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  1. Got another email from the watchmaker that is servicing my Seiko. It is keeping pretty good time he said. When he was going over the case, the start/stop pusher tube into the case has been replaced with something that is not the same as the reset pusher. Apparently, Seiko never made the tube as a spare part and you had to buy a new case. Seems odd as it would be a separate piece. Why a pusher would not have come with one seems odd. Hey, what do I know? Anyway, Matt is going to look at making one if he can't get his hands on one. The one on the right of the picture is the do
  2. If that is a specifically Made-by-Seiko screwdriver, then I have a toolbox drawer full of Made-by-Seiko precision screwdrivers that for all of the flat and phillips head screwdrivers that I have, probably only cost a bit more than that one on it's own. I do not think that is a Made-by-Seiko screwdriver for a second.
  3. Oops. Sorry about that Mark. I didn't scroll far enough down the homepage when I started this. Bit tragic that, when you consider that I am a Mod on another UK forum.
  4. Email sent to the BHI. Thanks for everyone's input and replies. As for a kit, I have now seen enough replies to not follow that path. I will now get some prices from the three places that I know of in Australia that sell equipment and go from there. I will also use Mark's information in my other thread for tools required to get started. Thanks again.
  5. I have been trawling through both of those as well. There is also a third that I know of. Australian Watch & Clock Supplies. With not being able to travel to Melbourne due to all the restrictions, I can't go into any shops to have a look at things and say "Right. This bundle of tools will do me." Where I live, I would suggest that the most precise tool that I could be would be a ball peen hammer.
  6. Ebay wasn't my first port of call. It is just inundated with cheap rubbish unfortunately. I presume that the kit from Esslinger is similar in quality as the Ebay alternative?
  7. I thought exactly that the first time I saw it.
  8. Hi everyone, I did some searching on WRT but haven’t been able to find anything really. After speaking to a company here that supplies tools and parts to the industry, they suggested that I buy a cheap kit from the internet (I ended up at Esslinger.com) in case I find that watch repairing is not for me. Rationale was that I wouldn’t have spent a whole bunch. My concern is that buying cheaper tools can cause you to become frustrated due to the quality. So in short, does anyone have any sort of idea with regard to these kits?
  9. Well the watch repairer has opened my watch up and taken a couple of phots and sent them to me. It is a bit of a mess inside as well as a couple of missing C clips. One that is on the main bridge. I wonder where it went? Anyway, gave them the go ahead to clean it all up, and fix what is needed. Now I just need to see if I can find an original band? I'll be much more careful of it now. First one is rust. Like I need to tell you guys. Second is a photo of the rotor bearing which is shot as well as an arrow pointing to the missing C clip.
  10. Wow. Seiko aren't pulling the same stunt as the Swatch Group are they?
  11. I had actually tried to post a reply on my phone last night. Note to self: Don't write posts after having a day that was an absolute PITA. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You are right and I am going to pursue Mark's courses as this is something that I wholeheartedly believe that I can do and I could work from home. The ridiculous pressure that is placed on people where I work is now becoming real annoying. At the moment, I don't have anywhere in the house that I could dedicate to a workshop. Garage is
  12. Where I live in Australia, there is one watchmaker that comes up in an inter web search. There are a fair few in Melbourne, and none south of Geelong that I could find. I made some enquiries about watch making courses that would be the technical lesson part of a four year apprenticeship. And yep, I would have looked at it if I could have. The only place in Australia that came up was in Ultimo in Sydney. And they have just suspended their course. A phone call to the Watch & Clock Association of Australia was even more demoralising. On top of them saying that a lot of companie
  13. I am not sure if this guy can help, but he has told me that he has the parts that will be required to repair my Seiko 7016. Keith at Australian Watch & Clock Supplies (02) 8677 33146.
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