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Hello everyone! I just joined!

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My name is Umberto. I was born in Italy and I live in the USA since 1982. A watchmaker friend of mine told me about this website and so I decided to join. I have been a watchmaker for the past 40 years. My father was a true watchmaker. Hardly any tools, just his magic hands that I saw doing incredible things. I chose to be the opposite than my dad was and so I got lots of tools. I like new tools but only if they can help me to do a better job and faster otherwise I stick to my dad’s old methods. I like to work on watches of brands that I am certified like IWC, Omega, Cartier, Breitling. I am excited to join a forum where I see there are lots of young guys who want to learn to fix watches. I will be reading posts whenever possible and give advices, if I have any to give, and learn because no matter how much you know there are always new things to learn both in life and watchmaking.

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Welcome, Umberto. It sounds like you'll fit right into this group.

You mentioned IWC. I really like those watches, especially the vintage caliber 89 type, with the individual bridge layout. Interestingly enough (at least to me) I was in an elevator last week with an older (80'ish) couple as well as a young mover-and-shaker looking young guy (40'ish). The older gent complimented the young guy on his wrist watch, and asked what the make was. The young guy says, "Thanks, it is made by the International Watch Company". I looked at it, noticing it had a very pilot-looking black dial, and asked, "Portugieser". He corrected me and said, "Portuguese". I just went and referenced it and found out that I might have been correct, unless the "r" is silent?

Good looking watch, but too darn big for my wrist and bank account.

Enjoy your stay. Cheers.

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    • Welcome Fitz you are reaching the point of no return.
    • Hi  Check the gong hammer assembly is free,  lift each individual hammer and check that it drops smartly not in slow motion,  It they are sticky dfismantle and free off.    Remove the floating balance unit and clean in Alchohol or the like,  There is a good explanation on the floating balance on the net by Howard Millar.   I will have a look in the Hermle Manual regarding your mode.  l do like Hermle clocks very well made.  Then Proceed as explained by Old Hippy,  sound advise as always.
    • Hoping for a sunny day
    • So, finally, the trigger has been pulled! After many considerations, I decided to order a brand new Bergeon 5500. You can see it here. Shipping included I paid £128/€144/$162. Not a bargain, but reasonable, I guess. I saw some definitive advantages: * Well tested professional tool. Meaning there's a good chance it will work and work well. * I can shop individual Bergeon dies for various needs as I go (silly expensive, as always), or shop a good quality Aliexpress set. * Shipping within Europe so it should be here within a couple of weeks rather than a couple of months (China). * Seller has 99.9% positive feedback ("Top-rated seller/eBay Money Back Guarantee). I'll let you know what I think when I've tried it! Finally, a big thank you to all of you sharing your experience, knowledge, and opinions in this thread! This is what makes WRT such a great place to be.
    • I recommend against that for user as screwdriver because it's way too fat and heavy, proper watchmakers driver are thin and light to get a good feeling. Cousins UK have "value" which means copied with attention. Same has Ofrei. I used Indian drivers for years without any problem on Seiko, but that's because these have wider slots than Swiss. Now I'll be getting some brand drivers when bought individually they aren't even that expensive. Very good ones are France made, A*F and others  I'm sure can be found for a discount. Then I treated myself to the below, Ebay 202315546239, very nice finishing, handy dressing stone and a storage for blades. It's much better than a flimsy plastic chrome rotating stand that comes with cheap sets.
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