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    Some barrels that says do not open but can be open . Some don't . Zodiac is one of them. The walls are som thin they will break if you try. And they slant inwards to grip the barrel wall. Trust me i have tried. One problem is that they are rare as a chicken teeth.
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    jdm, I was able to find a supplier of ceramic inserts for the "SNZF Urchins" - and it appears that the dimensions will work with my Grovana 1571. Won't know for sure until it arrives, but really excited about prospect of getting rid of that beat-up aluminum bezel. Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to share that info! -Paul
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    I don't know about availability, but that is the same size as a Seiko SNZF "Sea Urchin".
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    Why does this barrel say do not open

    I'm not familiar with these watches, but as a guess I would say they are like Seikos, that is the consider the complete barrel a sealed unit that should be replaced each service, but as you cant get new barrels that idea no longer works. Wait for someone else to confirm but I'm betting there is nothing special about the barrels.
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    Aerowatch Neuchatel conversion...

    Here is the other one converted ))) Послато са SM-J600FN уз помоћ Тапатока
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    Are they the same size as a Seiko? If so have you looked at Monster watch.eu or other Seiko mod sites
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    Watch of Today

    Vintage pre-quartz Hamilton Electric Taurus...505 Movement.....This one is a front loader . My dial is a little different then the one pictured in Rene Rondeau's book , "Hamilton Wristwatches , A Collectors Guide . Being a fan of Hamiltons , I have a few of the Electric models . I love the asymmetrical design of the watches of this period .
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    Watch of Today

    sometimes I wear the other "X"
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    Revisiting an old hobby

    Can anyone point me to a service manual for a Poljot 2614.2H - I need to know how the mysteries behind the dial disk are meant to be arranged 'cos the Sekonda that I am working on is no longer in quite the same arrangement as the manufacturer intended. I think I have all the right parts, but not necessarily in the right order. I managed to figure what was screwed up in the keyless work, but there is a spring rattling about that should sit behind that large date changer gear, and I need to know how things should be arranged. This is yet another Sekonda, this time with a TV style crystal and a nice textured dial, with a little "patina" and a bad case of green gunk disease.
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