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  1. my parts inventory stops at 1983.... no quartz for me.
  2. yes, although it is not original to the watch it is very close to what it would have been. This watch will soon be listed for sale.
  3. 1958 - 1959 marlin - not a two piece stem. lift the set lever, pull out the stem. Here is one of mine -
  4. I grew up in an area were pigeon racing was very common but never actually saw one of these clocks. I was able to wind it but how does it start?
  5. why does it matter if the cause is natural or not? Here is one of my favorite watches When it came in there was no crystal, missing hands and very rusted movement. Now it shows the scars of time just like me. Faded some and took some work to get ticking again. It cost me less than one dollar to purchase and only $45 to have it fully serviced. The mainspring arbor was rusted and needed replacement. it cost me $45. Of course it is all a matter of preferences.
  6. restored dials decrease the value for many vintage watches such as Rolex, Omega and many other top brands. Collectors like to see the age and imperfections that develop over time as these make each watch unique in its own way. Have the movement serviced, and any debris removed from the dials and hands. here is one article that supports this - https://www.wpdiamonds.com/watch-damage-affect-resale-value/#:~:text=Older watches with a patina,the authenticity of the watch.
  7. 1957 Viscount with model 29 movement. The likely cause of the issue is not the inadvertent shock but rather the fact that the watch has been sitting idle for perhaps decades. The oils and grease have long dried up and now it is metal on metal. So, as most would say it may just need a service ( cleaning and lubrication of the movement). Here are some other things to check - to the hands touch? do you notice the movement runs but the seconds hand does not move? Try to manually turn the crown 10 - 15 times to see if it starts to tick. Good luck with the watch.
  8. I've never had this model myself but have seen it a few times. Mid to late 1970's as I recall. The band maybe original but not sure. You have to lift the crystal and than the entire movement just comes out. When you reverse this process be sure to have the batter removed and the battery cover off.
  9. you don't. that is a front loading case. Model 87 movement and there should be a bezel ring around the dial.
  10. yes, you found a 1967 Timex Marlin. Many new collectors like to call it the dot dash due to the hour markers on the dial. the re-issued marlin was from 1965.
  11. I don't recall where I found the article as it was maybe 10 years ago at least but, try a search for ' A $25 Retail Electric Watch: The Timex Model 40" by Henry B. Fried.
  12. I'll post some NOS contact wires on eBay latter today.
  13. my guess is not a movement holder. most likely this was inserted into an outer bezel.
  14. I'll have one in about 30 - 50 years when they become "Vintage" Which by than I will be an "Antique".
  15. No they are not all the same.
  16. is the sound reduced now as well?
  17. Hector - see the attached photo related to end shake on Timex electric such as the one you are working on. The loud sound is common to all of them. As you state it does at times depend on the angle the movement is in. If I wear one of my 'Electric' watches and leaving it on the night stand next to the bed, at some point it gets tossed to the carpeting on the floor so I can go back to sleep without hearing the 'ticking'.
  18. here is the tool I made for both removing and installing the stem crown on the older mode 21 and 22 US Time Timex movement. It is not more than an old dental pick. To remove the stem, you must lift the set lever up. and to reinstall you must lift , seat stem and than push set lever. it works every time!
  19. That is a 1958 Mercury with model 22 movement.
  20. some years back I did have a few projects sent off to Greg Ward located in Lincolnshire. I don't know if that is near to you or not but his work was excellent. And he does repair vintage Timex. website - http://www.woodlandtechnical.co.uk/
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