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  1. 1950 has that kind like the left . Sure it isn't from a 1950 . The 1950 is a no date. Therefore lower then the 1802. Or even a 1800/01
  2. A fellow Swede. Welcome to the forum . We are a few in here from Sweden. Need some work on that hairspring. Check Per Torphammar page out for translating from English to Swedish . If you haven't seen it already?
  3. Someone has done something with that incabloc. Probably lost the lyre spring and glued it instead . You probably need to replace the incabloc unit . Plate should be okay. Doesn't look to good but should work fine.
  4. Sure you can . Can be a number of things. Dirty balance jewels on one side. But if you clean it it should be okay. Can also be that hairspring touching the bridge or balance wheel . Or center wheel . Often see amp dropping a little after service. No big deal as once the oils have settled it usually picks up speed . Make sure you don't overoil. If it drops on one side i would check the balance jewels again. Make sure you have turned the endstone right and it's cleaned .
  5. Seiko has usually a low amplitude. So don't oil them. If you do the amplitude will be even lower.
  6. Last one looks like a Brac 90 or in that serie
  7. It's probably a ETA or ronda or some known brand in that watch. So a picture of the movement would help. It's almost impossible to find parts for the case . I have a nice watch which i need a crystal for . But haven't found any so far .
  8. I know the place they do this. Seen lots of watches coming from the same place or country . Glue and paper and all sorts of bodges and tricks to make a watch run just enough to make it sell .
  9. That is wrong . That must be made by somebody trying to make the watch run . Should be a slipping automatic spring instead.
  10. Look on ebay under tissot bracelet. Have a couple of bracelets for 18 mm Tissot but not sure it's the same one for 20 mm . The endlinks need to fit also.
  11. Mainspring can't be changed. You need a new barrel with mainspring . Zodiac use a sealed for life barrel . Problem is they are rare and superhard to find. And 86 use a thinner mainspring because they are 36000 Hz movement so can't use a 72 or any other barrel.
  12. Evertite crystal are very nice . Have used them on some Chronographs with same kind of chapter ring. They are hard to find here in Europe. And think they are of better quality then Sternkreuz If you are in USA check tiptopcrystals out. They could be opened? https://www.tiptopcrystals.com/
  13. Had a Divertite . The crystal is very thick . Inside diameter without chromed ring is about 1,6 mm smaller then outside. This is 29,7 so inside is 28,1 mm Then had some others that are about 1mm smaller inside. So a 30 mm is 29 mm . 1 mm high chromed ring. A divertite is about the same inside as a evertite. But has much thicker acrylic on top .
  14. Can have a check if i find a 30 mm crystal with crystal ring tomorrow . And the what the inside diameter is. Also have some diver and evertite crystals . But not in 30 mm . But can see how high it is So the chapter ring fits.
  15. Hard to say. You probably have to test which fits the best . You could test with a Sternkruez ATC or ATCT also. What diameter does it have.
  16. It could be made a little better but works very good . heard of some that has problems when the movement have a day disc. But has worked fine for me . Still have one of them left. But some small tabs up would make it perfect.
  17. It's a company in Australia that sells parts for Seiko. His name is Adrian Sellick and is a watchmaker from down under. VTA stands for Vintage Time AU. Don't know if he sells on Ebay . But did before under the name halfoeight. Have the nice forum Wristsushi also.
  18. Looks good. I have used VTA star a few times to save old 5606 date mechanism.
  19. Looks like a normal mineral crystal . What reference does the watch have . 7009-..... .
  20. That is almost impossible. Can be done by removing the thin washer. But it's hard to put it back again. Can maybe be done like this. https://adventuresinamateurwatchfettling.com/2015/10/12/crown-revival-seiko-6105-and-62mas-crown-gasket-replacement/
  21. Spline is the gear type cogs on the outside of the pushers. If it's internal it should be on the inside of the tube. Think you need something like this. https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/pendant-tube-chronograph-fitting-removing
  22. I just bought a bottle of 9010 . Should last me a year or more. So next time maybe. Need some 1300 soon. So maybe test that . What kind of light source do you use. Is there a special ultra expensive Bergeon lamp.
  23. Will be fun to hear you opinion on the fluorescent lube when you tested it .
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