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  1. My name is Umberto. I was born in Italy and I live in the USA since 1982. A watchmaker friend of mine told me about this website and so I decided to join. I have been a watchmaker for the past 40 years. My father was a true watchmaker. Hardly any tools, just his magic hands that I saw doing incredible things. I chose to be the opposite than my dad was and so I got lots of tools. I like new tools but only if they can help me to do a better job and faster otherwise I stick to my dad’s old methods. I like to work on watches of brands that I am certified like IWC, Omega, Cartier, Breitling. I am excited to join a forum where I see there are lots of young guys who want to learn to fix watches. I will be reading posts whenever possible and give advices, if I have any to give, and learn because no matter how much you know there are always new things to learn both in life and watchmaking.
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