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Hi everyone, can anyone please explain the process for oiling the cap stones on the citizen shock spring system, they differ from the regular ones I have worked on as the bearing is mounted to a spring and the cap stone is part of the securing system... maybe I am over thinking it?

Here is the bearing jewel, notice that the flat side is facing down towards hair spring and the domed part is facing up :


Here is the cap stone:


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You could oil the cap in the usual way, but there's the danger it will be spread all over as you fit it.

Or oil from the other side. I put some a small bit of oil on the cap to help capillary pull it through. Then oil from the other side of the  jewel and poke something sharp through the hole - I have an old balance staff mounted in some brass tube. Or a sharpened oiler. 

But this way requires removal of the balance. So I would do it the first way 😀 

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