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  1. Thanks Nucejoe. Yes, I would normally (try to) do everything myself, but in this case, the watch was supposed to have been serviced. So, going to give the seller a chance to make it right. Having said that, I may be trying to sort some things after I get it back. So, I may add on to this thread for more help, as needed. Thanks! -Paul
  2. oldhippy, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Cookie. My wife and I foster homeless cats and dogs. Plus have several of our own. Take solace in the fact Cookie had a great life with you while she was here.
  3. Here are a couple of pics of the movement... -Paul
  4. The rotor is signed Benrus Model FE 2D1. The Base plate is marked UI 2451. Which is apparently an ETA 2451. The auto-winding mechanism is affixed with blue screws - so, at least a somewhat nice movement. I am not familiar with these. The rotor is super noisy. Don't know if that's normal for this mechanism. Or if something is wrong. This one is going back to the seller for a "re-check". It keeps pretty good time but the timegrapher traces are all over the place. Even with the movement removed (from case) - and held directly in the timegrapher. -Paul
  5. Here are the pics. I suspect the first one (back) is all that's needed. But including a shot of the front as well. and the front... Thanks! -Paul
  6. Clockboy (& oldhippy), I will post some pics this evening. I probably should have done that yesterday when I got home. As always, thanks very much for sharing your expertise. -Paul
  7. Thank you saswatch88. I have a crystal lift coming tomorrow - I'll try using that. -Paul
  8. Greetings all. I recently acquired a moderately old Benrus 3-Star Automatic wristwatch. It's a #7026 Series. I believe these are from the 60's - though I don't know much about them. On the back of the case it says "open through crystal". Which makes me think that the Crystal should be removed using a Crystal Lift - and the movement lifted out through the bezel. Of course, the stem (presumably two-piece) would have to be separated prior to - or during the operation. BUT - after some googling - I have also heard tell - that the case-back should be pushed out by pressing on the crystal with thumbs. These seem to be incompatible methods - but I really have no idea - as I have never seen a case like this. Does anyone have experience with this type of case from Benrus? I can post pictures after I get home - if they are needed. Many thanks! -Paul
  9. It might take me 11 days of searching through those assorted jewels I reckon I'll try to sort the end-stones by diameter. That may be a sizable project in it's own right. But probably worth while. Since 1000 pieces were only a few dollars. -Paul
  10. Thanks Nucejoe! I found the mainspring at Cousins (UK). Using the Watchguy blog mainspring reference - the mainspring is 1.80 x 0.10 x 320 mm x 9.0 (dia). That's General Resources ref # 5254 [the movement is a 150-1]. Also ordered large assortment of hole jewels and end-stones (1000). So, should find something in there to work. -P.
  11. While not ideal - I am pretty pleased with the results of just cleaning. It should have both end-stones replaced - as both have divots in them. And should have a new mainspring. Here is the original timegrapher trace... It couldn't decipher much from the sounds it was getting. Here is the trace now... Again, not ideal - but compared to where it started - and with the known parts issues - I am pretty happy with it. Dial side after reassembly (before dial and case)... Reverse... And cased... I did polish out the crystal a bit - and cleaned up the case - but didn't want to polish (the case) given the appearance of the hands. Too much age showing there for a polished case. I'll replace the mainspring and end-stones if I can figure out what parts I need and find them available for reasonable money. If not, it's still in operating condition. Can be wound, worn, and appreciated. Thanks to all for comments - any suggestions on the end-stones and mainspring would be greatly appreciated. -Paul
  12. The crown is obviously plated - but not the case ( and case back is stainless as shown in the pics).
  13. It's not plated - that much I am sure of. Whatever it is, it's solid. Doesn't seem to be lustrous enough to be silver (of any sort). But I wouldn't expect aluminum to be used for this either. However, that my best guess - just looking at it. -P.
  14. Puller did arrive yesterday - and after looking it over decided to pull the wheel. It worked beautifully. No problems at all. Here is the puller for odd number of spokes... Here you can see the "pushers" are brass. Not nylon as they are for cannon pinion or hand pullers. So, all small enough to work with easily. There are still nylon blocks - but the pushers are captured under them and extend out further. So, will have unobstructed access to everything for cleaning. -P.
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