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My Mido COSC runs Faster About 1-2 Minutes A Day

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I just bought A Mido watch pre-owned and certified COSC of course it must be a really accurate watch right but at least +/-10second a day worst

But this watch run fast like 1- 1.5 minutes a day...from the movement blue screws i see that the watch has never being serviced since it first owner,

I want to ask,does this watch need service or this watch got magnetize? Cause it just run fast 1-2 minutes fast and i see many articles say that magnetize watch can run fast to hours..


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Hi   With new members we do like an introduction,  As regards the watch, several things can cause it to run fast magnatism being just one. It is possible that the balance spring is sticking due to dirt or oil having migrated  or the coils are just touching as they ossilate  they are probably the most common, there are others.

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The degree of percision COSC says your watch once enjoyed, is likely to have worn out by now. Though a skilled watchmaker can bring back a good degree of precision, a regular service that renders accepable accuracy is your best bet.

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