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  1. Close as I can find, 886 error is a database error, which is what I paid (U.S.) for my next project. $8.86 (+ $4.67 shipping).
  2. Nice. I'd be concerned with it breaking, though. PLA can probably stand the compressive force, but the tensile strain on the uprights and the sheer force on the threads might be weak areas. Let us know how it holds up.
  3. The reverse curve of the spring is supposed to keep the tongue pressed against the barrel. Perhaps the spring is simply too weak? (Just guessin' here).
  4. Looks okay to me. I might think it should follow the contour of the barrel a little closer, but then not too much or it could slip off the stop. But, that's not your problem, right? You're saying that when fully wound the back of the spring lifts off the barrel.
  5. Maybe. If it's a relatively fresh bend with no damage to the steel then you should be able to adjust it. But, if there are any signs of fatigue, then it's going to break on you sooner than later. Better to replace it now that you have it apart, IMHO.
  6. I would expect over-winding a manual watch is fairly common, but what happens then would depend on how the mainspring is secured in the barrel. There are many different types. I'm guessing that you have the Swiss tongue end, which looks like, when wound too tightly, might bend and deflect the spring as you describe. A different style might simply break under those conditions.
  7. Sounds like the spring was over-wound and the bridle was either bent, broken or fatigued. Have you taken the spring out and inspected the end closely? It might be time for a new mainspring.
  8. Kudos on getting a working movement after your first rebuild. I had to chuckle at the mixing of the screws and losing one. We've ALL done that. I tend to keep the screws for each area together with the bridge or gear they are securing and clean them in small parts baskets so I don't mix them up. I suppose after I've put together my 1,000th movement, I'll be able to simply look as a screw and know where it goes, but for now I have to rely on my organizational skills to keep them straight. Remember not to clean the pallet or balance with alcohol as that will soften or dissolve the shellac that holds the stones in place. Unless they are particularly dirty, a short bath in some naphtha (lighter fluid) will be enough to get the old lubricants off them.
  9. Welcome Dave. You can go "budget" with most tools except the screwdrivers. Good ones will make learning much more enjoyable, but bad ones will frustrate the heck out of you. However, I would recommend your first purchase be a nice piece of jewelry for the Mrs. Then the tools won't bother her (as much).
  10. Welcome Brad, I did run across this blog https://jpmoeller.com/2017/01/03/bulova-accutron-2181/ that might help you a bit further. If this was a "hey, I just found this old watch from Dad and I'd like to tinker with it" project, then by all means, go ahead (cautiously) and get some practice movements first. If this is an heirloom that you want to keep and wear to remind you of your father, then I'd highly recommend taking it to a professional watch repairer rather than attempt it yourself. With your first watches you take to pieces you WILL break parts, lose parts and be unable to identify parts for replacement, let alone being able to source them. It's part of the journey we all take and it's best to cut your teeth on something that wouldn't be too difficult to toss into the bin.
  11. If you do end up replacing the hands, make sure your jeweler returns the originals to you so, if you ever wish to sell it, you can restore it to the original state.
  12. Maybe instead of finding a case that fits your dial/movement, you should look for a dial that fits your case/movement?
  13. Hello and welcome. "Yoke" sounds Japanese. Is that pronounced [ yoh - ka'] ? I wonder what a Japanese spring would be doing in a German movement, unless it was one of those Axis powers things like a Flieger.
  14. Hi jazzman, Welcome to WRT. Can't wait to find out what you break first. (It's a rite of passage )
  15. Only as a novelty item ... https://www.ebay.com/i/264725473407
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