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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, can anyone please explain the process for oiling the cap stones on the citizen shock spring system, they differ from the regular ones I have worked on as the bearing is mounted to a spring and the cap stone is part of the securing system... maybe I am over thinking it? Here is the bearing jewel, notice that the flat side is facing down towards hair spring and the domed part is facing up : Here is the cap stone:
  2. Hi, I wanted to ask around here before attempting to lubricate the shock setting on this watch. It's got an odd assembly that I wasn't able to find online and I'm unsure of how to take it apart. This comes from an FHF 1686 movement. Any help with identifying this shock setting and subsequent disassembly help would be appreciated!
  3. Hey, I'm working on a Roamer watch with a ST-96 movement, and it has these shock springs that I never saw before and can't find anywhere online. They can turn but don't seem to have a tooth keeping it in place. The dial was glued on so I spend a lot of time cleaning glue off everywhere on the movement, so I might be missing a little grove, but I really don't think so. (picture from Cousins, found it in an assorted shock spring picture)
  4. I’m servicing an ST69 movement from 1962 and of course the jewels and shock springs are tiny. While I thought I was being careful in the removal process, one of them broke. I’ve attached a picture below of the two halves roughly laid next to each other. Can anyone identify whether this is Inca or KEF or some other brand and possibly a part number(s)? Also, the other one flipped up as it was supposed to but as I was removing the chaton and jewel it came completely loose of the mount. Curious what the best technique is to get the hinge side back in place. Hold vertical? Lay flat, or what? I’m guessing vertical since that’s how it came off in the first place. Looks like a KIF 4-2 or 4-3, I have to go measure it. According to Cousins the 4-2 is disco’d but the 3-2 is an alternative. Could still use some reinstallation advice, though.
  5. Hi, I am trying to service an old sekonda 30 jewel watch. I have just broken a jewel shock spring which is for the balance wheel while trying to remove it to clean and oil the jewel. How should I have removed the spring for future reference and refit? I think I have found a replacement on Cousins, can some one confirm it's the right part before I order please? https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/filter/poljot-movement-parts# Shock Spring, Poljot 2609 POL2609SHOCKSPRING
  6. I have an old movement (my first watch ever actually) that has an EB 8805 caliber. I've tried to service it it and it has some funny (cheap ?) solutions that has me puzzled. I managed to disassemble the balance staff shock system but I have not managed to get it back together and onr shock spring has gotten away, never to be seen again. When browsing around I found similar systems that was in my watch called KIF Trior that actually has special tools that might prevent you from turning mad. So my question is if I'm barking up the right tree here. Are these KIF and would the tools from cousins help me ?
  7. Hi everyone Currently doing a service to a skeleton I bought more than 10 years ago. I really like the style of it, although it is a cheap watch with a Chinese Standard movement caliber 2650S. Broke one of the shock springs and could not find anything similar to buy and replace it (apart from buying the all movement). Tried to look at the Kif shock springs since some are similar, but they will not fit. Any help on where to buy this shock spring would be very appreciated. Many Thanks
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