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  1. Ah - now I see what you referring to. I didn't connect your most recent post with your earlier suggestion about using dental/medical/commercial eye-ware. My apologies. It had been too long since - at least for me to remember. I still think that's a great idea. Having said that - I am really happy with the long-arm microscope solution.
  2. So - here's an update on the Seiko Bezel insert... I received the insert this morning - only to find that Seiko makes the tops of their bezels flat (parallel with the face of the watch) as opposed to conical (like every other diver bezel that I have seen). So, even though looking at one of those sea urchins with the insert installed - looks like a "regular" bezel insert. It's not. So - now I'm searching again. If I could file the backside of the insert to be conical - it would probably work. But, I don't think that's going to be an option. -Paul
  3. ???? Invest what in my eyes? I have spent at least tens of thousands of dollars on my eyes and their medical and optical attention over my lifetime - thus far. I don't have weak eyes - I have poor eyesight. Main issue is nearsightedness. Also some astigmatism in each eye. Now, being well over 50, I have some farsightedness on top of the stuff I was born with. I'm not complaining - LOTS of people have the same issues. Including (I suspect) lots of folks on this forum. What exactly do you mean when you say invest in your eyes? -Paul
  4. All, After some exposure to the ETA/Unitas 6497/8 movements (from Mark's courses) - I have become interested in "making" (assembling) a few wristwatches using those movements. I would really like to find (or have made) a simple dial like this (attached) - except for a 6498. Not an exact copy - of course. But something with the same "vib" (light cream color with green lume markers). Does anyone know anyone that would make a one-off custom? Or has anyone seen something like this? Many thanks and kind regards, -Paul
  5. jdm, I was able to find a supplier of ceramic inserts for the "SNZF Urchins" - and it appears that the dimensions will work with my Grovana 1571. Won't know for sure until it arrives, but really excited about prospect of getting rid of that beat-up aluminum bezel. Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to share that info! -Paul
  6. Fantastic, thanks! That's probably a more common application than the Grovana to search on. I'll see what I can find with that.
  7. Transporter, Thanks for your suggestion. It's not the same size as the Seiko bezels that I have found measurements. But, that that's not to say that it's not the same size as some Seiko. -Paul.
  8. All, I have a Submariner homage by Grovana. It has a typical painted aluminum bezel - which is showing typical wear. I would like to find a ceramic replacement - but haven't been able to locate one in the needed dimensions. Does anyone know if/where a ceramic diver-style bezel insert is available with an inner diameter of 31.3 (or 31.4) mm and an outer diameter of 38.8 mm? Kind Regards, -Paul
  9. George, Glad that you found it useful. I am with you - I think this is important info. I wish that I had found this before I purchased my visor. -Paul
  10. David, Yeah - I received mine on Friday. I set it up over the weekend and I am thrilled with the results. Very sharp and distortion-free field of view. I will probably have to set up a separate - lower height - table for the scope though. As the working distance and height of the scope don't match my regular work surface height. But that's not hard to solve. I am just happy that I have a really nice sharp, comfortable view to work with. The AmScope "SM-1BSX-64S" is a 3.5x to 45x zoom with a nice bright (adjustable) LED ring light. The magnification range can be altered with accessory lenses, but I don't think I'll need to do that. I can see where using one with screen display would nice. As you wouldn't have to have your head positioned over the eyepieces. Which means no effect on your seated position or work surface height. -Paul
  11. Thanks Eezy, I may flip mine 180 too - will just have to see how well it works as-is. Definitely looking forward to seeing how well it works compared to the Visor that I have (OptiVisor). Which, for me, is practically worthless. No working distance - and view is very distorted. -Paul
  12. Chris, Thanks - I decided to go with the Long Arm scope option. I just ordered today - so, I don't have it yet, but pretty sure I will be happy with that decision. I found an AmScope (SM-1BSX-64S) that looked like a good choice. Though would have been nice to be able to look through a number of options first. BTW - I tried to order something from BHER Optical, but they seem to be out of business. I was able to place an order - but haven't been able to get a response from anyone. So now going through the process of getting my money back. -Paul
  13. Vinn3, is this like the OptiVisor that I have? Can you give me some specifics to see exactly what you are suggesting?
  14. I suppose age is always relative. And yes I am younger than some. Can you share some specifics about the long arm microscope that you use? Thanks!
  15. Wow - I would never have thought of that. I will have to investigate this (if I don't find something more "off the shelf" first)
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