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Citizen 8110 keyless works

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Hello! I'm working on a Citizen 8110 movement, but the keyless works is giving me some trouble. Everything seems to go in place correctly, but I can't get it working properly. Winding works correctly, but in the date and time setting positions, the clutch wheel won't engage properly with the setting wheel. I'm attaching pictures, in order, of the crown pushed in, in the middle position and pulled out all the way. The clutch wheel doesn't seem to move enough to fully engage the setting wheel, is this more likely a mistake during reassembly or a part that's worn out?

I'm just an amateur but I have tried my best to assemble everything properly based on the service manual and several different guides on Youtube, and I've disassembled and reassembled the entire keyless works fully several times trying to troubleshoot this


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1 hour ago, rossjackson01 said:

This any good? 21:50 minutes deals with the keyless works install. I don't have the knowledge to advise. But, my goodness it looks good.


This video actually gave a better view than the others I've looked at, thanks a lot! Comparing mine to the video it seems the yoke is too worn so the setting lever can't move it far enough to engage the setting wheel. Time to order a new yoke it seems!

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Hi first have you got the right stem ?   Was this fault apparent before you did mantled it or has it appeared since. Loose off the stem and see if it engages. The. Setting piece may be nipping the stem. Worn or faulty yoke / setting lever or spring. Remove  all and re assemble checking each stage as you go or intrduce another bit to eliminate the possibles.

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