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  1. Lenj

    Lovely find

    Super job there..
  2. I read not to use lighter fuel, but a good replacement is from the Go outdoors camping store, but I can't remember the name, it's a lot cheaper than lighter fuel, anyone???
  3. Lenj

    To days clock competition

    Probably saving time and money? could it have been a double dial for a different clock?? a lot of work would have gone into making the dial and back then waste was probably not an option.
  4. Lenj

    To days clock competition

    Am I wrong, I usually am lol, but should they not be reversed, as we are looking at the back???
  5. Lenj

    Lovely find

    Beautiful find, the dome is worth a bit if it's glass..Lovely clock..
  6. Lenj

    Platform escapement pallets

    Need HELP!!! Not sure if this is allowed just delete if not.. So I now have acquired quite a few jewel pallets for this old platform escapement. All day yesterday I was trying to fix a jewel into this platform and the little blighters kept pinging out of the tweezers and disappearing into the atmosphere, not managing to find any I thought rather than get the BIG hammer out and smash it in (no not really) I would give up as a very bad job. I have not got the eyes or the steady hands for this type of work..So my question is!!! Is there anyone on here that would be kind enough to have a go and try to fix for me, obviously not for free?? Please send me a message... As I said if not allowed please delete.. I hope you all have a good weekend. Thx Len
  7. Lenj

    Thomas Mudge would turn in his grave

    True Oldhippy, yes, and that one sure does not look right!!
  8. Lenj

    Thomas Mudge would turn in his grave

    Looking at that movement, is that not from a carriage clock?? I know I keep on about Couaillet Freres, but is that not their markings?? around the winder with the 4 dots..???
  9. Lenj

    Thomas Mudge would turn in his grave

    All the time that I have been collecting clocks, this is one clock that I must say I do not like..I think they are ugly..
  10. Lenj

    Epee Dial Competition time

    Agree Oldhippy, it will not be original to the clock, I will hang on to it to see if one comes up, never know might be one soon... ..
  11. Lenj

    Epee Dial Competition time

    Hi All, Well done all pretty close, but as Clockboy said, no matter how much it costs the clock will not be worth it..Anyway If anyone is interested they can repair the dial for £165 plus £9.00 delkivery way to much and yes clock would not be worth that much and it would not be an original, which would knock a few pounds off the value. If only L Epee would come back with a price of a replacement dial, it would be very interesting to see how much it would be for a genuine replacement.... Laminated dial it is then!!!! Len
  12. Lenj

    Epee Dial Competition time

    Hi thanks for the info.. Yes seem a good idea, I already have done the artwork and made a laminated card, which does look a lot better than the damaged dial..And yes will be a long tome before one turns up on ebay.. Len
  13. Not a problem Well done for fixing it..
  14. Lenj

    7S26 Pallet Insertion

    I know nothing about escapements, Is this the same way round as for fitting to a clock escapement..Thx Len
  15. Hi All, Just a bit of fun.. I ask here about find a replacement dial for my L'Epee, and Oldhippy gave me a contact for repairing, well I wrote off and ask if it could be repair and a cost if possible..Well Today I got a reply saying Yes they can repair it. So what do you think the cost would be?? photo as below..I was very surprised that they could repair it, given the state of this dial..