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  1. Try music wire. You can buy guitar string in different sizes. Perfect to make click springs and such from.
  2. Have you checked the second hand so it's not slipping on the tube or on the pivot. Seen some where the tube on the hand is a little loose.
  3. I read the thread now properly and see that you already done a build. My offer stands if Nucejoe needs a escape wheel . Have one that looks okay .
  4. Have a escape wheel for a Bulova 11 blacd . If you like i can send. Maybe we can do something as i same as HSL from Sweden . No charge for me but do HSL want the case feel free to send it to him. Send me a PM and we work something out.
  5. No they don't open it . But when i doubt or if someone from the country has forgot to fill in the custom paper . They check with you what it is and the value. Don't know if the can X-ray the package? And see what it is. . Say if i say watch parts . They see that it is a complete watch. I have had parts sent to me from people i have get to know i other countries. Or some i have helped send me parts an other time. Usually send them as gifts . Can be very much problem in the end. But that is the only way to come around the long wait. So it's about the same . Only difference is they want the money first then the send the parcel. And take $8 for that . So it's not the problem with cousinsuk and paying 20 vat or not. It's the Swedish postal company that is a pain in the a..
  6. They inspect every package from outside EU . And send out a payment for the custom and fees . When you have paid it then you got the thing you have ordered.
  7. Will probably be the same money in the end. Only problem is my home country Sweden . They hold every parcel from outside the EU for 2-3 extra weeks. It takes them to long to process the customs and extra fees . That is a big problem. As is now it will take a week or less to get the parts . That is okay. Think the website is easy to navigate . Much easier then many others. Some don't even have the parts on the website. You have to ask if they have it.
  8. Looks like a tool for removing pins in bracelets . Or springbars in drilled lugs.
  9. Have the same experience. I bought a part from them . Can't remember now what part it was. When it arrived it was very badly rusted and totally useless . I checked in my order and it couldn't be returned. But when i contacted them and sent them a picture they agreed to give me a refund. They say the buy parts in lots and they maybe have been stored for many years. Can't check every part they sell either. I don't know what i would do if i could buy from them. Brexit would be devastating for me . Thank god it won't at least happen until fall.
  10. I usually put the crown to the metal part on the Timegrapher. i don't know what kind of TG you have. So can't say how to put the watch. But even if it's a plastic case or a well enclosed case it works fine to put the crown to the metal which holds the case. 7,6 beat error sounds a lot. 7803A isn't that a electronic movement with balance?
  11. have some EB1197 parts here to if you need . I am over the sea but should take a week. Let me know and i have a look. BTW what is a Mongrel? have heard the word but what does it mean?
  12. Don't think it's the original movement. Says 17 jewels on the dial and 15 on the Lanco movement. I looked at Fero and found this. https://www.etsy.com/nl/listing/268861639/fero-17-jewels-196070s-gents-watch-with?utm_source=Pinterest&utm_medium=PageTools&utm_campaign=Share Should think it could have had a EB 1197?
  13. Something close to this. http://www.ranfft.de/cgi-bin/bidfun-db.cgi?00&ranfft&0&2uswk&Langendorf_2_10_5 Movement is probably from around the 1930 .
  14. It's a Lanco or Langendorf movement . But which caliber i have n't found yet. Same as this. Could be hard to find numbers on old movements . https://www.ebay.com/itm/171132536407?frcectupt=true
  15. Found this. Your watch either need a new battery or maybe need a new movement. Could be serviced but usually cheaper to buy a new movement and replace the old one with . Movement is a Miyota VD53B and cost around $30 -40 on ebay .
  16. Cousinsuk have rods that are 1mm . I have used them many times. Otherwise buy some welding rod in 1mm . 316 steel or 304 would work. Solid pins 1mm https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/0100mm-solid-pins https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/316L-Stainless-TIG-Welding-Rods-1mm-1-6mm-2-4mm-3-2mm-330mm-/253525155325
  17. Strange. And the setting lever is turned the right way up? Can't see on the picture.
  18. How does the clutch wheel look ? They tend to be worn. And if to bad it won't work properly. And teeth on the date corrector?
  19. Seiko only call the shock absorbing spring . Number 0014577 .
  20. Only seen them on newer 7 series movements and some newer Seiko movement. They are a pain in the .... to put back.
  21. Thought it looked broken . But now i look closer it looks okay. Maybe you should just leave it as is and oil it from inte inside. Sure looks like someone has tried to remove it before. Lots of damage.
  22. Looks like they broke the original spring and just put the pieces back to hold the endstone in place. As far as i know it should be a Kif Protechoc spring .
  23. Not sure it's a Robur ? Have some up and down movement so need to have a shim made .
  24. Have a Sternkreuz press i use for most glasses. Love it. I bought a second one on tradera some month ago for spares. Also have an other which looks like a Robur but not 100% sure it's a Robur. Was thinking i could make an adapter so i could use some other dies as the Robur ones cost a lot of money. Maybe i can part with that as i have to many presses anyway.
  25. I have problems with 7 series mainspring also . I only oil the barrel walls with 8217 very little.
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