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  1. Lenj

    A clock challenge !!!

    You always seem to get the challenging ones CB..It will be a lovely clock when finished..
  2. Lenj

    An aluminium-cased longcase clock?

    Yes I like this one, however, I would not buy it..
  3. Lenj

    Smiths mantle clock project

    Those barrels come out without taking the movement apart, so you can pop them out and clean the spring by taking the barrel caps off, if you are not going to take the spring out...Oh I have just seem you have already taken the time train barrel out, was it mucky?? Len
  4. Lenj

    Drilling a pivot problems

    CB...You have to also remember the old timers saying.. A walking drill will wander off.. With such hard steel a slow speed is a must, I don't envy this job, trying to drill down a 2mm is bad enough, but a 1mm. Take care mate..
  5. Lenj

    Fly Pinion required

    French clock pivots are like glass, need plenty of annealing, and a slow drill. £5 a pop is expensive drilling, wish I had a fly here for you..Good luck drilling..
  6. Lenj


    Thanks OH, I will keep an eye out for one, and will use the three jaw chuck, with caution!!!
  7. Lenj


    I have been upt north with the family for the weekend, so not had any "playtime" I will have a play tomorrow!! going to have a go at the platform. I was wondering if OK to put wheels in the three jaw chuck, a little scared in case it rips the teeth off....I had a look on Ebay and saw this collet holder, ended now, but is this what I should look out for? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Unimat-3-lathe-collet-holder-chuck-E16/264162907662?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Hope you all had a good weekend..
  8. Lenj

    Fly Pinion required

    OK no problem, I had another look, all the others are smaller movements, sorry I can't help. As OH said, without the Fly, it would go like the clappers..Have you had any more luck finding one??
  9. Lenj


    Hiya, Yes these motors are so smooth using the toothed belt drive, apparently you can take a bit more metal off each cut, but I am in no rush so take it easy. the other two spare motors are 150w dc, so a bit more powerful, I don't suppose I will use them. I am very happy with my purchase.. Len
  10. Lenj


    Hiya, Must admit I made a few of the bushes before I got it right, taking off too much metal on the collar, they will do as spares if needed, but put down to practice and experience. I am glad I kept all those clock pillars, they have come in handy.. I had a wood lathe, but never a metal lathe. I think I done pretty well in getting this lathe so cheap with all the extras, oh and I forgot there was a brand new chuck as well. What do you use for holding collets is there something special?? Once again thanks for all your help, its much appreciated.
  11. Lenj

    Fly Pinion required

    Hi Clockboy, How you getting on with the French clock fly?? I have an old Frence clock plates measure outside 35mm inside 30.4 approx. sizes. any good to you let me know and I will strip, (the clock the is).. Len
  12. Lenj


    Hi All, Thank you to OldHippy for all the help and advice and to Nicksilver and Vinn3. All the help was much appreciated. I have now collected my lovely old Unimat3 lathe, well please with it, all that is needed is a repaint. It was full of metal shavings, etc, I gave it a good clean out, I will strip it later and repaint to tidy it up a tad. The Unimat3 that I got, has the improved drive in the way suggested many years ago by Rex Tingey?, in that the supplied motors on both lathe and vertical column have been replaced by powerful dc motors using toothed belt drive..I must say it works very well, I got some extras with it, including 2 more brand new dc motors, a speed controller spare belts and the original Unimat drive pulley. I have had a little play with it and considering I have not used one before, pleased with what I have achieved, I have made my bush for my contrate wheel, a couple of new tommy bars as the old ones were a bit tired, and a couple of drill centres, apart from the tommy bars, rest made out of recycled clock parts!!!. Now on my way to restoring my Chiming carriage clock..Need to sort out the platform next before I strip and clean. Once again thank you all for the help and advice.. Len
  13. Lenj

    IBM Industrial Master Clock

    Love that old 50's photo, that brings back some memories..
  14. Lenj

    Help on a French Carriage clock

    Nice clock and lever platform..Has the stone come out??
  15. Lenj


    I have email a couple on ebay, don't want to know too small a job..I will get my lathe..