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  1. Wow I have taken a few French clock movements apart and serviced them, however, I have never seen one on these before, what a beautiful movement..
  2. Yes OH, but it does have a nice hammer for the bell...lol
  3. Lenj

    Ansonia Clock

    Another nice clock, I like seeing these old clocks..
  4. What a beautiful bracket clock, and lovely etched movement..
  5. Lovely clock you have there WLS1971...
  6. I think I have seen one of them platforms on fleabay..
  7. Is it Cokecola that rots meat if it sits in it?? However vinegar has done a good job on them chains..
  8. It will be a great project and nice clock when finished..
  9. Super job, looks great now..Thanks for showing us the end result...
  10. I think bodge and dodge it have had a go at that one, still you will make it better CB...
  11. Some photos would help..
  12. What a gorgeous clock, lovely dial, looking forward to the end result!!!
  13. I love these dials, I make paper/card dials and laminate them. At present I am working on Mark's version with the decal water slide transfer paper, I have some old scrap watch dials to practice on, I have made my dials and printed them on the decal paper (reversed) forgot about having to lacquer them before soaking them in water, I also have some cut polished brass to try, ready to slide onto it....Here is an old dial that I made in Coral draw from scratch.. Len
  14. Wow OH that is beautiful. Don't make them like that anymore..
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