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  1. Unknown lathe

    A beautiful lathe..
  2. Magic Fix for Clocks

    Very much like going to the dentish with tooth ache and when you get there, the tooth ache has gone...lol
  3. Magic Fix for Clocks

    That's good news a least there is nothing seriously wrong then, maybe the hands were too tight?? Be interesting to see once back in the case..
  4. French mantle clock by Vincenti Cie

    Sorry.... did not see the figures above the makers mark..I did say I had bad eyes...lol... and usually the pendulum marks are at the bottom of these movements.. by the metal securing plate pins.. Len
  5. French mantle clock by Vincenti Cie

    So Sorry Clockboy did not see your calculator there.. works out at 226mm.. Len
  6. French mantle clock by Vincenti Cie

    Wow that is a beautiful clock c18 60/70?? Well worth restoring..looks like you need an 8.4 pendulum (90g??). I did have a table somewhere, if I find it I will add..There is someone on Ebay that cleans clocks for about £95 full strip and clean..I don't know him or his work so can't vouch for him..Also pendulums come up now and then along with suspensions...I would love to clean that one, especially with the outside count wheel nice easy one...alas but my eyes are not all that good a present.. Nice keep good luck with that one..
  7. Anniversary clock suspension

    Years ago I watched a clockmaker take one of those springs form an anniversary clock that was badly twisted from someone turning the balls too much over time. He had two pair of flat nosed pliers one pair he held at the top and the other he slid them down the spring in one go and that spring was flat as the day it was made..A great clockman.. Len
  8. Anniversary clock suspension

    There are a lot more in clock part section
  9. Anniversary clock suspension

    Not sure if you are still looking for parts but saw this on ebay, any use??? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/400-Day-Clock-Parts/273040893579?hash=item3f9281668b:g:uw0AAOSw9tJaafzC Len
  10. Black Slate Renovation?

    Hi All, Here is something that I found on the Marblack that might be useful, I think it was from M&P. Clockboys pdf is also very good. I was never keen on using the polyfiller to stick, I always used good quality plaster of paris.. Although NEVER use on dry slate that you have just renovated because once you put on a thin layer you don't have much time to sit and set, before the water is drawn out and it has stuck firm, you will never get it apart, I always wet and let the water soak in a few times on the slate first so that it gives a little more time to move and line up properly, don't worry about any that messes your slate it easily cleans off. A NO NO is to never use apoxy resin, use that and make your clock worthless, no matter how hard you try to be careful it will ooze out and seal the pores of the slate and WILL show up badly when polished.. Len marblack1.pdf
  11. Black Slate Renovation?

    Hi all, I don't like Marblack etc..it's leaves a horrible carbon layer on the slate if put on to thickly, which does polish off when waxed..M&P used to make a slate blacking the best ever oil based. .As usual they stopped making it..Only way really is to rub down with wet and dry paper finishing off with the finest. As there is nothing else suitable, the Marblack should be used sparingly and rubbed off..Then as mentioned good old Black Boot Polish Kiwi, not the pound shop rubbish. build it up using the makeup remover (dry small round wipes) nicked from her indoors..5 or 6 thin coats is usually enough, let it dry and soak in for a good few hours next day ok, and then using the wipes slightly damp with a small bit of polish on shine it up in circular motions, it will come up a treat.. Here is one I did earlier.. if links are allowed.. Len
  12. Waltham A11 8 Day aircraft clock

    I take it the knob on the bottom left is to wind the clock???
  13. Hello From Bedfordshire

    Thanks for the warm welcome both.. Len