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  1. Yes I considered that, i would pick up one which has no shelves or drawers at the bottom, most of them have them.
  2. Hi fellow Clockmakers, Would a bureau desk work as a clock/watchmaker desk? Not high enough (could be solved) or stable enough? I could fetch one of these from facebook around 30-40 pounds. I like the idea because it would be more or less child and dustproof as you can close and lock the whole thing. Best regards, lui
  3. I am on the last page and I cannot read any more about this story. Come on Jimmy, chop chop!
  4. Hi, clock sits on my table I let it run down, waiting for cleaning and oiling. Cannot put the whole thing together again as the dome is badly damaged. And it is a special one, not just the ones you could possibly buy. I am trying to figure out which acrylic glue to buy at the moment as now I have two domes needing a repair. ebay
  5. Another one half ready, i need to do something with the plexi dome as this one is also broken. Will update this topic if i made a progress. VID_20190420_001608.mp4
  6. So I went to bed at 5 o'clock in the morning then had to work after 3 hours later. Tonight I am not going to play with clocks because i have no patience and mistakes do happen even without it. I must repaint the base as somebody damaged it all around when she/he tried to open it with a screwdriver. Would you know what is that gold toned tarnish on the aluminium plate which is also damaged here and there? VID_20190411_214555.mp4
  7. Thank you for this but mine one is a funny shaped one. My plan is to fill the gap with acrylic glue and to polish it.
  8. I am not a clockmaker yet but I could not resist. I went to bed at 5 o'clock in the morning by the way. I was dancing with the ballerina and made terrible mistakes. I stepped on her foot.
  9. I am crazy about ballerinas and music boxes now so this is another ebay item i acquired. Ballerina not moving with the usual "overwound" movement. Will update the topic if I made some progress. Problem is the plastic dome which has a crack on it and a hole too. VID_20190410_215420.mp4
  10. Simple answer: yes you are mad!
  11. In that case I would like to know how is the comb repaired too. In the video you posted there is a wider gap in between the teeth. So probably the teeth can be welded back. This sites say that based on the age the teeth were different. Pre and post 1930. http://www.aerialphotolab.com/Thorens_History.htm
  12. Well I don't think that the comb could be realistically repaired. I had missing teeth and even if I would have them I could not weld them back. If you look on ebay for thorens music box you will see that you could buy one for around 5 pounds plus postage (18 teeth). So I did buy a jewlery box and then I replaced the drum and the comb in the clock music box movement. They come in pair as the weight of the end of the teeth specially formed and made for the drum to achieve the right tune. The rest of the music box was already cleaned and oiled. While I was searching for music boxes I could not help myself and i bought this for 3 pound plus postage: VID_20190405_115507.mp4 VID_20190405_173231.mp4
  13. Blue Danube Waltz peter_clock.mp4
  14. Yep, however I was worried about the weights at the end of the tooth on the comb. I knew that they must play a role and here we go: My colleagues wold say RTFM.
  15. Found an alternative: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Art-Deco-Style-Wood-Wind-Up-Music-Box-Case-Made-Switzerland-By-Thorens/372635755600?hash=item56c2d26450:g:ep8AAOSwrhNccBXB&autorefresh=true Good luck with the clock business by the way! Fascinating world!
  16. Could not find any for thorens so far. The ones I see with 18 tooth are similar, but not the same and the devil is in the details. They probably would not give the same tune/sounds back. I might give a try as I have no options.
  17. Hi *, I bought a few clock on ebay as a joblot and this one was one of them. I just love it. It was soaking in oil and dirt. I have already cleaned and oiled the music player part and the clock is thicking down at the moment, it has a broken alarm spring though. It has a thorens music player and I am not sure about the tune and about the comb of it. Both the comb and the cylinder has the number of 3477 so they belong together, my question: should the comb have all of the teeth or was it produced without some of the teeth? Ohh and I have the glass for the clock but it is missing for the ballerina, any idea how to get one? Or shall i just cut one from plexiglass? Best regards, Lui VID_dancing_balerina.mp4
  18. How do you remove that collet? Its tricky to grab it and I don't want to scratch it.
  19. Hi *, It might be a basic question, but for me the hands are a nightmare, both removing and putting them back again. So my question what are the ways to remove the hands of the clock without damaging/bending the dial and the hands. What tool shall I buy? I have seen Mark to use those levers with a plastic bag but in case of the clock you can see on the video it would not work because the minute hand is just too far from the dial. Or a bigger levers would do the job? So much to learn. I hope you ppl don't mind to ask me this. Best regards, Lui VID_20190314_220557.mp4
  20. This accident happened when I tried to test the clock at the end of the cleaning and re-assembly process. I try to always let the spring down before I start with a clock. (I only touched a few watches so far because I am a beginner.) It was really painful because I was so proud that I fixed the broken mainspring (heated it up and created a hook and a lose end) then at the end of the process I ruined it. This is not a valuable clock but I just cannot stand this.
  21. Good advice! I try to keep it in mind.
  22. Yes empathy is helpful i felt really miserable at that point 3 o'clock in the morning. Well done with the repair!
  23. Unfortunately the UV light trick did not help. I am going to put the clock together (once i can replace a broken screw) and will post a picture here.
  24. Hi *, Now I understand how can the mainspring damage the movement. First hand experience because I made a mistake at the end of the cleaning and oiling process. 3 o'clock in the morning. I felt the teethes bouncing of my chest. Needless to say I was and I am still very sad. Best regards, Lui
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