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  1. Hi everyone, I am after recommendations on clear gloss varnish. If I go down to my local Bunnings, I can get clear gloss spray varnish, but the can states for wood. It does not mention any metal on the 'Suitable For' line. Is there anything that I should be looking for?
  2. So i'm just after pliers then. Got a good set of screwdrivers. Only thing is that they are magnetic which may not be the best idea. So a demagnetiser might be a good idea as well. Thanks @oldhippy
  3. Green is a relaxing colour. Have a look at most of the plants in the world.
  4. Hi @oldhippy. Would the pliers I am after be pointy nose or snub nose? When you say screwdrivers, are we talking about watchmaking screwdrivers?
  5. The 'Made in West Germany' is definitely smaller. The font I have found is not the right one. It is real close, but the C is not correct. In the original the C is quite round. In the one I found the C is a bit squarer. To be honest, I doubt it will matter.
  6. Odd. Just saw a shop here in Geelong that sells ultrasonic cleaners and the manual (in Chinglish) says 'Not suitable for clock/watch mechanisms'.
  7. However, I can handle 5rd much better than the word 'texted'. That one makes my blood boil. It just isn't a word.
  8. Other than some spanners and sockets etc that I have in my garage, what other tools would I need? I wear multifocal glasses. Do you need a loupe to work on clock parts or can you get by with an OptiVisor for example? Or do I just go to our local chemist and buy some of the 3.5x reading glasses for about $10? I have also seen some of the other head worn magnifiers with some that let you piggyback lenses to increase the magnification that you get. Pliers. All of the pliers I own have serrations on the jaws. Marks brass way too easy. Do I need to buy pliers that are plain jawed? Br
  9. I did some searching. How does everyone think this font looks? http://www.fontsplace.com/square-721-extended-bt-free-font-download.html I expect that Hettich would have used the same font for the HETTICH parts as well as 'Made in Germany'? Now I just have to see if I can find it online in decals that I can use that are the right size.
  10. As I said when I did my apprenticeship, I knew two languages. English and seized bolt/nut language. I expect that seized bolt/nut is much the same as sproinging screw/spring from watchmaking?
  11. I just had to laugh at 5rd. How do these people think that some people will get sucked in by this when the English is so badly done?
  12. Apparently that's what I'll get if I answer an email that I received. I probably should, as according to them, it is the 5rd time they have tried to contact me. Aren't I slack.
  13. I had thought about Letraset, but was not sure if they were still around. Thanks for the reply.
  14. Ok. I need some assistance. As I have made you aware, I tried to 'fix' this clock after a leaking battery episode. I have managed to really mess things up. The first link in @watchweasol's post shows a clock with exactly the same dial as the clock that I have. Is anyone able to give me any ideas on how to go about repainting the dial? I can mask the hour markers and paint the dial the silver/grey, but then I am not sure how to go about the minute spots in between the hour indexes. The individual minutes are there in a slightly darker grey and circular. I have actually just thought of some
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