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Lemania 1340 Main Spring?


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Dear all

While servicing a Lemania 1340, I wanted to use the chance to renew the main spring, although the original still seems fine.

I assumed that the Lemania 1340 is the same as Omega’s 1040 and looked up the mainspring size here, URL:


So I ordered GR2681X  (1.10 x .135 x 460 x 12 Automatic) from CousinsUK. But now, the centre of the new one seems to have a larger diameter than the original. The barrel arbour will not fit unless I bend the main spring.

Did I order the wrong main spring?





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Hi To check out the sizes I should have a look at Ranfft's web site and check out the dimensions given for each model.  You can always recoil the spring center to fit the arbour using round nose pliers to avoid kinking the spring.

Omega  1.05 X 12.0 X 0.10

Lemania  1.05 x 12.0 X 0.10

Both springs are the same so alter the center coil to fit.


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