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11 minutes ago, mikepilk said:

If it's not in beat, watches need a shake to start. As long as it's keeping time and has the 5 day reserve, I wouldn't worry about it.

Yeah I heard other movements do this. Was just wondering if this is by design. maybe the new escapement?

ohhh I think I got it.

The locking mechanism is in the pallet itself. The new silicone pallet indent. so the silcone escapewheel although fully charged is in a dead lock on the pallet.



because balance wheel has not started up yet.... no force to push off the lock. 

I'm NOT sure I'm right just guessing.

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31 minutes ago, FALLINGTITAN said:

I noticed from dead, even winding 200+ times the watch will not start unless you give it a jump start. light tap or small shake in hand.

Oris says 215 turns to fully wind the 5 day reserve. But anyone know why this movement needs to be jump started?

I love Oris .Oooo. Have you got the new Aquis.  Extended power reserve from the twin barrel movement.  Its on my new watch list to buy. Oris have been mostly in-house. As mike has said an out of beat movement will require a start up. Personally i dont like to shake a watch. When testing a watch for movement or firing up from a stall i hold the watch face up in my palm and do a little twist with my hand, or a vertical spin and back will work just as well. Keeping the spin in the same orientation as the balance wheel. 

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Ah, haha. I'm surprised Oris got away with this escapement, as it was patented like 100 years ago (Cole?), then revamped by Timex at one point, and even Patek managed a patent not too long ago. The Swiss will give a patent on something that is literally the same as prior art as long as the patent is expired. A$$holes.


The push for longer power reserves in recent years is a gimmick, and the push to use Liga (metal printing), silicon, etc., is a step backwards.


It's a nice looking movement though, and if it starts with a shake and doesn't stop and keeps time then run with it.


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1 hour ago, grsnovi said:

It's possible that the watch simply needs to be cleaned and re-lubricated.

if you believe the manufacture the watch doesn't need to be serviced for a few more years there claiming it doesn't have to go back for servicing until 2030.

https://www.oris.ch/movement/72/CALIBRE 400

always interesting to read the technical points on the manufacturers webpage I wonder if this watch really will run for 10 years?


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