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  1. Thanks )) Послато са SM-J600FN уз помоћ Тапатока
  2. Perfect fitting ...and i just can say it is a superb watch ! What say you? Послато са SM-J600FN уз помоћ Тапатока
  3. It will fit )) Послато са SM-J600FN уз помоћ Тапатока
  4. If somebody can answer i would be more than thankfull....will it fit? Послато са SM-J600FN уз помоћ Тапатока
  5. Yes it is and it doesnt fit case that i bought...on advertise it said that will fit 40-41.5 mm dial. My dial is 40 mm and it drop down the case. I have bought this dial from e bay down on the picture but now i have dilema will this dial fit my movement.my movement is 6498-1 and this dial is 6498. Are they compactibile? Will it fit??? Послато са SM-J600FN уз помоћ Тапатока
  6. Here is the other one converted ))) Послато са SM-J600FN уз помоћ Тапатока
  7. Hi there...same project as my...i used full hunter pocket watch whit eta 6498 movement. I guess that is the most easy movemnt to fit into wrist case. You have a lot of watch cases for conversions on ebay mostly from China. There is also some cases from Ukraine but they are not cases for some particular model...you have to udjust them little bit.. I recommend you to try whit eta or unitas 6498 or 6497 movement. The case you will pick is the case that will fit your dial.... you have 35-41mm dials. You have to mesure yours and pick case on that ground.full hunter pocket watch have the winding steam on 9 and not on 12 and that will make you a lot easy to convert. Послато са SM-J600FN уз помоћ Тапатока
  8. Still i didnt place movement holders into case. Waiting them to arrive from Malasiya. But so far this is how it look like. I have trim the winding steam..hand made leather strap 28 mm on watch and 26 mm on buckle. Overall looknice Послато са SM-J600FN уз помоћ Тапатока
  9. Thanks a lot for answer! Послато са GT-I9301I уз помоћ Тапатока
  10. Upssss i bought abother one ....this one is whit inca block....its eta 6498-1 movement and not so good condition as my watch maker told me...it was used heavely...it was used like every day watch...its works fine but it happend that he stop two times...what could be problem..and here is one picture what am i usjng like evry day watch and pocket watch )just to se the scale ) Послато са GT-I9301I уз помоћ Тапатока
  11. What is this clock:)....dated 1935...some guy get it for wedding....i bought it few yers ago on garage sale...didnt trash the movement just replace it whit a quartz one. And wille i post a clocs here is my home clock on the last photo ... Послато са GT-I9301I уз помоћ Тапатока
  12. Not bad sugestion :)....i tought to take some inox or magnesium or copper sheet and make a dial under dial :)....offcourse 0.4 mm
  13. Hi to you all....i am getting married in September and i have decide to buy a watch that will fit my suit :)...i have found a few over size watches and i just fell in love whit them. I am 1.96 m tall and small watches just dont fit my hand wrist.At this moment i have Invicta Corduba model.3449 and trust me its like a wrist clock not wrist watch. I have using that watch evry day and now i just cant imagine my self whit small watch on my wrist. Those watches i mention above...i have realise that they are pocket watch conversions made in Ukraine. 1000 for and 1000 against....i am 1001 for :)...but also i have realise that they place price to much for old pocket watches whit some not original dials and Parnis watch cases. Sooooooooooooooooooo i have decide to make my own pocket watch conversion. I have found a nice Aero watch Neuchatel pocket watch whit beautifull dial, and it is moving whit UNITAS 6498 movment whic is in prestige condition. I know that UNITAS 6498 doesnt have shock resistance (its not INCABLOCK version) but i will not not wear that watch evry day. It will be more like memory for me... After all i wrrite here is my problem....i have order Parnis watch case 45 mm square case and i somebody tell me that this case will not fit because its made for 0.8 mm dials and my dial is 0.4 mm. Is that possible??? My dial diameter is 36,5 and its said on advertise that this case will fit any 6497 6498 st 36 movment and 35-37 mm dial. They didnt mention dial thicknes. And some other guy told me that most important thing is that i have to make shim 0.4 to insert beatween dial and movment so it will fit this case...is taht possible? will i have that problem or what?Pls help... This is the case i order....https://www.ebay.com/itm/45mm-Square-Watch-Case-for-UNITAS-ETA-6497-6498-ST36-Movevement-Wristwatch/202507526147?hash=item2f2663a003:m:mHbKrPFx7xBQ3ECUAhCTscg
  14. Hi there ...i am Milos, 36 years old and i am new bee in this forum and watch making generaly. I am born and rised in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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