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    This is my latest project a rather neglected 3/4 Westminster probably dating from 1910-1920 and made by Winterhalder, case rather worse for wear, varnish crazed some minor splitting of the veneer, rear door catches and is hard to open, will strip, renew varnish, clean bezel, re-silver dial and bezel then laquer case, replace cloth and clean grill insert. Movement will be totally stripped, re-bushed where needed, pivots burnished, mainsprings cleaned or replaced if needed.
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    Looking into my bin of movements i noticed one still trying desperately to move. Looking a little rusted and worse for wear was a silvered dial Cupillard 233 movement ( 1935 ), no hands, poor dial, and a movement barely alive. Normally i would not have bothered but i figured wth lets see if she can run well again With some TLC and rust removed the movement swings into action with a beat error of 0.1ms no less and within 60 seconds a day, not bad for 85 year old scrapy rust bucket. New original Cupillard hour & minute hands fitted ( yes i have some old stock ha ha) and a dial thats looking half decent now. When i find time i might make a little case for her, and maybe even a strap if shes good
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    Oreba pocket watch. 1930-1950? 17J.

    Just completed my first restoration and service of a pocket watch. Carefully followed Mark's course videos for disassemble, inspection, ultrasonic clean, reassemble, oiled, regulated. New mainspring installed and a new crystal was required as the old one was deemed beyond repair.
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