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  1. I dunno , If getting a sweet watch like that one for that price is being young and stupid ,..then count me in....figuratively speaking . In any case , I really like your watch and went to dig mine out because I thought they were the same . I can honestly say that I am just starting to learn the numbers and nuances of Omega watches , and the speedmasters in particular all look the same to me but I am slowly starting to see and learn the subtle differences . Here is a pic I found on the internet of what mine looks like . One big difference in mine compared to most I have seen is the numerals under the indices ,....among other things .
  2. Really clean example of this watch ,...Nice work Johnnie . They say , "like minds think alike" , ........That may be true .
  3. Hi , does your watch have a black dial ? Is 2500D the Omega Model number ? I am not up to speed on the Omega numbering system . I have the blue wavy dial 300 . Also a Pre-bond 200m . Oh , say hello to your model . She looks like a newer model .
  4. That's very Nice . What is written on the dial ?
  5. The dial says Japan . Do you know who made the movement ?
  6. You're Welcome Yankeedog . To expound on what you just said about the parts or raw material . I think you understand what fellow members are saying based on experience . The value is there for raw parts . In my experience , the glue I mentioned before is mainly to hold the dial , and in many instances , also a dial spacer that came from anybodys guess . The glue is used to hold a dial because usually the dial feet are gone . I have used the cases and associated parts with some success
  7. noirrac1j is correct . You get plenty of glue and possibly a surprise movement in a lot of those watches . .... Although the exception to the rule is that if you need a part , you can get a whole watch for close to the same price as the part . If the correct movement is in the watch . One more thing , the caseback may not necessarily go with the case it is installed on . Having said that , I have been lucky more then half the time with the correct part .
  8. I agree , I see engraving on the back and it sets my imagination into motion . I didn't used to feel that way , and either tried to remove the inscription , or looked for another case back . But after seeing so many now that say "Love Always" , or "On your Graduation 1960 " , or "Congratulations" . I now start to see a side road off of the usual business of watch Collecting . This great Hobby has also helped teach me patience , given me Pure Pleasure after a completed project , and lets me escape for a while into a world of quiet , beautiful parts and pieces , and the satisfaction of having a Nice timepiece on my wrist .
  9. You may notice that the crown is also in a different position on mine then in the pic . Hamilton Electrics positioned the crown in various positions from 1 to 5 o'clock using the same 500 and 505 Electric movements .
  10. Vintage pre-quartz Hamilton Electric Taurus...505 Movement.....This one is a front loader . My dial is a little different then the one pictured in Rene Rondeau's book , "Hamilton Wristwatches , A Collectors Guide . Being a fan of Hamiltons , I have a few of the Electric models . I love the asymmetrical design of the watches of this period .
  11. I like it,...What is the case dimension on that beauty...36mm ?
  12. I wouldn't call it a "Chick Magnet"....But as I know so well , "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"...
  13. To be honest , I forgot how to set this particular watch, because of the inner rotating ring , but I better find out pretty soon because I just got the exact watch as yours a couple of weeks ago but I haven't messed with it yet . Kind of a poor excuse since I used to own one of these when I first started collecting a few years ago .
  14. GMT hand...at midnight all hands should point at 12 ...
  15. I like the numeral script ....
  16. That looks like the Seiko 5 emblem above 6 O'clock , but being an ASxxx movement , I assume your watch is Swiss Made .
  17. Here is a good article on the Seiko 5106 movement taken from " Adventures in Amateur Watch Fettlikg " , Written by Martin in another great article by him. An interesting read ..... https://adventuresinamateurwatchfettling.com/2016/11/12/a-technical-tour-de-force-seikomatic-p/
  18. I honestly think you would be doing yourself and especially this watch a disservice if you altered it or tried to work on it if you are not inclined to work on this watch . It is a vintage Hi-Beat and has some worth . It sounds as if you want to try to dabble in doing modifications to a watch . If so why not sell this watch and get what you want with the proceeds . You should get a good price . Good Luck .... FYI , I just found my Presmatic last night . I had it stored and forgot I had it . These movements are said to be nearly in the same realm as the vintage Grand and King Seikos . Here's what mine looks like , photos courtesy of the Internet :
  19. Thanks for the photo,...the back is also looking good . Nice one . Glad I asked for the pic .
  20. That is a true beauty . Wear it in good health .
  21. Nice , Clean , Classic....Interesting lug design . How about a pic of the back so I can take a gander at the band attachment . Thanks , Louis
  22. Kinda reminds me of a Tissot I had . I think the movement was also called PRC 200 or similar .
  23. O K , but I still don't understand why you said that ro63rto's Seiko Chrono wasn't made to be worn on the right hand .
  24. I asked on a post once either here or another forum about which wrist members wore their watch on , and the consensus , if I remember correctly was that right handers wore their watch on their left wrist and visa versa for the left handers . This was not a scientific study so you don't have to nominate me for the Nobel Peace Prize ,...if you don't want to .
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