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Barrel bushing

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I have a nice little carriage clock in for service, very good shape, except for over 0.30mm sideshake of the barrel arbor in the barrel. Thought I would show how I bush these; it seems they often get overlooked or just skipped as they are a little more fussy than just bushing a plate. I measure everything up, then remove the boss in the barrel, and make a bushing that fits from the inside and is stepped, replacing the boss. This way it's captive, and doesn't require a big interference fit to get seated and stay. I turn up the bushing with a boring tool in the lathe, doing the outside as well (running in reverse of course), then do the barrel opening with the same tool. It's a pretty quick process once you have the moves down!



20191022_115827 (Large).jpg

20191022_120745 (Large).jpg

20191022_121316 (Large).jpg

20191022_121500 (Large).jpg

20191022_121734 (Large).jpg

20191022_122442 (Large).jpg

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How did I miss this? I always let the bush protrude by a tiny amount on the face side, then clean off, that way by the time you have finished cleaning up and polishing the barrel you wouldn’t see the bush. Nevertheless a good tidy job. We all have our own ways of working.  


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    • Hello dear watchmakers. I am trying to train myself to polish a watch. I got myself a Dramel 3000 and put a little pelt wheel. I applied green polishing paste and tried polishing a caseback in speed of 5 (out of 10 ) With Dramel, I tried polishing up and down then from side to side. I did get some scratches and even some printings out but the caseback is left with foggy traces. What have I done wrong and how should I fix it? I have attached the photos of polished caseback. (I forgot to take photo before doing the job) Great thanks.   
    • I think the slot cut in the base of that particular holder will prevent you from fouling the subseconds pivot in that particular position.    The continuous change of rate suggests to me that you may have uneven delivery of torque. That assumes that it continues to change when the watch is left in that position to settle down. The same can happen with A hairspring which isn’t vibrating consistently due to magnetism/sticking/fouling, but looking at your trace, my first guess would be friction in the train.    So, if this were my watch, I’d firstly do the billy-basics and check that the train runs freely with the pallets removed. What this test does not show you is of the train continues to run freely when under load. That seems to escape a lot of people. Under load, the side-thrust changes the orientation of the wheels and can lead to unwanted friction. Most common place for this to occur is between the barrel and centre wheel. So check the side-shake of the barrel and centre wheel - it’s sometimes easier to do this with the pallets installed as it allows you to gently push the barrel (or centre wheel) back and forth which usually reveals side-shake quite obviously.    Things I would try to avoid assuming, although ultimately you may need to try many things: - That the beat error is the cause.  - That the mainspring is set. 
    • They make a dust cover for that mike specifically but I think is very overpriced for something easily made. https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/dust-cover-for-use-with-witschi-microphone?code=T52813
    • As the other comments its a pop off case back and most likley a pin lever movement but non the less its worth doing a job on, look forward to seeing the movement.
    • Same issue I have the 1900 which has that naughty spring as well. As a precaution I have the holder sitting on a large duster to soften the blow if it drops out.
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