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WWW Eterna sucked me in.

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As I am going for a one month long holiday I thought a quick win would cheer me up. A Kienzle 606e was on my bench this time, i smelled sweet victory when something happened. When I removed the cap jewel I snapped the balance wheel pivot. R.I.P.






Update: I quickly put it together as I wanted to bring it back to the attic again in one piece and it actually started to run with the broken pivot. It selfwinds itself sucking energy from the battery. Incredible. Sweet victory it is. :woohoo-jumping-smiley-emoticon:

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Hi *, Inspired by Andy I decided to record the things I do with clocks and watches here, for the unforeseen future it will mean that I am going to describe the mistakes i make and complain a lot,

I have been busy with this bench lamp, I think I spent at least about 30 hours with it and even if it is not perfect I am pleased with the end result. Would I do it again? My immediate answer would so

I must be the luckiest chap on earth, I found travel clocks in hidden boxes in the house! The most expensive thing on the picture is not a clock though. Its the carpet, filled with invisible watch par

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Last night before holiday and I'd like to share something else I got today in the last second before we go. A box of watch crystals from Ellipse. They found it important to mention that they applied for a patent. It says: "PAT APPLIED FOR No 8408" Tried to find the details of it, but i failed. I used link1 and link2 Any idea what this patent could be or how to find it?








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15 minutes ago, luiazazrambo said:

They found it important to mention that they applied for a patent. It says: "PAT APPLIED FOR No 8408"

May be the patent application was for the lock? And where is the key? Then they may have spent the related fee in at the pub instead?

Difficult questions, I know.


I got this today. I know you are all jealous.  

I know the model, he's my watchmaking mentor, portraied 30 years ago.

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I was thinking about the lock as the writing is on the lock itself, unfortunately there is no key for it, but it gave me a theory. Probably they come up with the idea of the keyless lock following the idea of the keyless work. :D Maybe you could lock it once and only once and the patent was not a success story and it was probably more about spending the fee in the pub. :D

If your mentor is still around tell him that there is a new apprentice in town who is eager to learn. 

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Making a key for the lock should be pretty easy, you can get the blanks online. Most junk shops have piles of similar keys for pennies, cutting the tab to shape is not that difficult for a small lock like that.


Look on ebay for "pipe cabinet key blank" or similar.

Then find the correct tube diameter.

You could of course,  make your own from a bit of brass stock and some brass tubing. A little silver solder or brazing, some fret saw work and some filing and you are done.

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A while ago I got myself a bunch of balance staffs from eBay. I thought i made a great buy and I was patting my own shoulder. Today I started to put them in order and started to check the content of the little ronda paper packets. To my horror most of my balance staffs was eaten away by rust even those ones where the packet was not opened at all. I guess humidity won the battle at some point. I got some of the packets which were marked "Oxidat - proof pack." those ones were all ok without exception. The ones which were not oxidat proof have a slightly smaller paper bag and they also got no extra packaging inside.



Left: bin, middle: non oxidat proof but survived, right: oxidat-proof :


Extra packaging for the oxidat -proof:


Size and lookout difference between the two (top two oxidat proof, bottom two are not):


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Something happened I never though would happen. Our very own clock stopped working.... and I could not remove the hour hand... Little bit of googling... Wickes visit... Then I made a hand puller out of some steel tube... Not precise and would not win any award, but it actually worked as it was made for the purpose. Next time, if I get the chance to spend more time with it, things might even get a little bit more parallel.




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4 hours ago, luiazazrambo said:

I really do love this watch. A TIMEX from Scotland. Posted pics elsewhere, wanted to record it here too.


I've seen the model before. Has a #21 movement inside and should be stamped with Dundee or Scotland?  Any ink mark?

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This is the motor of the National Watch Cleaning Machine, it seems that the motor cable directly goes to the coils??? I was expecting a soldering point. Never seen such a thing before regardless how old the motor was. I only have about 1 cm left I could possibly use for soldering a new cable and the remaining insulation is hmm seems a bit weary, i must use some heat shrink.



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Timex M21 vs lui


I had to go on the full strip down route. The soul of Hopalong Cassidy:


Maybe I won the fight because the case back says: Good luck from Hoppy. ?


It would benefit a new hour hand, someone damaged it and removed some paint in an attempt to make it tighter. I also replaced the broken crystal using a crystal with the same shape and size, but i don't think the one it came with was original, both are too lose, the old broken one and the new.


It's noisy, but had to remove the audio part as other noises were dominant:

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Nice one   what size basket,  I have a NationalUltrasonic cleaner its a big heavy beast that I have cleaned up the ultrasonic transducers on the pots are broken all the rest works ok but I have been unable to get hold of a basket arangement to fit.  I shall post some pics later on busy at the moment and the thing weighs 1/2 Hunderdweight.

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I got the machine without the basket, so I bought one from eBay without knowing if it would fit or not but i got lucky and it was good. I am not sure but L&R baskets might fit as well? Or maybe even this one is an L&R? Seems to be 65 mm.




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    • Hi Gary  Nothing specific on the 1406U but have the 1407 1405, and according to Ranfft its close in design to the Zenith 135 so I popped that one on too.       There are manual watch winders out there they are like a small spring loaded clamp  I have attached images. They come in different sizes to fit the crowns.      cheers 1176_Eterna 1407.pdf Eterna 1405.pdf 2656_Zenith 135.pdf
    • Hi, yes it is a 718 movement. Never come across this problem before. The watch is keeping great time but every day the date change changes an hour forward so one day will change at say 1am, the next 2am and so forth
    • Sounds like an interesting symtom, is it falling exactly 1 hour behind with every daychange or what? A guess with that day date 70's model it would house an 718 movement.
    • Just so I understand clearly first it's an hour off then you reposition the hands it's one half hour off? As it's the calendar parts shall have to take the hands and dial off and see what's going on. Then it's hard to go beyond this because which movement is this? But we could guess if the hands are actually tracking it's probably not a Canon opinion the problem perhaps. That takes us back to something to do with the the calendar parts which are under the dial unfortunately. Then we can't even look for a tech sheet if one even exists without a movement identification. But more likely have the watch hasn't been serviced in a long time that needs to be done.
    • Just in case your part doesn't work the last link has one. Big part of the problem might be for people identify the watch perhaps. It actually goes by several different names. Then as far as I can tell from looking at bestfit online and the Site below there's only one set bridge. I snipped some images out of the physical bestfit book at one time there was what was called the fingerprint system used to setting parts to identify your watch. In this case will use it to see what your parts are supposed to look like. Unfortunately the snipped images won't print out the correct size but at least you can look at the shape and see if it matches.. The second link has a listing of all the parts. The third listing  which watches have your set bridge and its and the last listing in case you want to buy one it looks like they have it in stock. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?10&ranfft&&2uswk&Langendorf_1305 http://cgi.julesborel.com/cgi-bin/matcgi2?ref=LNG_1305 http://cgi.julesborel.com/cgi-bin/matcgi2?ref=X`_DZLU http://www.julesborel.com/s.nl/it.A/id.57704/.f  
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