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  1. Lenj

    IBM Industrial Master Clock

    Love that old 50's photo, that brings back some memories..
  2. Lenj

    Help on a French Carriage clock

    Nice clock and lever platform..Has the stone come out??
  3. Lenj


    I have email a couple on ebay, don't want to know too small a job..I will get my lathe..
  4. Lenj


    Hi All, Thank you as usual for getting back to me, and for being very informative, I can see why you all recommend the Unimat 3, but a bit out of my price range, I saw a brand new one for £2,5k that is a lot. I also saw a second hand one for starting at £900, for what I want it for I can't justify that kind of money, I am not an engineer and don't know how to make wheels and cogs etc I don't have the know how.. being a pensioner I am too old in the tooth for starting up another part of this hobby..I just need something to mend a few pivots and to make the bush for my contrate wheel.. I saw a bare base for a Unimat 3 but time you add all the motor and parts, it would probably end up being a lot dearer..I will have to keep an eye open for a cheap one, I don 't want to go down the road of the little mini cheapy £100 lathes that I asked about in a previous thread, saw one in action and, I could do a better job freehand.. Thanks for all your help - Len
  5. Lenj


    Hi all, My task for this year is a clock that has been sitting in a tin for a long while..I need to put a new bush?? Into a contrate wheel, I have tried to make a new insert with a piece of holed brass bushing wire drilled and tapered to arbor, but split the bush reaming it out, so needs rebushing, are these bushes off the shelf?? If not, I need to invest in a small lathe, I have looked at the those on ebay for about £450 are they capable/suitable or do I need a proper watchmakers lathe as they do look a tad big for what I want to do, a Boley? Well that Is out of the question....As usual any help greatly appreciated..
  6. Lenj

    Do you own a ticking bomb ?

    Great advice to the newbie..Too late for some..Like myself...lol
  7. Lenj

    Do you own a ticking bomb ?

    Hi All, I just came across this thread, did not see this one.....I am ashamed to say that this was ME, this was my first and LAST Haller clock!! I got this from an auction and when I got it home, I could not wait to try it out to see if it worked.. At the time I was only into the restoration of French slate clocks, so this was a new one for me. I set it up and tried to wind, but it was fully wound, so started the balls going and it worked. I wanted to see that it worked OK before stripping down to clean it, as it was a tad grubby and I like to tinker... After about twenty minutes it stopped, perhaps it needs a drop of oil I thought,..BIG MISTAKE!!! I started to undo the 4 nuts on the backplate, un-be known to me this also held the mainspring in place. what a stupid setup, no warning not to remove. Well this is how I gave it the name of The German Time Bomb, because it went BOOOM it exploded very loud, and the plastic mainspring wheel after it shot out and broken into lots of pieces, it embedded in my chest, I also got a nasty cut on my hand, I was very lucky, if that had hit me in the eye, I dread to think what would have happened. The photo doesn't show all the bits of the mainspring, there were lots!!...Lessons were learnt that day.. Strange I read there was another that exploded on someone's mantlepiece about a week later, this was just sitting there and suddenly went, there was glass everywhere from the dome...My clock went in the dustbin never to be seen again.. I remember later I put the dome off mine on ebay and got more for that than I paid for the clock!! As I said lesson learned!!!!!! I will stick to my French and carriage clocks, a little safer!! Len
  8. Lenj

    Clock competition

    Black Forest?
  9. Lenj

    Is this an 8 day movement?

    That is a lovely French clock I would say c1890 with that outside count wheel.
  10. Lenj

    Broken Platform regulator pin

    Hi Stuart, Yes I re-measured and yes your size sound great, I measured the hole size with a drill that was 0.5mm, the length was with a ruler, so not that accurate.. Thx Len
  11. Lenj

    Broken Platform regulator pin

    Sorry hole size 0.5mm ….pin length 1.5 approx Thx len
  12. Lenj

    Broken Platform regulator pin

    Hi All, Thanks for getting back to me and thanks to Old Hippy for the link and Stuart ad Rogart63 for the info..I was not expecting to have to buy a unit to fit, just fit a new pin, and yes is a modern one, but that is a great idea if I can't get a pin. The pin hols size is 0.01mm if they are made?? Thx again Len
  13. Hi All, I have a platform escapement with a broken regulator pin, can you buy these pins or do they have to be made specially, or can you make them yourself. if so How?? Any help as always much appreciated.. Thx Len
  14. Lenj

    Regulator Clock

    Gorgeous clock..
  15. Anyone thought about using a lock for this project, it would need some thought solid brass.. but for a fiver??