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Found 6 results

  1. Dear all While servicing a Lemania 1340, I wanted to use the chance to renew the main spring, although the original still seems fine. I assumed that the Lemania 1340 is the same as Omega’s 1040 and looked up the mainspring size here, URL: https://watchguy.co.uk/cgi-bin/mainsprings So I ordered GR2681X (1.10 x .135 x 460 x 12 Automatic) from CousinsUK. But now, the centre of the new one seems to have a larger diameter than the original. The barrel arbour will not fit unless I bend the main spring. Did I order the wrong main spring? Thanks
  2. Cheers Mates!! Im doing service on a Alpina 582, and the main spring slips over in the barrel. I have bought new main spring, but it stills slips over inside the barrel. Can somebody tells me how the original main spring looks alike?? I had to buy on from CousinsUK, but I would like to see how the original spring was sat togheter insiden barrel. The spring was missing so I only have the barrel...
  3. Cheers Mates!! Working on a Tudor Oyster Prince with ref no: 2081/4 with a ETA 2784 movment. Cleaned and inspected, all looks good, no sign of wear and tear on the main spring, no sharps bend, looks overall good. Noticed that there where some marks on the barrel wall. But that I have seen before witout any drama.... Oiled it , put togeher , goes like a dream..... but the the spring does not stick, it snaps over after 6,5 turns by crown. So the question is: Can I just replace the main spring? Can I just replace the main spring and do something with the barrel walls ? Buy a new barrel with spring? Is it to be sourced? Ref 9081/4 is the ETA 2784
  4. Hello, I had a lot of fun rebuilding my first pocket watch, a 'Goliath' (see pic). After 2 weeks of working well, the mainspring snapped... I brought a new mainspring from Cousins; I would not find an exact match of the original. The original measured: 3.10 x 0.20 x 620 (mm) Cousins replacement: 3.00 x 0.23 x 640 (mm) Could the differences in specification have caused the breakage? Or was perhaps the spring faulty?
  5. Hello everyone Tony G here from the USA, just started working on watches been fixing clocks for 30 years. Need a little help I have a main spring i need to replace in a Tiffany watch/clock I have all the values for it. Any recommendations as to where to get one? Thoughts? Thank you. Mainspring is With 4.60mm strength 2.0mm length 760 mm I did some research i think its a 244B
  6. Hi All, I’m a Lemania collector and as a hobby I try to service some watches myself. I still have a lot to learn and currently i’m a bit stuck with finding a decent main spring for a Lemania cal 3600 (automatic). Here’s my problem: I ended up with 2 different specifications for a Lemania 3600 mainspring based on the following pictures (see attach). Maybe the Marco one is less reliable because it has a hand written specification instead of a printed one….? Now, there is a wide variety of auto mainsprings available here: http://www.ofrei.com/page_112.html and here: https://www.cousinsuk.com/category/mainsprings-by-size-watch-pocket The thing is that they all differ on at least one of the specs. I can imagine that the width is crucial, otherwise it will just not fit, but other things like length, is some margin allowed there? For example instead of 12,5 inch is 12 or 13 inch also ok? If i have to choose, which specifications are more important, for example strength is more important then length,..…? Would be nice if somebody could give a good hint to a mainspring to would fit in a cal 3600 .… Thanks! Gert
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