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  1. George, Glad that you found it useful. I am with you - I think this is important info. I wish that I had found this before I purchased my visor. -Paul
  2. David, Yeah - I received mine on Friday. I set it up over the weekend and I am thrilled with the results. Very sharp and distortion-free field of view. I will probably have to set up a separate - lower height - table for the scope though. As the working distance and height of the scope don't match my regular work surface height. But that's not hard to solve. I am just happy that I have a really nice sharp, comfortable view to work with. The AmScope "SM-1BSX-64S" is a 3.5x to 45x zoom with a nice bright (adjustable) LED ring light. The magnification range can be altered with accessory lenses, but I don't think I'll need to do that. I can see where using one with screen display would nice. As you wouldn't have to have your head positioned over the eyepieces. Which means no effect on your seated position or work surface height. -Paul
  3. Thanks Eezy, I may flip mine 180 too - will just have to see how well it works as-is. Definitely looking forward to seeing how well it works compared to the Visor that I have (OptiVisor). Which, for me, is practically worthless. No working distance - and view is very distorted. -Paul
  4. Chris, Thanks - I decided to go with the Long Arm scope option. I just ordered today - so, I don't have it yet, but pretty sure I will be happy with that decision. I found an AmScope (SM-1BSX-64S) that looked like a good choice. Though would have been nice to be able to look through a number of options first. BTW - I tried to order something from BHER Optical, but they seem to be out of business. I was able to place an order - but haven't been able to get a response from anyone. So now going through the process of getting my money back. -Paul
  5. Vinn3, is this like the OptiVisor that I have? Can you give me some specifics to see exactly what you are suggesting?
  6. I suppose age is always relative. And yes I am younger than some. Can you share some specifics about the long arm microscope that you use? Thanks!
  7. Wow - I would never have thought of that. I will have to investigate this (if I don't find something more "off the shelf" first)
  8. Steve, Thanks for the tip on these. I am primarily talking about something that I can use and still have my hands free for working - but this could work for inspection. Certainly cheap enough to try without worry.
  9. All, I am very nearsighted (between -6 and -7 in both eyes). With astigmatism. Now, in my late 50's I also have significant nearsightedness. I thought a flip up visor - which I could wear with my glasses would be best. I purchased an OptiVisor with a flip-down loupe. But not happy at all with the visual quality. I know you get what you pay for in optics. What is the best type of device for someone with old-bad eyes. I have never used a regular loupe - but thinking that may be the way to go. Any of you guys (or gals) have a reccomendation? -Paul
  10. Greetings fellow watch enthusiasts. I am a long time fan of watches and mechanical movements in particular. I have had some difficulty finding watchmakers to service my movements - and consequently decided to take Mark's courses on-line in order to be able to do some basic service myself. So far I have completed the first two courses and serviced two movements (if you count the one from the course). Sill fairly novice with watches - but pretty experienced with mechanical things and working with my hands. Hoping to find a community where I can ask questions and find information (and of course, provide the same, as I am able). Kind Regards, -Paul
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