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  1. 1930s Hermle Westminster School Project

    Great job, well done..
  2. Westminster strike not stopping

    Nice job well done.. Len
  3. Vintage Bezel hinge advice please

    You can't beat the sound of the chimes, I have an old Smiths here with Westminster and Whittington chimes, it has an acoustic box on it and the sound is LOUD and great.. Len
  4. Brocok movement escapement

    Lovely clock, had a few of these at sometime or other, some with the Lion on the flat top clocks.. I was wondering about the finish, probably been over an open fireplace most of its life.. Once cleaned the brass work will polish up lovely with brasso and waxed to stop tarnishing, not forgetting to peg out afterwards..Be good to see once cleaned and finished. Len
  5. Vintage Bezel hinge advice please

    Ooops..Should also have said, great job on the door hinge. Len
  6. Vintage Bezel hinge advice please

    Well done-sounds OK now.. Len
  7. French Clock Chime

    I was going to say the exact same thing, I have 2 Westminster chiming clock and a French chiming clock not wound, not had any problems!!! Len
  8. French Clock Chime

    Can I ask what damage??
  9. French Clock Chime

    As Clockboy said don't wind it..Most all don't mess about with, removing parts makes it worthless, bending the hammer will still clonk if she winds it..Just don't wind it..
  10. Dirty Mainspring (not for the faint hearted)

    Yep the levering did not help, also need to try and get a good key, take of the solder??
  11. Dirty Mainspring (not for the faint hearted)

    Shame about the hinge coming apart. Did it come apart clean with the epoxy resin? two part should have done the job on it's own problably did not stick to the solder??
  12. Dirty Mainspring (not for the faint hearted)

    Looks like a sticky job you had there, white spirt best for the job, especially indoors lol..
  13. Vintage Bezel hinge advice please

    Well done looks fine, nice clean job.. Len
  14. Vintage Bezel hinge advice please

    Hiya, As Oldhippy said you have a job on your hands there, shame it's a one piece dial..However, with care you maybe able to close that gap a tad, and need to keep the dial cool, easier said than done.. Good luck with that one let us know how it goes.. Len
  15. "Mistral" Ultrasonic clock cleaner review

    Hi All, Try this one.. Product overview • New double strength formula - increased effectiveness against tarnish! • Ideal for use with or without an ultrasonic cleaner to return items to a shiny condition • Assists in the removal of tarnish, carbon, rust and dirt from most metals to return items to a shiny condition • Non-toxic, non flammable and bio-degradable • Should only take a few minutes to clean when used with an ultrasonic cleaner • Made from natural products; mixing seaweed, coconut oils and other fruit extracts to create a powerful cleaning solution • Made in the UK