellac, looks like tar, probably a bit of extra weight to slow the clock down a tad lol....The slate will clean up OK.