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Barrel bushing

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I have a nice little carriage clock in for service, very good shape, except for over 0.30mm sideshake of the barrel arbor in the barrel. Thought I would show how I bush these; it seems they often get overlooked or just skipped as they are a little more fussy than just bushing a plate. I measure everything up, then remove the boss in the barrel, and make a bushing that fits from the inside and is stepped, replacing the boss. This way it's captive, and doesn't require a big interference fit to get seated and stay. I turn up the bushing with a boring tool in the lathe, doing the outside as well (running in reverse of course), then do the barrel opening with the same tool. It's a pretty quick process once you have the moves down!



20191022_115827 (Large).jpg

20191022_120745 (Large).jpg

20191022_121316 (Large).jpg

20191022_121500 (Large).jpg

20191022_121734 (Large).jpg

20191022_122442 (Large).jpg

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How did I miss this? I always let the bush protrude by a tiny amount on the face side, then clean off, that way by the time you have finished cleaning up and polishing the barrel you wouldn’t see the bush. Nevertheless a good tidy job. We all have our own ways of working.  


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